ooobop! review: Burda Style November 2012

Burdastyle magazine november 2012

A little later than usual but I do hope that November 2012’s Burda Style magazine serves to whet your appetite and make your sewing list longer all the same!

I’m going to jump straight to the Vintage pattern because that is exactly what I did in the shop and it is so totally my favourite and my best! I do like it in black but I also like its original floral form. Such style in the fifties! Bring it back, I say!

burda november 12 vintage

Lots of lovely misty neutrals in the first section this month. I am quite surprised to see a floaty batiste dress (top left, below) considering the chill factor but I like it all the same, especially styled with boots and the faux fur waistcoat. I am also tempted by the blouse, centre bottom row. Batiste with a metallic print…. not sure I will stumble across that fabric choice in the Goldhawk Road, but always worth an ask! It’s got 3/4 raglan sleeves and bust darts so its simple but not completely shapeless.

The trousers (bottom right) are nagging me to attempt my first pair of trousers. These ones have hip yoke pockets and are ankle length to display some fabulous show-off shoes!

art of fashionNext up is the Gem Colours section. You may have already have seen some of these patterns on the Burda web site. They were quick to go up this month.

This jacket or ‘blouson’ as its called here, would present such a rewarding project. Having just completed my first proper jacket I’m itching to employ some more tailoring techniques and this one looks like it could present a few more. Its got some beautiful hand stitching going on which gives it such a professional finish.

Gem colours

Undertones of the 70s with oranges, purples and browns are the order of the day for Gem Colours. I’ve not worked with crèpe de Chine before but I think the first dress (below, top left) would be a great place to start. It’s semi-fitted and has a wide neckline, with broad sleeves that taper into slip on cuffs. Perfect for those bloaty days or when you just want to throw something over a pair of leggings or sturdy coloured tights before flying out the door.

gem coloursTwo Sides of Me is an interesting section this month. I like the dress!

Two sides of meNot too sure about the boyish looks. Bit boyish for me to be honest! But I’m quite drawn to the blouse on the left. Not my usual style but I like the idea that this could be whipped up a couple of hours before a theatre date! It is made of stretch silk satin here. Much like my pin up pants, so I bet it feels gorgeous on!

Two sides of me

I kind of flicked past the Knits section to get to the Kids. Nothing against knits, honest, and I feel bad now for not including them. But they just seemed like staple loungewear. And I need to avoid making stuff that everyone is going to think is from ‘Primani’!

But… there is some totally cool kid stuff as usual. Keeping the neutral theme and mixing up metallics and matte. Lovely textures and fun, chic designs that will even fit Little Miss Ooobop!… hoorah!!

Burda Kids november 12And a Burda mag would never be complete without some hot plus-size gorgeousness. My picks this month are very vintagesque. Creature of habit, moi?! Very elegant and sexy and perfect for a hot wintry date!

plus sectionAny faves? Any dislikes? Feel free to share your thoughts!

15 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style November 2012”

  1. Looks good! I like the floaty batiste dress too. If I start it now it might be finished by the summer!! I’ve sent a pic of the mag to my husband as he is my ‘mule’ and I’m hoping he will pick a copy up at the airport on the way back from the U.K. tonight. Thanks for the review – very helpful as usual. You have worried me about the crépe de chine – why have you never used it? Is it difficult? I ask as I bought some to make a top from the August issue and it is supposed to be an ‘Easy’ pattern. I haven’t cut it out yet but already I’m worried about the slippiness!

  2. You are very welcome Lynn. Good thinking to get hubby to bring you a copy. Didn’t mean to worry you about CDC. I don’t have any concerns, just haven’t had opportunity to use it yet! I made a capelet for my daughter yesterday with opto-, slippery poly satin cut on the bias. Sewing that right sides in was a proper skating performance, I can tell you!! I’m sure CDC would be a breeze compared to that!

  3. I share your love of that vintage dress; how pretty is that? 🙂 Kind of reminds me of the Colette Oolong, which I was eyeballing incessantly when i saw it in person. Gorgeous!! I also like that middle dress in the first section; but I think I have already a few patterns like that 😛

    While I appreciate the artistic structural shapes of the boyish looks, they just aren’t aesthetically appealing to me; too late 80’s/early 90’s for me. I prefer feminine structure myself, or if you’re gonna go manly, go MILITARY…. IMO anyway 😛

  4. I homed in on the vintage dress too. I also really like the coatdress from the boy/girl story, although I didn’t think it was all that masculine! There’s also a cute skirt with zipped pockets somewhere; think it popped up in red fabric and grey leather.

    The pink taffeta dress doesn’t do it for me; the fit on the model looks strange around the waist and bust. Admittedly she may just be standing awkwardly, but I’d be worried about being uncomfortable in that style!

    Anyway it’s another good issue. Burda’s been great this year.

  5. Thanks for another great review! I love that vintage pattern too…the previous ones didn’t really appeal to me, but that one is a real knockout. There was a *very* similar blouson in a previous issue (have to look up which one, but it was the one with “The Lady is Boss” plus sized article, so I may have to dig that one out and try it! The section dress is also another one of my favs…luckily I’m a 44, so I can make both the misses’ an plus sized patterns! I may have to shelve this one since it’s summer coming, but some of the designs would work great for summer (or bloaty) days 🙂

  6. I can see lots of things worthy of the tracing effort. I really must subscribe because I hate waiting three months for the edition that everyone is talking about to arrive on the Australian newsstands.

    1. I can’t bear to miss an issue. I have a fine collection now and I love flicking though them every now and then. I always spot something that I didn’t notice before, sometimes in a very old issue!

  7. Just a note on the stretch silk satin shirt. I made this one in silk (charmeuse I think) and absolutely love it. However, I found that because the armholes are a bit on the large side, the front of the shirt pulls across the chest when you lift your arms… If I make this again, I’ll definitely modify the armholes.

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