Home-made maternity belt, circa 1940!

I was just searching for a date on this pattern so I could update my vintage pattern collection page with this little beauty…

Du Barry 2479B…when out popped this little cutting which tickled me, I must say:

home made maternity belt circa 1940
home made maternity belt circa 1940 (click on image to enlarge)

If you do try this at home, remember “It is best to adjust it while lying down.”

In the latter months?!! I can just imagine trying to get up off the bed, like some ungainly upside-down tortoise.

And there’s me thinking the 1940s was all about glamour, inside and out! Doh! It’s a wonder all 1940s babies weren’t born squished like Flat Stanley!

Incidentally, I didn’t find an actual date. I’m assuming (once again) that this pattern dates 1940ish but any more accurate hunches are appreciated.

22 Replies to “Home-made maternity belt, circa 1940!”

  1. Wow! Crazy! (Although I guess if you did it right, it might offer a bit of support for a large bump? Looks pretty uncomfortable though, and imagine wearing something like that in summer – having a towel wrapped around you under your clothes!

  2. Love the pattern!!! Love the maternity belt even more. Being nearly 9 months pregnant right now, your comment about not being able to get off the bed nearly made me spit my tea out on my screen!!! LOL!!!

  3. I was born in 1945 but don’t know if my mother wore this contraption. However, I think I managed to come through it okay…least I certainly hope so. Hmmmm….

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