ooobop! Lucky Hat

lucky hat

I had the perfect sewing window today – Little Miss O at a party for 4 whole hours and a day far too chilly to hang outside for my liking!

But I wont dis the weather – that would be far too predictable for a Londoner – I will embrace it. And so I hatched  a plan to make a hat. I really don’t know how I get through every winter, convinced I don’t suit a hat, and freezing my poor little pixie ears off for the sake of not looking like (more of) an idiot!

So spurred on by the prospect of a toasty bonce coupled with an opportunity to make a minor stash bust but best of all, make a perfect showcase for one of my favourite buttons, the mini mission began!

lucky hat

Mr O had a similar hat – albeit a bit more manly! – so I set about drafting a pattern. I have quite a big head so this was another good reason to make one. If ever I find a hight street hat that I vaguely like, the chances are it will be too small!

Little Miss O found this button in a biscuit tin at a vintage fair in Islington last year. Just a single lonesome button with the word ‘Lucky’ on it. Could sure do with some of that ‘luck’ stuff right now so here’s hoping!

lucky button

It’s got an interesting stamp on the back but I can’t find any reference on line from where it might have come from.

lucky button

To create the decoration, I made a ‘yoyo’, my first one in fact! For those that don’t know,  a yoyo is a circle of fabric (in this case the circle that was cut out for my head hole!) gathered close to the outer edge and pulled tight. The raw edges are tucked inside and some reinforcement stitched sewn. Of course a statement button is a brilliant idea to cover up the scruffy bit in the middle. Velvet is not as manageable as cotton but a few needle pricks later, the result was very acceptable!

lucky hat decoration

I wore my new hat down to our ‘local’ for dinner tonight but didn’t take it off. I was a bit worried about the hat-hair issue. But hey, guess what happened when I took it off when I got home?! Hair looked better than it did pre-hat!

The outer fabric is a cotton velvet, wonderfully donated to me by a friend who was having a clear out. There are many more metres so I am contemplating a matching jacket! Contemplating I said!!

lucky hat

The inside is fully lined with a matching poly lining so it feels really neat. The band was machine stitched, right sides facing and then turned inside like giant bias trim and hand stitched to the seam line, using an uneven slip stitch. The stitches were quite small and sunk into the pile of the velvet so I am very pleased with the results.

I’m pretty sure this kind of hat will go with vintage or modern styles. Just need to make a few more in different colours!

Thanks to the wonderful Mr Ooobop! (of course) for the fabulous photos!

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  2. I love hats on other people, just never feel right in one myself. You look great in your beautfiful plum coloured one. A matching jacket would be lovely – maybe the next time little Miss is at a party!

  3. I’m totally with you on the big head front. I usually go bare-headed because hats perch up on the point. That once actually looks pretty easy to make… I might try one. Did you line it?

    1. I did line it. I think it has less of a homemade feel if you do. But the band is not lined. Makes it more snug. Might be inclined to line the inside of the band too if you used a scratchy fabric like wool.

  4. Good on you! You suit berets, m’dear. I am also huge of head (62cm circumference) and make berets, but in wedge sections. I like your version though, might have to try that next. I also line mine in silk, just scraps and remnants, being paranoid about sweaty hat hair. But it seems to be typical MrsC over engineering – if yours survived the local for an afternoon!

    1. Thanks so much Mrs C. I had to do a burn test on the lining because I thought it was silk! It isn’t and no sweaty issues but it is quite lightweight and seemingly good quality! Will defo go for silk if I make it again though. Such a fun little project. Will keep eyes peeled in case you get the urge… yours is bound to be fabulous!

  5. Hi! Love the hat! And that button is really cool. My husband has a hobby of Metal detecting where he finds many metal things such as jewelry and metal buttons in the dirt and bodies of water. If you are really curious, there are forums on the internet and in magazines that help those who metal detect find the origins of certain things- you never know, it could be worth something money wise, or better yet- have a really great history. let me know and I will get that info from my husband and give it to you.

    1. ooo… didn’t think of that. Will have a search this evening. I’m not holding out for anything too valuable. It’s made in Hong Kong! Just curious that anyone would go to the bother of labelling and numbering a button!! Thank you so much Tracey x

  6. I love the hat. It looks incredible on you! Sounds like we both had the same kind of day. Look out when we are alone and it’s cold and rainy out. You never know what’s going to happen!!
    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Beth. Indeed… what a wonderful thought! I used to hate long dark winter nights. Now they can hang around as long as they like…. well until Summer sunshine comes back, that is!! x

  7. It’s allways such a plesure receiving your blog posts.The hat is simply amazing,perfectly and accuratly done,as are a very tallented womwn,no doubt about that! The pictures are great and interesting.Well done!

    1. Thank you Kat. I did want to include a tutorial but ran out of time. I made my pattern based on an existing hat but if you Google how to make a beret there are a few tutorials that look very helpful. You can always vary the measurements according to how you want to vary the design.

  8. Oh I love that hat, and it does suit you. I have a hat that I can’t be without in the Winter, but having seen your hat I want a smart velvet Winter hat. I shall be checking out my stash.

  9. I cannot believe you made that! You made a HAT!!! And a really really stylishly cool one, at that… it looks amazing on you too! Now you can’t say you don’t suit hats cause there are pictures to prove otherwise 😛

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