Burda birdie drawstring top

blue bird drawstring top

I knew I’d make another one of these. I just needed another metre of fun chiffon and this little birdie print was perfect. All totally synthetic of course but I’m learning not to be such a fabric snob in my old age and hey… you can’t argue at £2.50 a metre!

I had a couple of issues with the last one I made, namely the size of the armholes. It transpires that this was partially due to the stretch in the other fabric because the alterations I made – namely ditching the side seam allowance and raising the underarm point by 1 inch – have made a larger difference than anticipated. But its all good and there will be no fashion faux pas when wearing this one!

blue bird drawstring top

Advisable to seam the sides with French seams. It gives a very satisfying finish but the instructions provided are otherwise very simple to follow.

Below is a pic of the back view as requested. Exactly the same as the front, in case you thought I might have the ability to rotate my head a whole 180 degrees! And you also get to see the print a bit better here too.

blue bird drawstring top back view

Actually. Maybe they’re not birdies. Maybe they are the little fluffy bits from a dandelion clock. Hey ho. Cute all the same!

Since my last post, the instructions for the pattern are free to download from Burdastyle here. It’s called the Summer Tank 05/2013. If you are not already a member I can assure you it’s worth the registration with this site. The gallery is constantly being updated with inspirational uploads from fellow sewists and there are plenty of other free pattern downlads available among the great ones you can purchase.

Thanks as always to Mr O for the great photography. He snapped these literally in seconds this evening. That birthday camera was worth its weight in gold! 😉

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    1. Hi Tiffany. Thank you for your lovely comment. It probably took just over an hour all in all. I sewed slowly so as not to stretch the fabric and to keep those seams tiny but with a bit more confidence it would be super quick!

  1. Super cute – I have this print too and am yet to decide what to do with it, leaning towards a dress at this stage but yet to find the right pattern

  2. Absolutely charming Gosh those shoes are pretty fab too! The birdie fabric reminds me so much of the fashion of my early teens- remember Di’s faous engagement photo suit! I was rockin’ a fair bit of primary base with black bird action back then. I’m pleased it had come around again as it is a lovely thing….unlike shoulder pads and other abominations from the 80’s hehehe

    1. Thank you Mrs C. You just know the 80s are going to come round and bite us on the bum! In fact will report soon on the 80s Street to Catwalk exhibition at the V&A soon. Zandra Rhodes of course will be key to this exhibition!!

  3. Ok, I wasn’t convinced when I first saw the pattern, but as usual, your fabric selection, fab shoes and frisky styling have sold me- you win again, you vixen!

    1. Haha! You are far too kind. This comment made my day. If you’d have seen me hobbling across the road in such an ungainly fashion you might have reconsidered! 🙂 xx

  4. Ah, you finished it. I love it, it’s gorgeous, you look great in it! And, as you know, I love that fabric as I have fabric almost identical to it! 🙂 French seams are a good idea as well.

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