ooobop! review: Burda Style October 2013

Burdastyle magazine October 2013

Before we skip to some of the inside shots of September’s Burda Style Mag, I just want to reiterate the wording of the flash on the cover.

16 Free patterns, 51 different outfits worth £61, for only £4.75!

So whether you like 51 or just 1 of the following styles, you must agree, it’s still such an amazing cover price.

There’s a bit of a War and Peace theme this month but before we launch into that, it opens up with a softly, softly approach. I’m not really a pastel person or a boxy one for that matter and so I wasn’t grabbed by any of these. A close fitting ‘nude’ dress would have me feeling just as self conscious but I like the wrapped over pleats on the front waist of the dress, bottom row middle pic. I also quite like the asymmetrical skirt, top right, but I’d have to see views all round to be convinced. I think it might not look so great from the other side! Now generally, I do like a square neckline as in the tunic, top centre pic but what is going on with it rolling out? Too big/too small, not pressed? That would annoy the pants off me!

The A-line skirt that sits directly below has large hip yoke pockets. I am so going to incorporate those into another skirt.

Nude jersey dress

Light and breezy is the theme of the next section. Lavish cocktails of lace and silk, flowers and bouclé, jersey and sequins.

Of all these, the sequin mini skirt grabbed me the most (bottom row 3rd column). Not that I would make it with said crunchy fabric, more tartan or plaid wool. Quite by coincidence, I was planning on drafting one of my own last week. Looks like I wished hard enough!

The dress is quite nice. I think I’m being sold on the print though. Its a great shape but it is a variation of that tunic in the first section so I’m assuming the same issues with the neckline.

I may have liked more in this section had it not have been for the accompanying style tip on the page of the pink bouclé coat. Apparently ‘The egg shape form is ‘in’…’  Noooo! I don’t want to be an egg shape!

Light and breezy fashions burda october 2013

So to war it is then with the New Military section.

I love the opening furry lined mini cape. No fastenings. Nothing complicated. Just a chic little snuggly accessory. There is another, more practical cape of coated twill, top row, 2nd column. But I’ve never been one for a practical choice!

Now it’s probably the styling. This model and her mane is very striking, it has to be said, but there is something about that camo mini dress, top right. It is fundamentally a long-sleeved T with batwings and a front placket closure, cinched in with a belt, and I like it a lot!

You can keep the metallic voluminous  shirt though!

The dress certainly looks better to me in darker contrasting colours (middle row, far right). I’d wear that and those fancy gloves!

military fashions burda october 2013

And just as the army greens take hold, the Peace section comes bearing flowers and paisley. Never did I think that flares, ponchos and banana skirts would make such a return. But hey, each to their own.

The maxi coat is lovely (top, centre). Ankle-length with fitted upper section and gathered skirt. A standing collar with hook and eye fastening is a neat touch too. But I already have the loveliest coat pattern, as you know!

It’s a bit difficult to see the detailing of the jacket, middle row, far right, but it is essentially a uniform-style Sergeant Pepper jacket. Timeless and always so cool. Apparently its the ‘it’ piece of the season!

70s fashions burda october 2013

Plus fashions are a bit slim on the ground this month.

I’m not sure I approve of asymmetrically cut blouse with laid-in and partially stitched pleats with one white lapel (top row, middle pic). Far from being clever and a little bit unusual, it just looks like a bodge job. Sorry Burda. It looks far better in the ‘dark gemstone shade’ below it. All those odd fancy details are a little more subtle!

However the leather trousers (opening pic) save the day. I had no idea you could get ‘stretch leather’. Perhaps they are referring to ‘pleather’. You know how things get lost in translation. But maybe there is such a thing. mmmmm…. the possibilities!

Plus size burda fashions october 2013

And so to the kids! Shirts, dresses and strides in jersey and denim. Perfect for mucking around in.

I love the little girls jersey dress, made from patches with cute ruffles on the shoulders and ribbing on the neck cuffs and hem. Quite a bit of faffing I should think but the end result is really neat.

The little boys blazer steals the show though. Also made from sweatshirt fabric, it looks so cool but with the elements of stuffy and prep taken away.

kids burda october 2013

There really are only a couple of defo makes for me in this issue: The skirt and the little fluffy cape. But that never ever deters me from looking forward to the next issue of Burda Style.

I can be inspired by a sleeve or a shape or a colour or a photographic location… and inspiration is what so totally floats my boat!

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  1. Sometimes the patterns I first overlook are the ones I end up sewing later on. I immediately liked the easy long sleeve t-shirt in the Peace section. I like the use of two knits. I think the plus size dress, top right corner is interesting. I saw a dress on Pinterest, similar pattern, all in black with a red tie.

  2. Yet again, some odd goings on. In the ‘peace’ section one woman appears to be taking along her own wigwam in case someone suggests a pow wow. Still, as you say, some ideas and inspiration to store away and you can’t argue with the price.
    Thanks for the review.

  3. I was waiting with bated breath for my copy of this issue because of the Sergeant Pepper jacket I had fallen in love with on the preview. I have the fabric for it ready and waiting (bought in the Goldhawk Road no less!) – and then the pattern is a petite size!!! Arrrgh – Burda keeps doing this to me, making the best patterns petite or plus. I do like the military dress though and I completely agree with you: the nude version of it would make me feel… well – nude…

  4. I liked this issue better than September but there are still no must-sews for me in here. My favourite was the camouflage jacket, although it’s three and a half dots so probably a lot of trouble to make. The big cape is nice too.

  5. Thanks Janene! I don’t need to pop into WHSmiths now you’ve given me a run down of next month’s edition! Hope all is well with you lovely lady xxx

  6. I really like the clothes in the “Peace” section. I buy the magazine whenever I see it & enjoy looking through but I’ve never made anything from it. I know I should give it a try.
    Thanks for the review.

  7. I just sewed up the mid-length sweatshirt, it actually came out really nice, once I’d widened the neckline. I hope Burda ups the game a little. The patterns are pretty uninspiring right now.

  8. That pink boucle coat looks interesting but Burda should give more views of an item so we can see it better. I’m liking that boxy suit in your first pic, bottom right too. Thanks for your review, it’s always very useful and gives me an idea whether I should run to the bookshop or not 🙂

  9. Burda magazine I’ve been buying compulsively since the 90s, however, I do not buy it from the month of July … I find boring and repetitive patterns. Do you give a chance to any of these patterns finally??

  10. I don’t get the cover line of 16 free patterns that they’ve just recently started putting on the front cover. Don’t we buy the magazines for the patterns since that’s all that there is in there? And as far as I can tell there aren’t 16 more patterns than they used to provide…. That said though I do like Burda even if there is a bit of repetition over the years and a fair bit of craziness in each issue!

    1. I’ve always thought that was a bit of a grey area. Some are defo repeats but yes there are mostly patterns but they have also upped the craft and diy areas. I never touch on those as I chose to focus on the main garments but there are some great tutorials too.

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