Burda 11/2010 Jacket #130

burda jacket 130 Nov2010

Oh where to start?

Well, from the very beginning would probably be a good idea! I started this jacket way back in February but was wearing it in my head from the first time I saw it in Burdastyle mag 11/2012! I completely ignored the number of coloured circles which indicate level of difficulty. Half a circle short of the most difficult… how difficult would that be?!

It transpires that it wasn’t particularly difficult, once I’d deciphered the 2 magazine columns of instructions, though my strops might have suggested differently. I really don’t respond well to written instructions as much as pictorial ones!

I will do a follow up post with all the niggly construction bits but for now I am so happy to present the finished jacket that was kindly and so brilliantly shot by Mr Ooobop! today. Kensington Gardens provided an amazing autumnal backdrop, despite the lack of sunshine and we had a lovely stroll while Little Miss Ooobop! went to a bowling party at All Star Lanes.

These were taken at the Italian Fountains near Lancaster Gate. It was lovely and misty but still the colours of the trees were beautiful.

burda Jacket Italian Fountains

burda jacket shot by italian fountainsDespite the lack of blue sky, my trusty photographer was determined to make use of the gorgeous colours and he got some great detail shots too.

burda jacket autumn leavesI’m so loving the sparkly raspberry buttons!

sparkly raspberry buttonsBesides being so happy to have finished and be wearing my jacket, today also proved how we take for granted all the beautiful open spaces that London has to offer. So many on our doorstep. Must get out more often!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I’m off to find a tiny project!

burda jacket in the leaves

46 Replies to “Burda 11/2010 Jacket #130”

  1. Love it!! Fabric, sparkly buttons (who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle??) and stunning setting for photos! It looks like you have done a fabulous job with this jacket Janene, well done!! Enjoy wearing it with everything this season! 😀

    1. Thank you Rachel. I am indeed very lucky. We had an hour to spare for the photos and can you believe the sun came out as we went to collect our daughter!

    1. Thanks Catherine. If I did, I wasn’t looking! I get so self-conscious when other people are around. I’d rather wait half an hour for them to go than have them looking at me!!

  2. The jacket is absolutely wonderful – I’m so glad this project has come to fruition. Love the magenta stripe and the matching buttons. Really lovely! And oh, the photos. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful photographer. I could think you were in Central Park! But it’s so nice to see this part of London.

  3. What a wonderful jacket ! The fit and cut is perfect. In fact, more perfection exists in the fabric you’ve used and the pippy buttons. I bet you are going to get loads of use out of this, very “oobop” style 🙂

  4. great jacket and I love how the pocked flap is perfectly positioned and matches the strip of the main fabric, a real couture touch. I also love the sparkle of the buttons matching the colour of the stripe yet contrasting with the sober suiting material – master-class. Pics are very atmospheric, lovely.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. The pockets are my favourite bit to be honest. There’s a nifty welt underneath the flap and some silky lining too. But only I know that!

  5. This is super cool! I like the fabric and your styling. The autumn backdrop is gorgeous too. Please please post some more about this jacket. I’m planning to make one too but feel a bit timid to embark on a jacket project. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sosewlovely. I thought the lack of sunshine would let us down but I’m really pleased with the results. I will indeed post more. I took a few in-progress photos of areas that tested me. It probably was a little bit out of my range of expertise but I’m really glad I pulled it off…. eventually!

  6. Beautiful work! I love the striping and the purple buttons. The pics are just lovely too and the stockings are hawt! The whole ensemble is sophisticated yet cool…well styled 🙂

    1. Thank you lovely Kat! The stockings have been lurking in my draw for some time. A gift from Mr. O! But I hadn’t yet found a use for bubblegum pink stockings… until I got pinky stripes in a jacket!

    1. Thank you Nicole. Lol… that made me chuckle. Nothing mysterious about me. Anyone in the office will vouch for that but I like very much to think that’s what I exude!

  7. Oh that jacket is stunning! Love the fabric and the buttons – that dash of pink is so fun. (Also, loving the shoes and the seamed tights!)

  8. ooobop! You’re number 23 of 29 on BurdaStyle’s best featured member projects for October! Congrats! Your jacket is of course very worthy 🙂

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