ooobop! review: Burda Style July 2013

Just when you thought I’d forgotten all about you! So sorry for the really really late review. I’ve had this issue in my clutches for quite some time and I’m sure most of you have snapped one up and made up your entire summer wardrobe in the meantime. But for those faraway friends who always get the bum end of the deal when it comes to Burdas on shelves, this post is dedicated to you.

Celebrating Summer is the opening theme for July. So get your sunnies on because there is nothing shy or wallflower-like about these there garments.

Cotton, jersey and linen. Bold prints, floral and batiks… all a little bit hippy for me, to be honest, but for any beginners looking for some dramatic starter projects, a few of these could well be worth a punt.

Burda July 2013 summer designsThe dress, bottom right corner, for instance is fashioned from a rectangle of fabric with single slit. You can just about see the diagram to the right of the dress. There are some nifty instructions to wear this dress in three genius ways with the help of a circular bangle. But, easy as it states, I haven’t quite got my head around it enough to explain, I’m afraid!

My hippy tendencies, however, do extend to love of tipi!

Burda July 2013 Tipi

The next section gets a bit more versatile. The opening shorts and silk vest top with twisted straps brings a little sophistication to some interesting casual wear. Not sure what to make of the pink wool and leather-trimmed shirt dress (centre) with oversized bellow pockets. I already don’t like the puckering around the waist! But the cowl neck Β on the jersey satin top (centre right) is so classy as is the soft wool jacket (bottom left corner) with its silk trim and pocket flaps. Really interesting asymmetric closure too.

Burda July 2013 summer fashionsI wasn’t immediately bowled over by the retro pattern. But on closer inspection those shorts are really cute with their angled hip yoke pockets, waist pleats and turn-ups. I’d really like to give these a go before my holiday, if I get a chance. The T-shirt though a useful pattern to have, is a little boring really but far more intriguing is the use of fabric here. It’s made of striped raffia! Can’t imagine that’s a snuggly wear!

Burda July 2013 retro shorts and Tshirt

It lightens up somewhat with shimmering silks, floaty tulle and pearly sequins. My pick of the set is that silk batiste with ruffle appliquΓ© jacket (bottom left corner). Short, boxy cut and properly unnecessary! Which is why I love it so much! I quite like the deep v-neck top (centre bottom) but I wouldn’t sew with that sequin fabric for all the silk in china!

Burda July 2013 Summer shimmering fashionsIncluded in this section are some more of those genius wrap dresses. The top one shows another two ways to wear the one shown previously. Beach dress becomes evening dress with clever usage of a bangle!

The one below has two side slits and makes such a great beach dress. No bangle involved here, the fabric piece is simply draped around the body.

Burda July 2013 wrap dresses

Some lovely lingerie patterns included in this issue. I’ve made a couple of pairs of pin-up pants but I really want to explore the world of undies in more detail. I’m tempted to rustle up a couple of slips too as a cheats way of avoiding a lining!

I love the French knickers and the camisole tops. And imagine how luxurious they would feel in silk crepe satin…

Burda July 2013 lingerie

But hey. Guess what section tops it all off, once again? You guessed it!

Bolder, shapelier, sexier and far more likely to appear in my holiday suitcase. Check out that all-red stretch satin halter neck dress (top left corner). Sparkly rhinestones cover a small gathered section under the bust. Soooo flattering. Loving the red lace dress (next to the halter dress) with three-quarter length sleeves too. (I do like a red dress!) I’m not entirely sold on the use of asymmetric darts though. Looks to me like a mistake.

And wow! That purple cowl-neck dress (3rd column first row) sports a cowl to behold. Its made of a double layer of silk jersey, here. I anticipate a nightmare sewing scenario but if anyone wants to make this for me, I’d be happy to receive!

Burda July 2013 plus fashions

From the lack of reviews on this issue along with the odd very negative ones, I gather this hasn’t been the most popular. I have to admit, it took a few going-back-to’s to get a fair impression but as always, if there’s only one pattern that hits the mark it’s still so worth the cover price. So stick with it lovely sewists!

16 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style July 2013”

    1. I did allow it to grow on me, I have to say but to be fair, there are more than a handful of things I would make so that still makes it a bargain!

  1. I have already had the issue on my bedside table for the best part of a month, but I still enjoyed reading your rewiew. I made those little shorts – they come highly recommended, I have already worn them lots and plan to make two more pairs (ideal stash buster as they don’t take a lot of fabric πŸ™‚ ) My post about them is here in case you are interested
    I have also made one of the square-with-bangle dresses and it is actually properly amazing!

    1. Your shorts are fabulous Chris. Just been over to have a look. And I can’t wait to see your wrap dress. Or to hear how you actually put it on!! πŸ™‚

      1. Ok, I will photoshoot a how-to of putting on the dress, promised! As soon as I get the nerve to suck in my stomach enough πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh! The lingerie section looks interesting. I’ve been after some nightie patterns for a while now but they seem very few and far between. As for knickers – I’ve got a pin up pair and a ‘normal’ pair half done but I can’t seem to get the knack of attaching the elastic.

  3. Nothing really grabbed me in this one, which isn’t unusual for a summer issue. But there are some useful patterns that I might come back to at some point. I’m looking forward to next month’s when the beachwear should end!

  4. Ooh, that lingerie section looks lovely! I may have to keep an eye out for this issue in a few months when it deigns to hit our shelves, just for that section of it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the review! I do love reading these. πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve already cut out the wrap skirt and I’m planning to make more or less all the lingerie, so for me it’s well worth the cover price, which is approximately five US dollars where I live.

  6. I’ve so keen on the black jacket that I think I might buy the downable print at home pattern. July won’t arrive in Sydney until September. Way too late for me.

  7. Loved you Burda review – as always! I have found that Burda is really inspiring even if I don’t make a garment from every issue. It is full of sewing possibilities for either today or sometime in the future.

  8. Nice to read a positive review of this publication! was starting to think i must be a bit odd for liking so much more than others seem too!

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