ooobop! review: Burda Style April 2013

Burda April 2013 cover

And so, as I sit, still in the depths of winter, double wrapped for good measure, It’s small wonder that I am less inspired by this month’s Burda than usual.

This is April’s edition for goodness sakes. I should be so eager to set about some fluttery spring makes, but its all too much even for my vivid imagination!

The Holiday section tempts me with a batiste maxi a cute bouclé shift dress and a smart pair of cigarette pants but though the rest are very holidayish they do nothing to float my boat I’m afraid.

favourite holiday fashions

Having said that, I do keep coming back to that little white dress (below right) but would have to invest in some ‘fashion tape’ for modesty reasons!

holiday fashions

The retro section is always a sure fire bet for me and didn’t let me down with this adorable blouse, cute bustier top and equally cutesy dress. I wouldn’t change a thing about the blouse. It was undoubtedly designed with gingham in mind and the dress is a great showcase style for some statement fabric. Always sold on a sweet heart neckline. So flattering.

favourite retro fashions

I don’t dislike the others. I just feel retro is a bit of a loose term for the other garments in this section…

retro fashions

I’m a little bored by the business section. But hey it’s all very ‘fitting’! Some very interesting cuts even if they’re not my thang.

business fashions

That said, the little pink shift dress works well in a lightweight fabric too. Very simple to put together even though its been marked with 3 difficulty circles. Not sure why.

business pink shift dress

There’s a lot of pretty going on with the Plus Fashions. And a bit of an education for me too! I thought it was the lesser endowed that benefitted from an empire line. But no. Check out these delightful visions of ‘womanliness’!

plus fashions

And this one is my favourite. I particularly love the neckline and the slashed sleeves.

favourite plus size dress

An interestingly unusual suggestion for ‘Fathers and Sons’. Said parties in my house just gave me a ‘don’t even go there’ look before I even uttered a word! Shame really, because I think its all very charming!

father son vintage fashion

No further children’s section this month but for all of you crochet fans, there are some really gorgeous projects. I’m so seriously considering digging out those crochet hooks for some of this darling bunting!

crocheted bunting

crochet projectsOr perhaps I ought to consider a crocheted blanky to cover my knees while I work!

I do hope you continue to find these reviews helpful. I must say, in reviewing a lot of the styles grow on me from my first glances. There are always some surprising elements in a Burda pattern. Make no mistake!

Till next time, my lovelies. Happy sewing x

16 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style April 2013”

  1. I usually get so excited too. I did find the long vest interesting for work with some skinny pants and flats. I have a pattern for this already, that I have never tried. I would wear a little t-shirt underneath because I don’t usually do sleeveless at work. But I will pour over the patterns many, many times…possibly the bomber in a very light fabric? mmmm….

  2. I don’t need to say that I find these reviews useful, because you know I love them!! Going into winter here in Oz, I’m not terribly inspired by this issue (as you). But I do love the fabric of that boat neck dress and cigarette pants in the yacht section! Keep it up!

  3. I love these reviews as they are a precursor to it arriving in my mailbox. At first I didn’t like a lot of this but Burda does growing you! I love the cigarette pants, the navy(?) satin dress, the shift dress and the maxi dress. No doubt I’ll fall in love with more. Still working on my March jacket project!!!! Will I finish before London???

  4. I also felt kind of ‘blah’ about this issue when I received it. I asked my husband if he wanted anything out of the men’s section… he said “the bicycle cart”.

  5. As with all the other comments, I love your reviews of the latest Burda magazine. I look forward to your review as much as I do waiting for my magazine to arrive. I have been getting Burda for over 35 years and there is always something in every magazine that inspires me and something that will grow on me.

  6. Oooooo, I do get excited when I see it’s time for your BurdaStyle reviews. I just spent a couple of hours on their website this morning, going through all the eye candy they have there. So many possibilities! Thanks for your fun opinions, always a joy to read.

  7. I enjoyed your review. I agree that sometimes the styles grow on you even if they’re not that inspiring at first glance. I am starting to think of the narrow “vintage” trousers like that. Maybe I’ll have a go…

  8. Your review is spot on, just my thoughts! I have made the loose top (top right of your first set of pictures) and I have to say I was not blown over by it. It is just all a bit too loose for me 😉 Still dreaming about the dress with the sweetheart neckline – who knows, if the right fabric comes along. But then, tomorrow Burda’s May edition is on the shelves (at least here in Germany), so I am looking forwards to your next review!

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