Me Made May 13: My first week

Not so very long ago I signed up to So Zo’s Me Made May ’13. Whereby I pledged to wear something handmade, every day throughout the month of May 2013. I did leave it till the very last minute, knowing what a flake I can be. And to be honest I could do without creating extra work for myself. I really do have plenty ’nuff on my plate right now! But… what fun! And what revelations…

So here is what I pledged:

‘I, ooobop!, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2013’.

There was still a big pause before I pressed the ‘publish’ button. I don’t have an issue with wearing something handmade every day. In fact that it an ultimate goal. I would love to own an entirely handmade wardrobe. It’s having enough to last a month that’s the issue right now! So I think you might be seeing a few repeats unless I can rustle up some emergency quick-makes!

Here are the first 7 days along with my discoveries:

Blouse pattern from Burda Magazine September 2011 issue

DAY 1: Gingham Burda Blouse
Have since learned that this shirt is too long and hence too tight on the hips.
An easy fix… if I get round to it! Would love to try one in a block colour
to make use of those fabulous shoulder darts. Should also wear it with a belt.
It’s not the shapeliest of blouses!


DAY 2: Norman Hartnell blouse
Very fond of this blouse. Very easy to wear. Perfect for work or going out.
And given that it was a relatively simple make, I need to make more!


DAY 3: 1940s Shirt-waist dress
I still love this dress. Any dress with a midriff gets my seal of approval.
Have since learned to be more precise when sewing buttons in position.


DAY 4: 1970s Dress
I have neglected this dress. I didn’t line it and so I can’t successfully wear it with tights
which is kind of a necessary requirement in the UK!
Would happily make this one again. The shape is very cute and I do love
the statement collar!


DAY 5: Daisy dress with red bias trim
New Look 6750. One of the first dresses I made, hence not blogged.
Note to self: As lovely as cotton voile is, it’s not very good at
hiding all those lumps and bumps, expecially if one has made the dress a tight fit!
Also must remember to allow a bit of ease when binding sleeve hems.
Near cut off the circulation in my arms!
Only dress so far I am not entirely comfortable wearing.


DAY 6: Elisalex dress
Dress completed and worn to a picnic on this day. By far my most
favourite dress. incredibly comfortable. Very stylish and very satisfying to make.
It’s a keeper!


DAY 7: Gingham peasant top
One of the easiest tops I’ve ever made. Love wearing it with a pencil skirt.
Need to make some capri pants to pull off that Doris Day look.
Keep meaning to add a tiny black bow to the front neckline!

One of the great things about this challenge for me, is having some proper attention focussed on each garment. I usually throw things on without a thought, especially when I’m off to work, in a ‘that’ll do’ kinda way. I’ve been wearing far too many rubbish Primani T-shirts when I don’t really need to. If I just make a few more tops, I can ditch them altogether, especially if I include a quality t-shirt or two on my project list. Wearing me-mades on a daily basis really does have a feel good factor.

I’m sure the next few weeks will get more and more challenging and probably with some new revealations but so far so good and lessons learned already. Cheers Zo!

19 Replies to “Me Made May 13: My first week”

  1. Your dress from the 4th is gorgeous! I’m glad not to be the only one having to put a little more thought into their sartorial choices in the morning (causing untold lateness issues – eeek). Looking forward to seeing the upcoming MMM weeks!

  2. Great to see some of your previous makes. I love the gingham top and, as luck would have it, 100% cotton gingham (or vichy in French) is easy to get hold of here – I think it’s the fond memories they have of Brigitte Bardot in her little gingham bikini back in the day. Thanks for the pattern number and the construction tips – I can’t imagine my bust needing a row of elastic underneath it either!

      1. Hah! Just ordered the pattern online and found some navy and white gingham in a local shop – if you lived here you would understand how incredible that is, my locality being the back of beyond – they also had orange, green, or ecru! I was going to follow a free tutorial but, being lazy, I googled your pattern number and found all the Butterick patterns are half price on until 12th May – just thought I’d pass that on.

      2. Grrrr. I don’t understand why I am sometimes ‘Tialys’ and sometimes ‘Lynn’ when I comment on here. Blooming Blogger. Anyway, I am one and the same should anybody care.

  3. Such gorgeous outfits, you’re doing great Janene!!! I too need to kick my Primany habit, but I need to get a lot more sewing productive before I realistically can ;o)

  4. i really like the Day 4 1970s dress – the colour, the scale of the print and the collar on you. You suit cool colours and I think that turquoise is especially nice on you. Well done.

  5. I love your outfits! And I too am thinking much more about “putting outfits together” in the morning (actually, I’m having to think about it the night before, so I can ensure I have something clean and ironed). It’s harder work but ultimately more satisfying. The daily appreciation on Flickr does my confidence no end of good! 🙂

  6. I love your Norman Hartnell blouse – it’s really lovely.
    Me Made May is so good for sorting out my wardrobe. My alteration pile is growing so I can wear some different outfits.

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