Me Made May 13: My second week

If I’m honest, I thought that So Zo’s Me Made May ’13 would be an easy 4-poster for the month of May. I really thought it would help to bridge the massive gap between my sporadic makes and make me look more efficient than I actually am. Well, it has been a good gap-bridger for sure, but it hasn’t been a doddle!

I’m sure many of you can relate to the pre-work madness of getting kids off to school, while catching up on the jobs you were meant to do the night before, shouting threats of x-box confiscation if the son doesn’t arise anytime soon, feeding the cats with one hand and signing homework books with the other before getting one’s own butt out the door to work. So throw a rummage through the drawers for a me-made outfit and fluttering of the eyelashes at the general direction of ones hubster for a quick photoshoot into the equation and, well you can imagine what the neighbours must think!

But all that aside. It has been a total eye opener. I have worn things I had completely forgotten about and there has been a realisation of how much I’ve advanced. I may even go back to some of these projects and fix some niggling issues. But I equally might not!

So here we go. Week 2 of  Me Made May ’13.

Vintage wing collar blouse

DAY 8: 1950s wing-collar blouse
Butterick 556. Im still very happy with this blouse even though the shoulder pads have gone all lumpy and weird in the wash! The sleeve heads leave a lot to be desired. I remember thinking at the time that the sleeve looked more gathered than eased into the armscye. I really need to make another but better. So good to wear to work.

Day 9 1940s shoe dress

DAY 9: 1940s Shoe Dress
Butterick 2638. This is the same pattern I used for the red version and with the same issues, ie button placement. I think I prefer the shorter length sleeve. The shoe-print fabric was such a great find from a charity shop. It’s 100% cotton with such a smooth finish. I need more of these dresses.

Day 10 wool check skirt mmm13

DAY 10: Wool check skirt
I wasn’t expecting to include this skirt in May. It’s a blanket-weight wool, an ex-throw in fact, turned pencil skirt! But we all know how the weather in Blighty is a constant surprise! I self-drafted the pattern. I didn’t stay stitch the waistline before adding the waistband, hence why it probably came up a bit bigger and just noticed that the lining peeps at the hem otherwise, quite happy with this one.

Day 11 mmm13

DAY 11: Dotty shawl collar swing jacket
I made this a good couple of years back from a free pattern in Sew magazine. It is a great spring jacket with three-quarter sleeves and I love the fabric. I had to create the buttonholes by hand but apart from that it was very easy to put together as far as I remember. I do enjoy wearing it. Something about the collar makes it feel vintage and glamourous.

DAY 12: Grey pencil skirt
Hubby off to work early + non obliging offspring = no photo! But see photo above. I wore it yesterday too. Don’t judge!

day 13 stripe wool skirt

DAY 13: Stripy wool skirt
You really can tell how chilly it was this week. All the wool came out to play! This is a very simple A-line mini skirt from Burdastyle magazine. The fabric is a twill-backed Italian wool from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton. Very lovely to wear.

Day 14 lace peasant top

DAY 14: Lace-trimmed peasant top
I didn’t think I had much love for this top. Mostly because it’s white and partly because of the lace. But seeing it here with a black skirt and after wallowing in all the lovely comments I got at work, I think I do now. One of the quickest tops to rustle up and tuck into a skirt. I need a red one! 

Feels so good to round up week two. Only a couple of days for week three… eek! See you soon! x

19 Replies to “Me Made May 13: My second week”

  1. Love your outfits – and I’m feeling inspired to actually make a proper blouse/shirt one of these days… and I also think I need more shirtdresses….

    1. Thank you Lizzy. There always seems so many pieces to a shirt dress but it really isn’t that difficult to make. And it doesn’t need lining if its a cotton one. Can always sport a slip if necessary! 😉

  2. Loving your outfits- can I make what is going to sound like a rude comment? If it is upsetting get rid, It is meant to be constructive….
    I think your shoulders are not quite as wide as the patterns? If you take off, maybe 1/2″, the sleeves may set better on you? It is that top blouse ( which is drop dead gorgeous, BTW) I am looking at..
    Well done for having enough stuff to do a me-made May!

    1. Not rude at all Mammafairy! Thank you. Its a very constructive comment. Interestingly enough the blouse was a 36 bust instead of a 34 which would definitely have made the shoulders wider. I thought it would be fine given that I still had to increase the waist some. But lesson learned. I just have to not be lazy and do some of that splicing and overlapping of pattern pieces to get a better fit!

  3. Oh, Janine! Not only do I love your sewing projects but your writing style always brings a smile to my face. I can totally relate to your chaotic morning ritual. My mornings always start out peacefully as I sip my coffee and catch up on my correspondence. But soon, the caffeine kicks in and the rushing about begins. But summer will be here soon and things will slow down a bit. As far as your MMM pictures, I can’t decide between the checked skirt and the polka dot jacket as my favorite. But to tell you the truth, I enjoy all of your creations!!
    Have a wonderful week!

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