ooobop! review: Burda Style December 2012

Burda december 2012

Was beginning to get a bit anxious about the late appearance of this issue on the shelves of Smiths! But was it worth the wait?…. In my humble opinion, if there is just one great pattern in there it’s worth the cover price. Two and I’m laughing. Three and it’s definitely Christmas. But more than three? Oh yes, yes yes!!

Party Fashions opens with  a great fitted jacket in black and gold. Sling it on over a pair of jeans and a T and you are so ready for the party. And check out the detail on the ‘Master Piece’ dress. Hurts my head a bit wondering how that is created. And it has 3.5 ‘difficulty blobs’ out of a possible 4  but as luck would have it, there is a step-by-step sewing course included, to help you on your way.

party fashions

I love this ‘Black Power’ dress. Shame it is obsured by the jacket in this shot but the line drawing highlights the simple lines. Would be gorgous in silk. In stark contrast, not really a fan of ruffled layered bottom halves. Only because my bottom half doesn’t need bigging up. But this little skirt is pretty with the metallic tulle lace overlay. And incredibly easy to make.

party fashions

Party Fashions wouldn’t be complete without an adornment of sequins but I can’t help but think how spiky they must be to wear. The skirt part on the black dress however is made from imitation leather scales. Now your’e talking! I don’t tend to do trousers anymore either but stretch nappa leather ones like these are luring me back!


More sequins and shine…

…. and then we are on to Christmas!!

Boy am I excited about this coat. I was given a decent length of a lime green/chocolate shot silk/wool mix fabric. Quite heavy. Probably intended for furnishing. Certainly not dressmaking. But I instantly had visions of classy and totally original coat. Have been looking for the perfect one. And now, as if by magic, I think I have found it! Just praying there is enough fabric!

burda 12 2012 coat

Not sure if I am suited to the following look, though I think the skirt is very interesting. Perhaps its the distraction of the 1D lookalike in the photo. I do however, reeeaaallly like that little girl’s shift dress. And love that it is actually in my daughter’s size. More often than not, the kids patterns are either too small or too large and I’m far too lazy busy for pattern grading!

girls shift dress

Again. I’m not feeling the puritan look but the jacket with the retro peplum and the little girls coat is totally up my street!

puritan look

The whole sweet angel and tweed look is maybe pushing the boundaries of sweet. Verging almost on sickly, I’d say! I can hear Mr  and Master Ooobop! roaring with laughter as LMO and myself prepare Christmas lunch in such puritanical stylee. The fact that LMO would howl with protest if every I tried to dress her like this is a sure thing too!

angel dress

A good teddy bear pattern always comes in handy as a gift for a small person. Or even a grown up! I do enjoy sewing toys just as much but so far haven’t strayed from the path of Tilda makes. Burda have even included the corochet pattern for the lovely shawl they are sitting on. Oh please don’t get me side-tracked!

teddy pic

I keep coming back to this dress. It’s not instantly my thing but I love how the seam joins have been highlighted in white. Definitely a conversation piece. I quite like the waiscoat too but they can keep their billowy sleeves!


There’s a Master Piece jacket and coat pattern for the smalls too. Very classy. I’m sure I could talk LMO into that jacket, if it meant she could keep her Doc Martens on too!

kids coats

There’s a fun Street Style section with some clever twists on casual using wool. Makes for a more quality look than with the usual jersey. But I have glossed over that because I don’t really do casual street!

This dress certainly makes a ‘Grand Entrance’ when you turn to this spread. Works great as a short dress but soooo elegant as a full length evening dress. It’s made in silk crepe here. Imagine how luxurious it would feel too!

grand entrance dress

In stark contrast I fear the blue shiny combo on the left is a bit wrong! Luckily there is a pleasant distraction opposite! I really like the simple cut of this dress. A variation of the black dress at the beginning. But with the addition of long sleeves and an overlay of floaty chiffon it is transformed into  and enchanting swoosh of loveliness! I do have a little issue with how the neckline seems to be pulling though. Anyone know why this might be happening?

chiffon dress

Here’s a couple of real simple to put together outfits. Well, Im sure the jacket is a little trickier but I do  think it would be worth any amount of hassle to be snuggled in wool velour. The gathered collar and three-quarter sleeves are gorgeous features. Rose and gold is quite a sophisticated colour combo too.

easy patterns

Oh and here we are. My favourite bit! The Vintage pattern. A very stylish French couture look. Though I like a nice bouclé fabric, especially one with a metallic thread, I think that gorgeous design feature at the front bodice is lost. If or rather when I get round to making this beauty I will definitely be employing a plainer wool fabric and keep it closer to the original.

vintage pattern

There’s  a few treats in the plus section. Not least of all this hot LBD. Flattering sweetheart neckline and some glamourous gathering at the hip. Oh to have those curves!

plus section

Well that just about wraps it up for the clothes section but there are lots of extra crafty projects too, just to get you in the spirit of the season!

Thanks for swinging by. Hope you get some sewing in over this busy time. Till next time, toodlepip! xxx

23 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style December 2012”

  1. Grey again, what the heck? I do like the Night at the Opera dresses. And, I think Burda hands down offers the best plus size wardrobe options. Oh and the vintage things are very nice. Thanks for posting this! But, I can’t wait for some color.

  2. I always look forward to your Burda Style posts. I’ve yet to try one of their patterns, but that LBD is seriously gorgeous, I might have to muster up the courage to try something like that.

    1. Thanks Beth. I don’t make nearly as much as I’d like but I love that they are all there for when I do get round to it! I think you’d do an amazing job with that LBD and look even more amazing in it!

  3. Lots of festive gorgeousness which, unfortunately, I really don’t get the opportunity to wear these days in my rural backwater of France. Probably best suited to the prairie style stuff and we could all do the ‘goodnight John boy’ thing at bedtime however, like you, I can’t imagine anybody thanking me for kitting them out puritan style. That black dress in the plus size section is very ‘Nigella’ and I like to think she always does her cooking in a posh frock and heels, even when she hasn’t got guests but I suppose she dons her ‘comfy’ togs just like the rest of us do when she’s at home.
    Thanks for the great review again but I might give it a miss this month due to too much festive black, gold and sequins and too much difficulty.

    1. Oh you are more than welcome, Lynn. Lol I know what you mean. But having said that, a friend at work has encouraged me to wear sparkly shoes to work and not just save them for best. Turns a boring work day into a (little) bit of a party!

  4. Another great peek! I am hoping to collect my copies today, and will drool over the mag while babysitting the craft shop today. I may even be bending a few page corners! That blue dress with the pulling neckline – it looks like the model’s shoulders are too wide for the style, distorting the line of the neck. Because of the angle it’s cut at (bias) it will pull and stretch easily. At least, that’s what it looks like to me! 😀 I do like the grand entrance dress, although will never have occasion to wear it, and that waistcoat is perfect for a project for Daughter No1. The coat you like will do for a friend of mine too! I like your idea of using shoft furnishing fabric, I have done that in the past too.

    1. You babysit a craft shop?! How absolutely delightful. That is the stuff of dreams! Thanks for the insight into that neckline. Glad I wasn’t seeing things. I do wonder how some of these shots get past the art director! I’d be shot for something like that!! I think I might have to create an occasion for that dress, rather than the usual way round!! And I can really see your daughter in that waistcoat… I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes objection to those stupid sleeves though! 😉

      1. yeah, i thought i’d do the version without the sleeves… hehe.. Craft shop is great, well, the stuff in it is. It’s very, very quiet at the moment though. Not enough tourists are coming through, and the locals still don’t know it’s even there.

      2. Yup, the way the sleeve is cut means that there isn’t enough ‘give’ in the shape, and the neckline is copping it all. Fixed by using a more stable fabric and cut with enough room to move. I love that style of dress, always have! It’s very like the first wedding dress I ever made when I was 17, in tussah silk.
        I think the bucolic, Amish/hillbilly hokum photo shoot couldn’t be more hilariously opposite to you and Mr Oobop’s style! Makes me laugh out loud, and I know whose style I’m on side with too, not the Waltons! 😉

  5. Quite like some of these, those kids outfits are adorable but I don’t know any kids that would wear them and as for bringing a pony into the house – clearly overindulged! Love the vintage pattern but not the boucle version, that fabric is ageing even on a teenager, I’d never go there – too chunky in the thigh dept!

    1. As it happens there is a lady who lives in the next street down from me who takes 2 ponies through her front door and walks them through her house to her back garden. This is in West London by the way!

  6. I look forward to your burda post every month! I agree that there’s much to like in this issue. After a sneak peak at the Dec.Vintage Pattern in November’s Burda I’ve been anxiously waiting to see it; what a beauty, but disappointing since I’m a size 44 up top – which means some fiddling but I’ll bet it’s worth it. I also like the little jacket with 3/4 sleeves and puffy collar – and the skirt – a lovely look! And the plus LBD, I’m definitely going to give that one a try. I agree that the 130 dress is interesting design; looks like a very easy, comfortable dress to wear. Finally, the second skin jacket is gorgeous though I’m not sure if I need another jacket! I agree with you about the shiny blue combo- the flared sleeves do not work! Now I need to wait and dream for the issue to arrive in the mail! I really really enjoy this preview from you. thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Ooh, there’s a few things here that I think would be fabulous to make! Thanks for the review – I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one appearing over here.

  8. This was an unusually good issue for December. I’m drooling over the coat with the asymmetric fastening too, but also over the colour-blocked one in the street style story. The cover dress is gorgeous but I fear I’d never wear it. It would be fun to make though.

    The red dress in the plus section is identical to one they did last winter in tall sizes. I’d quite like to see a bit more of that sort of crossover between the sections.

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  10. I can see I will need to haunt you! I love Burda magazine, but cannot always justify getting it. As you say, if there is one pattern I think I will use, it is well wortth buying, two, or three, and it is a winner! But I have been unable to find Decembers issue in Smiths, and nowhere else seems to stock it. So I have missed out on some good patterns here. Oh well, I shall watch out for your next review!

    That neckline, I suspect the dress was never fitted to the model, rather the other way about, and if it was cut askew at all, it is liable to pull funny, or even if the bias seam was not stabilised, and the facing and top were just not sewn evenly- that may do it, and chiffon is notoriously slippy to sew…

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