Vintage 1950 Vogue Jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

And here it is, at last, that tasty little Vogue jacket as inspired by that classy little lady, Ms Nicole Needles. It had to be done. I couldn’t resist!

The pattern is V2934, a reproduction of an original 1950 design. Such a clever and very simple pattern that would whip together so quickly if it weren’t for all the hand stitching. Which, strangely enough, I didn’t mind at all.

vogue 2934 jacket

I’m loving the dolman sleeves and the big cuffs which nicely balance out the short cropped cape-like body.

vogue 2934 jacket

I used sew-in canvas for the interfacing. Really great stuff! It molded beautifully around the neck and shoulders and was the perfect weight to maintain the shape whilst still allowing drape at the front.

vogue 2934 jacket

Initially, I had a slight concern that this shape might make me look like a Weeble, given my lack o height,Β but I do believe it does nothing of the sort! In fact quite the opposite. It is amazingly flattering for a jacket that is more like a cropped cape and I love it!

vogue 2934 jacket

It is also so warm and so snug. The outer fabric is a wool blend, exact content unknown but at Β£6 per metre I’m not really that concerned!

But the inside fabric, however…

vogue 2934 jacket

It is the most lavish lining I have ever used. 100% red silk satin, baby! Costing more than the main fabric –but boy does it feel lush.

vogue 2934 jacket

Did you know these things were called frogs? Neither did I till very recently. But they do the job so perfectly. Takes a while to do them up but I’m sure I’ll get quicker with practice!

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

OK. That’s quite enough of that serious posing Janene. What this jacket really speaks, (apart from sugar-gliders) is aeroplanes!

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

So never let it be said that black jackets are boring! Or indeed difficult to make. If you don’t mind a spot of hand-sewing the old fashioned way this is such a walk in the park.

vogue 2934 jacket

vogue 2934 jacket

Before I sign off I’d just like to give Little Miss O a mention. While we were busy being crazy she was so patiently sitting and drawing the most beautiful picture that I just have to share with you.

drawing at the Park

Pictures by Daniel James Photographic

114 Replies to “Vintage 1950 Vogue Jacket”

  1. I love the flash of red lining! And you’re right, I think the shape and length of this actually makes you look taller, especially when worn with that pencil skirt. Your legs look so long!

  2. Beautiful jacket, I have been eyeing this one up too, but like you I’m a shortie and worried that it would accentuate my lack of height, however to the contrary this looks perfectly proportioned and great on you. Beautiful job, and the red lining is gorgeous however once you have passed through the door of luxury lining there is no turning back!

    1. Thank you T&T. I had the pattern lurking for sometime but it shot up the priority list when I saw Nicole’s version! And yes. I fear you are right about the lining!

  3. Wow, this is stunning and fab pics as usual (well done Mr ooobop!)

    I’ve always wanted a Cape type jacket but never been sure how flattering they would be but yours and Nicole’s have convinced me cropped is the way to go! One for the sewing queue!

  4. Yowzers. That is amazing. The fabric has such texture and the frogs and design give the jacket real character, I love it. Well done on another gorgeous make!

  5. I love your jacket Janene and you look amazing in it. And the photos are great too. Young Miss Ooobop obviously has her creative Mum and Dad’s talents.

    1. I love your plaid version. This jacket could be made in so many colours/patterns. I agree that the lining could have been machined. I was just a bit worried in case it didn’t work for some reason and I damaged the silk. Will defo try next time. Thank you for your lovely comments πŸ™‚

  6. Super jacket and a great photoshoot. I love the lining, I think its a brilliant idea to use such luxurious fabric especially close to the skin. Looks like you daughter has inherited all of you artistic traits too!

  7. Oh my god it’s perfect Janene! I just love it, especially the saucy red lining! Please tell me the black fabric was from the Are You Being Served shop?!! If it is I’m hot footing it down there straight away! xx

  8. What a lovely jacket. It looks so good on you and I love that you used such a gorgeous fabric for the lining. And it’s red! Gotta love it. Wonderful pictures as always (the airplane pictures are hilarious). great styling… yeah, you look fabulous!

  9. Beyond amazing and you carry it off so well. Love the frogs and the photos are great, as usual. You are really relaxing into this modelling lark – you look like a pro.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Fabulous style, great colours & that lining is to die for! Daughter No2 is sitting here with me, practically drooling on the keyboard… Marvellous job, & fantastic photos too! πŸ˜€

  11. It’s really an amazing jacket. It can be done by so many different materials….For an Occasion like a wedding, it can be done in a nice piece of silk in a colour and instead of lining, another different colour of silk. By that, one can have a reversable jacket which can be matched with different evening straight dresses. In Malta we wear capes to go to the church for a wedding and then we show off the evening strap dresses and the wedding reception.
    By the way you look gorgeous in it. It really works for an office work day in that material and with your hair style and that red bag, it’s amazing. Your positions are great for the photos.

    1. Thank you Lizzie. Haven’t tried it with a full skirt yet. I don’t think it will be great with a full gathered one but will give the half circle a go. So long as the waist shows, should be ok πŸ™‚

  12. I never get over how gorgeous you are – absolutely LOVE this jacket on you, and am in completely despicable fits of envy over that lining… RED SILK SATIN, come ON!! I’m drooling….

    Love the drawing, too – i assume the only reason you’re not in it is because you were moving around too much for a portrait? πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh you are a sweetheart. The lining was undeniably the best move ever! Won’t ever be able to turn back now! Not in the drawing because she was pretending she wasn’t with us! πŸ™‚

  13. Oh Wow, just wow! This is so perfect its untrue! The lining is definitely a little bit of superhero and sounds divine; I’ve only ever longly stroked silk satin in the fabric store, it must feel delicious being worn!

  14. That is one beautiful jacket, Janene! I love everything about it – the frog closures, the lining, the way it hangs so perfectly, the whatever-it-is fabric. WOW. Those fifties’ styles are something else, aren’t they?
    (And your daughter’s sketch is the frosting on the cake for this post!)

  15. Here it is!! This jacket is so stunning, the fabric and red lining. And carrying your red briefcase!! You look just amazing. Such a style icon. Great job on this jacket.

  16. It’s simply so gorgeous! My first thoughts on seeing such a pattern would be worrying about it swamping the frame also – but it doesn’t even come close to doing that – the proportions are gorgeous and so very elegant! And those gorgeous frogs at the front are stunning. Loving your sewing (nothing new there) and your fabulous photos πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Poppykettle. I had the pattern in mind for ages and was thinking the same thing. It took one look of Nicole’s to see that it wouldn’t. πŸ™‚

  17. Just catching up on my blog reading and I can’t believe I missed this. This is totally amazing! I love it! My friend has some photographs of her grandmother when she was a model in the fifties, in one she is wearing a jacket like this and you look so similar in these pictures, I had to look twice.

  18. This looks so much better than the muslin I made. So much so that I’ve reverted back to the jacket that went with my dress instead of this one. Might need to try it again now though seeing how yours turned out!

    1. I think the jacket that went with your dress is lovely. However don’t give up on this one. It works so well with a substantial but drapey wool like fabric. It all comes together quite quickly but handstitching the lining takes an age. You’ll be good at that though! πŸ™‚

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