A sneak peek at Mr Ooobop’s new shirt

flowery western shirt

Sorry for my lack of garment posts of late… I appear to have been sucked into a herbaceous night garden!

Here is a sneak preview of Mr Ooobop’s new shirt. I feel naughty for not waiting ’til it’s finished but there is an issue of buttons and therefore, buttonholes. Mr Ooobop! is very particular about his buttons and ‘these things take time’ apparently. Well, not as long as this blooming shirt I hope!

Any hows, will fill you in with the details and hope to present you with a modelled shirt image real soon. What delights were laid upon your sewing table this weekend?

17 Replies to “A sneak peek at Mr Ooobop’s new shirt”

    1. I have to say that the choice of fabric was all Mr Ooobop’s doing! I merely chose the accenting red! But you are absolutely right… he is soooo spoilt! x

    1. Western yoke but no piping I’m afraid. Collar and inside collar stand is underlined in red. Though you will certainly have given Mr Ooobop! new ideas now! Thanks Peter! 🙂

  1. Wow, that is looking very very cool, my dear! I bet Mr. Oobop is taking his time choosing buttons cause not just any old button deserves to be a part of that shirt!! Well done! 😀

  2. Really cool fabric, and I love the contrast red on the collar. On my sewing table this weekend was a lot of paper, still drafting a pattern for a jacket and a blouse.

  3. Such a fantastic fabric! Lucky Mr. Ooobop! I have yet to make Mr. CoutureAcademic a shirt…but you’ve inspired me to put it on this list…the very very long list 😛

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