Pin-up pants and procrastination

black pin-up pants with red lace

I made my first pair of pin-up pants last September 2012 and I knew I would have to make more. For one, that stretch silk doesn’t come cheap and I WILL use every last piece! But moreover they are divine to wear!

Even though they look as massive as the last pair, they are in fact a bit shorter. So they come just under the belly button now! I found some fabulous red lingerie lace at my local haberdashery stall and remembered that Mr. O had bought me a packet of little red bows some time ago. Perfect for some cheeky vintage-style knicks!

Not much more to say about these other than they are well worth a go. I love working with smaller projects especially as I don’t have a dedicated sewing room. It means I can have everything contained and to hand… and don’t have to clear the decks in order to lay everything out!

As you might have noticed, this is the 2nd little project I’ve posted today, after starting a toile for Mr. O’s waistcoat this morning. One might think I was seriously procrastinating and avoiding doing the welt pockets on some very expensive silk satin. One might be quite right!!

waistcoat toileGosh! Is that the time? Sorry must dash! Got a date with Mr Selfridge! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks Karen. Goldhawk Road. Can’t remember the actual shop name. About 3 fabric shops up from A1, on same side. They sell mostly silk and wool. πŸ™‚

  1. Welt pockets are not as difficult as you are anticipating- you can do them! I would do a practice run on some spare fabric first though, just to make sure you fully understand the process. If it is a burda pattern, it will talk you through perfectly though- so no worries!

    Love those knicks!

  2. Those knickers look great – love the stretchy silk. Coincidentally, I have the toile of a pair of retro, high waist pants on my work table at the moment. Just waiting for the stretch fabric I’ve ordered to turn up. I hope the real thing goes better than the toile as I did the first seam and was admiring my work on the scrap stretchy stuff and then realised I’d sewn the leg hole up!

    1. Thanks Kat. Had anticipated all sorts of probs but it sewed really well. Just used a fine (70) needle. Got it locally from one of the fabric shops in Goldhawk Road, West London.

    2. Love that Civic Duty shoes!!David loves shoes and really should have a shoe endorsement when he returns. Yesterday, iCarly with David, iRock the Vote, was on TV and the twitter was flooded with comments like how cute he was or inquiring his whereabouts. (One girl tweeted he’s the worst actor (Beav fan), so I sent Nandito Ako episode #17, my favorite, and asked if she’d still think he’s the worst. So far, no response. Don’t mess with Archuleta. haha.). I actually watched the rerun of the episode. He was so cute. Missed him tons.

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  3. You are wa-a-ay more patient than I could ever be…I can’t imagine making panties, though I did once make a bathing suit. They look wonderful!

    1. I don’t think that for one minute! A bathing suit?! That sounds way scarier to me. I mostly like making undies because they are much quicker to whip up than a whole dress! x

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