About Me

I began sewing from a very young age when I used to sew pocket linings for pocket money. My mum used to sew tailored suits for BOAC airlines all those years ago and fob pocket linings were a very good exercise in sewing straight lines!

My clothes were always handmade which was lovely when I was little but I became increasingly embarrassed as a teenager as it highlighted that we were ‘poor’! Mum was so patient, listening to my whims of how I wanted a Chelsea Girl or Dorothy Perkins copy. And I constantly longed for a garment with a shop label in.  I pushed her too far one day with one too many design changes and she responded by telling me I was more than capable of sewing my own clothes exactly how I wanted them to be. The gauntlet was down and I had some point proving to do! I had some great and crazy clothes but they were dreadfully finished. I really didn’t care what they looked like on the inside. I just needed them for the party. Who was going to see in the dark anyway?!

The novelty soon wore off. It was a chore. I really didn’t fit anything properly and to be honest I had other priorities. I left home at 16. Long story.

And so here I am. A gazillion years later. Still no time on hands (between 3 children and a full time career as a freelance graphic designer) but a determination to create that handmade wardrobe I always dreamt of.

I’m currently in the process of learning some pattern cutting and hope to share not only some handmade dresses but some original designs and some insight as to what I learn along the way.