Jeepers Creepers, where d’ya get those peepers?

I always fancied the idea of some face furniture. Not the furry kind, you understand. And I certainly was never brave enough to go down the road of facial piercings. But a good old pair of bins / Gregorys (specs) / glasses – whatever you like to call them – have always been on my wish list. Well you know what they say… be careful of what you wish for and all that.

The time came with the realisation that my arms were no longer long enough to read the back of a sewing pattern. Let alone the inside instructions! I’ll reserve that excuse for some of my mishaps!

I dutifully set off for Specsavers. Was told the price of the test and dutifully walked out! Since when did that happen? Then I remembered the voucher that was on the reverse of a receipt from a recent purchase from Boots. A fiver for an eyetest? That’s more like it!

I’m sure you don’t need me to talk you through an eye test. It’s clearly only me who hasn’t been for 20 years or more!

The results weren’t too harrowing, though keeping ones eyes open while air is puffed onto your pupils IS! The diagnosis was a very slight stigmatism in one eye and the need only for low strength reading glasses.

The reality (and a little bit of excitement) set in. I actually need to wear glasses! I marched straight over to the designer frames. £280 for a pair of bins might just be a little too much but honestly and truthfully that Prada pair was the only pair that didn’t make me look like a complete dork! Vain? Moi? Well maybe just a titchy bit! Even the sales assistant was politely ushering me over to the £5 specials in little plastic tubes. Ugh! Really? There’s got to be more choice than this.

So I went home to Google… some goggles! (sorry) And promptly found this wonderful site called Retro Peepers. There was choice. There were cool frames and they weren’t a million squids… hoorah! I emailed with a couple of queries and do you know, the lovely Annie got right back to me. She was even replying to an Email I sent later at 11.30pm. That’s proper dedication to the cause.

Anyway. Here they are, in all their cheeky nerdy retro glory. Introducing the Peggy frames. A snip at £18.

retro spectacles

The ordering/delivery service is amazing. I placed the order online one afternoon and they arrived, properly packaged and cozied up in their free case, the following morning! Don’t you just love a smooth operator?

And before anyone asks, this is not a sponsored post. Retro Peepers won’t even know I’ve blogged this unless anyone clicks through to them. But I jolly hope they do in their hundreds and give them all the business they deserve because quite frankly there aren’t many companies out there that I’d give a free shout out to unless I truly believe in the service.

There is just one tiny flaw with them though. It doesn’t stop at £18 for a pair of readers because you will be back to order another pair in a different colour or style and then theres the retro sunnies, the reader shades and of course I will need another pair with a proper prescription…. oh well. At least I’ll be a while, and a fair few pairs before I get to Prada prices!

In other news. I have been sewing, honest I have. Though very little I have to say. Too much work maketh a dull Ooobop! Working on Mr O to take some pictures of my latest frock this weekend. So keep yer peeper peeled. There’ll be a more interesting and sewing-related post coming up soon.

20 Replies to “Jeepers Creepers, where d’ya get those peepers?”

  1. Gorgeous. I hit that short armed moment about 4 years ago and before I even had the test, I chose the frames I liked. You know, just in case there weren’t any. A mere $600 later (that’s over 300GBP) I have the most amazing peepers. RED of course!
    BTW I have awarded you an Inspiring Blogger Award. Cos you are xo

    1. Thanks so much Mrs C. I bet you look fab in red frames. You are so sweet ; I don’t feel at all inspiring right now. I’m so bogged down with work and got proper cold turkey from not sewing. The Great British Sewing Bee is the only thing that’s keeping me going right now!! x

  2. Truly stylishly stunning!! If only I’d known you could actually get cool specs without going down the bankruptcy route!!

  3. I went through a similar experience a few years ago – and left boots with a pair of over priced prada glasses because the salesperson convinced me they were the only glasses in the shop that suited me (I have a tiny face making most glasses look like safety goggles on me). I have to confess I have been less than pleased with the (“only” 200GBP) purchase – they quickly became wonky, stretched and fall off if I look down which is really useful for hand sewing and unpicking! I would have been much better with an 18GBP option!

  4. they are gorgeous! i have some very “media” thick black frames for the computer (and er,, threading the needle on my sewing machine) but i love love love yours! great price too! retro sunglasses, you say?

  5. Off to have a look at that site as it’s a while since I had some new specs and it’s not worth paying a fortune as I only wear them for driving and watching The Great British Sewing Bee. I love that programme as I now realise that even people who manage to get on the T.V. make silly mistakes like putting decorative trim on the wrong way round and making an invisible zip visible. It’s not just me!! Mind you, I’m not usually under the scrutinizing gaze of May and Patrick and having to make something in an hour.
    You look great in those bins by the way!

  6. You look gorgeous in glasses, those frames really suit you. I daren’t say what I spent on mine, especially as I only wear them in bed when I have taken my contact lenses out. I’m definitely going to check out that site now.

    1. they do 🙂 they post anywhere in the world ( i dont work for them honest im just a massive fan of the site and the service)

  7. As a long time wearer (?) of glasses I love changing things up with different frames. This brand sounds like they have lots of cute options. I only wish my prescription frames weren’t so darn expensive or I would have frames for every day of the week! Those sure are cute.

  8. Oooo Retro Peepers 🙂 i adore them and so far have 7 pairs i think (could be more) !! eeeekkk hope my hubby dosent read this
    and ask Annie about Cilary Blue for glazing them you wont believe how inexpensive and fast that service is
    i never could afford a choice of frames before i found Retro Peepers and now …. its heaven

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