Vintage pattern treat time!

I know, I know, I know… I have enough patterns to sink a battleship. Well that’s what I’m contantly being told. But it’s not strictly true, is it? I would need quite a few more, actually, to really make that happen! Plus, I haven’t bought any in aaaages!

Truth is, I really (honestly) didn’t have many cool blouse and top patterns. But now I have!!

McCalls 5605 vintage pattern tops

Somplicity 2195 vintage blouse pattern

Simplicity 4606 vintage blouse pattern

I’m hoping these vintage top patterns will transform into a lovely collection of go-to tops for those panic mornings when I’ve come flying out the shower to find an outfit in 5 minutes for work! They all call for polka dots, stripes and gingham and I will find it hard to go outside of those boxes but will have fun trying!

Oh and this little 40s dress was just waiting to be ‘saved’ by me. Would have been plain rude not to!

Advance 3883 40s dress pattern

1940s dress styles are fast becoming my favourite and my best! I love how fitting they are without being too saucy!  I have only made this one to date but it happens to be the most comfortable and flattering dress and always gets lovely compliments. I am currently working on another version in a solid colour and I am also reminded how simple the pattern is too, thank goodness!

What is your favourite era for patterns? Or do you prefer modern ones?

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  1. So you’re the one who snatched 2195 from under my nose (assuming you acquired it from Etsy?)!! I KNEW I shoulda gone for it rather than thought about it… Ah well, can’t wait to see what you make with it – I know it’ll be fantastic! They’re all very cute patterns. I’ve never tried a 40s dress – I tend to stay in the late fifties to early sixties. Maybe I should give it a try!

    1. Ooops… sorry about that, Vicki Kate! If you can’t find another, give me a shout and perhaps I can make you a copy. I like 50s and 60s too. But my proportions are more sausaged shaped and suit the 40s line much more, needing less alterations… which is always a bonus!

    1. It’s cute, isn’t it?! I’m trying very hard not to make it right now because I’m half way through making a new dress…. but I can see it jumping the queue alright!

  2. I love the neckline of the stripe blouse on 4606, really cute. I love vintage patterns, don’t always make them up, I just love looking at them and then putting them safely away in my big box! I have promised daughter no2 more vintage makes this summer. Are we actually going to have one??

    1. I really like that one too. And same here, I will do far more looking and longing at vintage patterns than I will ever have the chance to make, I’m sure. Sounds like daughter no2 has inherited your good taste! Lucky girl… looking forward to those. As for our stupid summer… well lets not talk about that!

  3. I would say I prefer patterns from the 1950’s, but my pattern collection would call me a liar I seem to have aquired a massive hoard of 1970’s patterns!

    1. Thank you, Beth. That seems to be a winner. But has got me thinking, whenever I try to find vertical stripe fabric, I can only find horizontal. What’s the betting I come up against the opposite if I go looking?!

  4. What stunning patterns! No matter how big my vintage pattern collection gets (and it’s pretty out of control as it is), I can never pass up cute vintage patterns at a good price! My favourite fashion era is the 40s too, though I’m not convinced the styles suit me as much as say the 50s. It’s always the way isn’t it! I still buy loads of 40s patterns though ;o)

    Can’t wait to see yours all made up!

  5. I recently bought a Titanic-era dress pattern. The directions are minimal, so I haven’t even cut my fabric out yet! It’s a tea dress, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull it off. There are a lot of pattern peices. I should be starting it soon! I LOVE your 40s dress pattern.

  6. Ooooh those are adorable! I especially love the 1940s one – my face era these days. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you make with all of these!

  7. I totally understand – I buy them and know I’ll never make them up for myself (size and shape issues) but I still can’t resist as the pictures on the envelopes are so adorable!

  8. Oo good haul! I can see why you’re into 40’s style; it really does suit you 🙂 I’m never drawn to entire eras; just bits and pieces from the 50’s to the 70’s. Now that I’m a little smarter about my body type, I tend to stay clear of styles I know will only make me look like a total frump LOL.

    1. I think you are right there. There are some 40s styles that I would steer right clear of for fear of looking like an old granny. Not that all old grannys look frumpy… got to be careful what you say on here these days!!! 😉

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