Roman blinds/shades for the landing

Well I’ve certainly got that winter nesty feeling. Never thought I’d say it but the rain can tip down as much as it likes. The wind can howl till it’s heart content and who cares if it’s cold as a polar bear’s nose. I am happily inside, toasty and warm, making bread, watching old movies, sewing and putting up my freshly made Roman blinds, or Roman shades if you are anywhere but the UK!

roman shades during day

I’m assuming the fabric is vintage. It had that musty attic smell about it when I landed 5 metres of it, for £10 at a charity shop. But nothing a spruce in the washing machine couldn’t sort.

The hardest thing about these darn blinds (or shades) is photographing them! Too light outside and you get too much show through. Too dark and you see nothing!

roman shades in the dark

Too long trying to be arty farty with it all and you get cat-hassle!

roman shade with cat interference

I’ve made these on a couple of occasions before but only posted on Burda. This set I made for Little Miss Ooobop’s room using an remnant of fabric I picked up in a discount fabric store for a fiver:

Roman blinds in rose fabric

And these black ones I made for my eldest daughter… for considerably more pounds:

black roman blinds

This is a great sewing project for a beginner because it only involves sewing in straight lines. But as many times as you make them you still have to measure twice and cut once. Or in my case, five or six times. It’s all in the maths.

For anyone who’s interested I will compile a tutorial. I didn’t take in-progress shots, mainly because I worked in such a horrendous way, spread all out on the living room floor with cats jeopardising the project every step of the way! But I will create some diagrams which should be a lot easier to follow. Just not tonight, ’cause I’m pooped!

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  1. I love making roman blinds. I went on a day’s course to learn how to make them – it was quite some time ago so I’d love to see your tutorial to see if you do anything differently. That red vintage fabric is gorgeous

  2. I recently made roman blinds for my parents and it was hellish
    – the construction instructions I had hurt my brain
    – I had to piece the material to make it wide enough
    – It was nearly the size of a cricket pitch
    – I had to cut and measure while my toddler ran over the material.
    I’ve vowed that the only people who get roman blinds are those who have been looking after my daughter two days a week for the last two and a half years.
    The upshot of this, is that I’m full of admiration that you’ve made more than one. I think I’m going to pay for any future window dressing!

    1. Oh I totally know where you are coming from! It does hurt your brain, I had cat prints all over the lining and I certainly won’t volunteer to make one for anyone else! That’s why I’d rather post a tutorial!

    1. Ha ha… obviously been in the game for too long. Naaa… don’t do words, just pictures and layouts! I’ll leave that side of the studio to the experts! 🙂

  3. I want to make some of these for my bedroom bay window. I made some many years ago and, you’re right, it did hurt my brain. I’ve pinned several tutorials, but I’m sure yours would be much better!

    1. I am going to try drawing some diagrams to illustrate rather than photograph. In this instance I think it might be better. And at least remind myself so I dont have to remember all over again!

  4. I would love a tutorial! We really need some blinds. We ahve lived in our house for a year now and no curtains yet just those old slotted blinds that do not close properly. lol. yours are gorgeous! Love the black one too!

  5. I love how you’ve made so many ( well done you, that’s what I call a blind sewing marathon!) and I also love how they all share a similar fabric style, gorgeous. Now time for some selfish sewing by my reckoning!

    1. Thanks Winnie. Not all at the same time, thank goodness! I thought I had just one more to do for the kitchen but Mr O’s got plans on the bay in the living room. Doh! But you are right of course… selfish sewing time first! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I will detail that in the tutorial that I am putting together but it is fundamentally nylon cord, plastic rings and wooden dowels. Very simple and cheap(ish) solution.

  6. Very, very pretty! And I would absolutely love a tutorial! Your roman shades are by far the most beautiful handmade blinds I’ve seen so far. And I haven’t yet stumbled upon a good tutorial for making these, so I would appreciate it very much if you would make one:)

  7. Oh, yes, I recognise feline assistance! Love that fabric you got for your blinds, Funny, I never have made blinds, Curtains and clothing, but not blinds…yet…

    Nice to see you over at my blog! I shall plan to keep an eye on yours too!

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