ooobop! review: Burda Style February 2013

Burda February 2013

February’s issue opns up with the Land of Dreams, where Bohemian and eastern traditions fuse for some pretty original styling. Not exactly my thing but I do appreciate the sentiment.

However, I’m not entirely sure how the little bouclé skirt suit (top right) fits either category. More Chanel chic. Incidentally, if any newbie sewers are paging in, the skirt to that suit looks super easy to put together with its elastic waist. No tricky zippers going on here!

Oriental fashions

A sophisticated hint of the twenties rings through the Women of the World section. Black and white is always a winner though my wardrobe is more black than white!

The black top on the opening page, top left, is defo one for the list. Very casual chic in silk jersey. You can’t really see from the photo but it has gathered raglan sleeves. A kind of posh black T…. love it!

I would never ever be able to pull off the proper twenties thing though (top right). It would do nothing but to accentuate my sausage shape!

women of the world

My least favourite section (sometimes never even reported) is always the casual section. I am trying so hard to stay away from ‘easy to wear’ casual clothes. I really like how I feel when I dress up properly and ‘leisure’ clothes do nothing for my productivity!

That said. I reeeeaalllly love the shorts from the College Girls title page. I have made a couple of pairs before, but the ones on the opening page have pleats and pockets. Double yay! Might have to try some of these in a wollen/tweedy sort of fabric because lets face it, we’ve got a fair few more months before that UK sun returns to warm our bones!

The striped T she is wearing is a short sleeve version of the posh black long sleeve one, with same gathered raglans. A few of them in the T drawer wouldn’t be a bad idea for summer.

The red zipper jacket, bottom left,  looks great too and I can’t quite work out whether or not I am sold on fabric or style of that red polka dot draped shirt.

The batik dress bottom right is verging a bit on the hippy side but I can see it transformed with use of a large print floral jersey, so long as it had a black background 😉 Would be great to make that assymetric hemline a little more prominent too.

college girl fashion

There are a couple of wowzers in the Urban Safari section too. I don’t think the prints are really me but the dress on the title page looks to be the same style as the red polka dot top above. Great silhouette but I would have to test out that drapey bit on the front to make sure it doesn’t have that maternity factor.

The centre top dress is really lovely. Great shape. And oh boy do I love that maxi dress. I’ve never owned one. And have been hunting for the right one for some time. Was rather hoping it would be suitable for chiffon but I think the only way forward with this one would be with the suggested stretch jersey. No biggie though. I still think it would be gorgeous.

urban safari fashions

Got a bit panicked, flicking from page to page, trying to find the vintage pattern. And it was nowhere to be found in February’s issue. The designer pattern kinda makes up for it. It’s made in stretch crepe satin here and I can well imagine you would turn a few heads if you wore this out for a dinner date.

Burda february 2013 designer dress

The plus fashion section has some sexy wins (as usual) and one major fail! I will let you work that one out for yourself but suffice to say there might be an issue throwing the bouquet!

plus size wedding style

And last but not least some very lovely dress ups for children. The boys waistcoat and pleated trousers are so cool. Oh to have a little boy again. And the little girl dresses are so pretty and victorianaesque! Little Miss Ooobop says that I can make her the one on the bottom left, so long as it is in blue and she can wear her Doc Marten boots with it. No surprises there then!

children wedding style

Well hopefully that brought a little injection of Spring. I sit here in my fur lined slipper socks, vest, jumper and cardi and I’m so not ready to start sewing cottons just yet, I’m still on the wools. Funny isn’t it. Does anyone else feel that way in the winter months? But patterns have been earmarked, virtual fabric shopping has been done and a whole lot of fresh dreams been stored.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, all x

24 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style February 2013”

  1. Oh yay yay yay…another BS review!! I must say I LOVE this issue – will be looking for it in the shops for sure. The 20s section is my fav as well as the urban safari – some gorgeous looks there. You’re right about the Chanel type suit in the first spread – was that an error??!! I like finally that BS is using some more normal looking models for the plus sized spreads and putting them in pretty sexy flattering clothes. Hopefully they keep that up. Thanks again for a great review -I count on these to plan whether or not I buy individual patterns from the website or just wait for the issue to come to my Newsagent and I love your commentary – very useful! (no pressure) LOL! Keep up the good work

      1. Me too…I’m definitely getting this issue. I hear you about not being able to get around to making as much as you want. Ah well, we use the time we have well and enjoyably, that’s all you can do!

  2. LMAO Janene… you are so a girl after my own heart… I LOL’d at “sausage body” – I too look unfortunate in those shapeless type garments so I totally get it – and my wardrobe is a lotta black too. And red. I don’t feel bad about it either lol.

    I think you should totally make that red zippered jacket; make one for me too! lol! As for a chiffon maxi, I have the Twinkle Sews book and I’m pretty sure one of those is chiffon suitable – I’ll check & let you know 😉

    1. Haha… refreshing to know I’m not alone! Very interested to know about that maxi. I was given a good length of chiffon that I want to put to good use. Bit scared though!

  3. Oh dear, that wedding dress is like a symbol of future bondage! hehehe. Also, I find the mag patterns tend to favour plus size figures that are super curvy and flat stomached – not a very common body shape alas! But they look soo good. GO maxi, go on! I am wearing almost identical dress right now in a light cotton (it’s sooo hot) that I bought at Anne Harvey when we were in the UK and I intend to copy it this summer. When I have satisfied my man’s appetite for fancy shirts that is (oh what have we started!)
    Keep warm hon, if I could gift wrap some of this heat and post it to you, I would!

    1. Haha… spot on Mrs C. I can’t imagine getting married in a straight jacket! And yes perhaps thats why I sulk at those plus pages. I dont fit the plus size category but my belly is bigger than all of theirs! Oh yes. Can of worms indeed. I get puppy dog eyes and reminders of how much Mr O loves his shirts on a weekly basis. He is pleading waistcoat now! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments Mrs C. Always a pleasure to read and certainly enough to warm the cockles of my heart! x

  4. I confess to being slightly disappointed in this issue. February’s normally one of the best months for Burda but nothing in this one grabbed me except the designer pattern. One thing that really struck me about it was how summery a lot of the styles were – come on Burda, there’s snow on the ground at this time of year!

  5. I love the black and cream jacket on the cover. I must take out a subscription because I can’t stand having to wait so long for the mags to arrive in Australia.

  6. This issue was gifted to me fo my birthday. Normally I but issues for fancy dress patterns, that I love but never get around to make. In this issue I love the shirt patterns, the one with the raglan sleeves and the asymetric one! I wear a lot of plain (black 🙂 ) knit shirts and like the added interest of these. I’m also thinking of making the red zippered jacket.

  7. OMG! I’m laughing, sausage body, you’re killing me! You don’t look like a sausage! When I feel bloated I say I’m a 5 pound sausage in a 2 pound casing 😉
    They wedding dress I have to say looks bizarre, her breasts look like they’re hanging to her hips, her whole figure looks strange, kind of like they superimposed her head onto someone else’s body!

  8. Thanks for the preview. I always like to get a look before I drive all the way down to the magazine shop and plop my money down. Such work! Kind of on the fence for this month. I’m thinking spring is going to be a wowzer. And, you are not coming up in my reader. I’d better follow you on bloglovin or some secondary reader as a back up. Does that happen to anyone? Weird.

  9. Hi there Janene! You are on wordpress! I am now following your blog and excited to see what sewing and designing projects you have in store 🙂 (Catja, from Gjeometry)

  10. There are some pretty things in this month, mostly for daughters 1&2, mind, not me. That wedding dress, and the pink bridesmaid’s dress in the same photo are both fails in my mind! Neither suit the figures of the people wearing them, nevermind the boquet throwing issue! 😀

  11. Хотелось бы приобрести этот номер с выкройками!!!
    Очень понравился!!!

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