About Me

I began sewing from a very young age when I used to sew pocket linings for pocket money. My mum used to sew tailored suits for BOAC airlines all those years ago and fob pocket linings were a very good exercise in sewing straight lines!

My clothes were always handmade which was lovely when I was little but I became increasingly embarrassed as a teenager as it highlighted that we were ‘poor’! Mum was so patient, listening to my whims of how I wanted a Chelsea Girl or Dorothy Perkins copy. And I constantly longed for a garment with a shop label in.  I pushed her too far one day with one too many design changes and she responded by telling me I was more than capable of sewing my own clothes exactly how I wanted them to be. The gauntlet was down and I had some point proving to do! I had some great and crazy clothes but they were dreadfully finished. I really didn’t care what they looked like on the inside. I just needed them for the party. Who was going to see in the dark anyway?!

And so here I am. A gazillion years later. Working from my own studio, sewing bespoke clothes and costumes for amazing people.

I’m also a graphic designer and sometimes my design and typography work ends up on my clothes. Keep following for more adventures. I promise you it will only get more interesting!