ooobop! review: Burda Style March 2013

burda style Magazine March 2013

If springtime Burda loveliness is what you are after then you should go grab yourself a March issue right now! The cover pic itself says it all. The goodies far outweigh the oddities this month. But as we know, it would be wrong to omit them completely! And no less than 12  ‘easy makes’ included. Great news for those who love a quick-fix project.

First up is Spring Fashion itself. It’s still sub-zero in the UK as far as I’m concerned. It read 2 degrees on the dashboard this afternoon but I’m sure that was a mechanical fault. I couldn’t speak for a frozen face when I got home from the shops! But the following pretties are a good reminder that Spring is on its way. Just feast your eyes.

spring fashions

The cover dress as I’ve already harped on about, was so going to be my first make. But she doth hideth one of those aforementioned oddities behind her back, that I will reveal when we get to the wedding!

I love the floaty dress next to it, second in from the top. The line drawing makes it look like an awkward piece but this lady wears it well and I love the choice of vintagy fabric.

In fact its true to say, I would love to make every piece from this section. I think that would just about get me through springtime… oh how a girl can wish!

If the mag ended there I would be happy but still, there’s more. I’d like to think I was a festival-goer. But I’m not really. Have never managed to dress down with much conviction and that is quite essential really! So these ‘Festival Styles’ don’t grab me as much apart from that little tiered mini skirt. I’ve never owned one but always wanted one. And now I have the know-how so no more excuses! Teamed with some statement tights and a pair of Docs… and Bob’s yer lobster!

festival styles

And here come the Wedding Belles! Not sure I like the strange ‘boob wrap’ on the title page. I can see where they are coming from and all, a kind of romantic Jane Austen empire type-ness I guess. But a little bit odd don’t you think? I do like the casual lacy top meets lacy skirt weddingy or not outfit. Very simple and very pretty. And there we have that odd back of the dress that kind of looks like you might be wearing an apron (top right). I have stared long and hard and tried to make myself like it. I admire the attempt to be a little bit surprising but I don’t want to be surprised that much. I just want a back to the lovely front of that lovely spring cover dress! I guess I’ll have to go figure!

Wedding Belles

But I have singled out a very timely dress from this section. Despite her drinking problem, this lady has provided great inspiration for a prom dress I have been asked to make for my friend’s daughter. I was a bit nervous at the prospect. Still am to be honest. But I am hoping she will like this little beauty, with a shorter skirt of course. Because not only will she look stunning in it, the pattern and the instructions look none too complex!

prom dress idea

Colonial Style features some casual fashions inspired by the Indian colonial style. Comfortable and chic. Now I’m all up for that kind of irony but I think there is more comfort than chic going on here. Do love that little rouched cardi though. And the placement of the buttons on the spicy orange shirt!

pioneer spirit

Vintage Pattern time is always a joy. I love how this one has been perfectly recreated from the 1952 lace blouse. But I wore one of these in the 80s when I was a New Romantic and I’m not sure I’m ready to repeat just yet. But it is very pretty!

vintage blouse pattern

The Plus Fashions really make their mark this month. Very bold, very monochrome and very stylish. Not so cashing in on voluptuousness this time but very strong and impressionable all the same

Plus Fashions

And if you are looking for some funky cool kid stuff, that’s all here too.

kids fashion

There are heaps of other styling ideas and easter crafts that you will have to seek out for yourself but I can’t leave without showing you these two cute ideas. Whomever would have dreamed up a cute carrot cushion? Only Burda! And I’m not hot on crochet – I don’t ever leave banging eggs hanging around long enough to need a hat – but just what joy would these little fellas bring to a breakfast table?!

easter craftsThank you Burda Style, for reminding me there is a Spring. There is a glimmer of warmth on the horizon and of course for these brilliant patterns that will serve to keep me pleasantly occupied in the meantime!

Happy sewing everyone x

24 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style March 2013”

  1. You are completely right, they are a little odd sometimes aren’t they? I shall have to pop out and snap up a copy of this though, lovely things all over it!! I reckon I could even sort the back of that dress out because the front is too lovely to loose!! Thanks for the review x

  2. Ok, now. 2 degrees does not sub-zero make. Lol. (It’s minus 11 C here). But, the magazine looks fabulous! The floral dresses are stunning. And, normally I don’t go in for that pioneer, Ralph Lauren look, but these are quite stylish too.

    1. haha… I do like to exaggerate. But as you can tell, even though I am native, I hate the cold with a passion! You will see the difference in me when I’m buzzing around with delight in the one or two days we have in the latter part of 20 degrees! So that will give me hope for one of those floral numbers! A lovely day to you Catja, wherever you are 🙂

  3. It’s been ages since I bothered with this magazine – too many weird things that I just looked at and thought -Why? But these spring dresses are so gorgeous I may just have to hunt down a copy. Can’t wait to see what you make from here.

    1. I’m a bit slow with the Burda makes. But am about to embark on a prom dress. Eeek! didn’t really want to announce it until I figured out if I could do it!! :-/

  4. Are you suuurre spring is coming? Promise? Cos it feels like winter is hunkering down and refusing to leave.
    I’m not sure I’m into this issue. Is the cover dress like the grey wool crepe dress from last summer? I’m talking about the issue with the yellow peplum on the cover. It had stupid dart panels that defeated me.

    1. Someone suggested using the back bodice from the blue dress. I’m sure these patterns must be pretty standardised so that might be worth a go!

  5. Thanks for the comprehensive review – this issue looks like a really good one! Unfortunately my subscription has lapsed, and we don’t see issues in the shops (well, those few shops that sell a few copies) till about 3 months later – when it will be winter here!

  6. I literally have only ever bought one Burdastyle magazine before and it was directly due to one of your review posts. I think it’s about to happen again…what a beautiful set of patterns…swoon!!!

  7. This months is very good. I remember the lace high neck blouse a la Laura Ashley back in the day! I plan to make the floaty sleeved, deep V dress featured as a wedding dress, only short in a nice liberty type print very 1930’s – a similar one is featured. Great post!

    1. Hey, Ooobop I have nominated you for a few awards or an award as you see fit! I have you to thank for introducing me to Burdastyle – I’ve been sewing for 30 yrs and didn’t know about it and I love it – great additional resource, thanks

  8. This looks good. I think I’m just craving pretty springy dresses. It’s going on March just in time for March Madness or I-Hate-Winter madness. On a side note, your posts are not showing up in my blasted Reader. So I have to do all the work now and actually click on your link. Sooo time consuming. Wah.

  9. I really love when you give us a preview of what’s on it’s way- we here in the states get ours later than you and I love getting a little sneak peak! That lacy blouse, is awful cute! As always thanks!!

  10. That surprise on the back of the dress reminds me of the sun dresses we wore as very little children back in the stone ages. They had no buttons, had a simple bib on the front and tied in the back.
    Great review!!!

  11. The back for the sundress is already in the magazine. It has the same front bodice as the blue dress with the petersham ribbon, just a different back. So take the back from the blue dress and it will fit.

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