Pinstripes & parasols

pinstripe skirt

Now there’s nowt very exciting to say about a pinstripe pencil skirt. It’s pinstripy and pencilly… and that’s about it really. But it can’t possibly go without documentation, especially since Mr O and his buddy the camera made it look more interesting than it actually is!

pinstripe skirt outside St. Pancras station

I self-drafted the pattern so it fits well and it used up just under a metre of leftover wool-mix fabric and  a piece of purple stash lining which makes it cost-free, sort of!

pinstripe skirt and parasol

The main reason for making a garment so dull, was to rehearse the fitting process before I make a long awaited-skirt for my friend, who bid for it in the school auction! (More about that soon hopefully). But dull and boring as it may be, this skirt does make for a great go-to for work.

back of skirt

I made it a last week but needed some divine inspiration before shooting it. And then I spotted these beautiful brollies over at Masato Studio Boutique! (Yes, they are brollies and not parasols but that would kind of ruin the whole alliteration thing, don’t you think?)

Red Umbrella

It was well worth the investment. Total distraction from skirt but much more interesting photos… win! My little red beauty is made by Love Umbrellas. They do some really cute heart shaped ones too. Rainy days most certainly wont get me down any more!!

pinstripe skirt

Mr O took these shots around St Pancras Station, London, today, Just after I had the most lovely lunch with some of my favourite sewing ladies: Amy, Sally, Clare, Rehanon and Alison. They had all done their fabric shopping in the morning and I was so pleased to catch them for a couple of hours and a couple of G&Ts over at Drink Shop & Do. Boy I love that place! Should have really got Mr O up earlier to get an impromptu shot of us all but heyho can’t have it all!

St Pancras Station

24 Replies to “Pinstripes & parasols”

  1. I love these photos and Mr O makes London look so clean and interesting, which it is these days. Your skirt is great and as you wrote, a great go to for work which in my books is a big plus when you haven’t got a clue on what to wear. This skirt will always work.

  2. Thanks for some moe great photos. Does everybody stop and stare when you and Mr. O are out and about taking pics? Has anybody asked for your autograph in case you are somebody famous? 🙂
    I know a couple of people who would love one of those umbrellas in their Christmas stocking this year.

  3. Nothing better than a versatile skirt in a timeless pinstripe fabric! Well done – the skirt, the parasol, the photos and how you look in it all!

  4. I reject the notion that it’s not exciting. Pinstripes are awesome! And I am a big fan of the well-fitten pencil skirt. Love it!

  5. You’re such a class act Janene. You look wonderful in these pictures, as ever. Lovely seeing that umbrella in action too. And great to catch up with you over lunch 🙂

  6. gorgeous photos as always!!! I personally don’t think there’s anything dull about a perfectly fitting pinstripe pencil skirt (it even has built-in alliteration LOL). Seriously, you cannot beat a go-to wardrobe staple that makes you look and feel like a million bucks every time… o’ course, you ALWAYS do anyway, m’dear, pencil skirt or no – and the red brollie doesn’t hurt 😉

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