coco top

Now you won’t find many stretchy casuals on my blog as a rule but the beauty of rule of thumbs is that they can be changed in a click of the fingers. Move over wovens, and make way for the Coco that is stretch jersey (of sorts!)

coco top

I thank Tilly for this genius newbie. Not only for it’s ease of make…. 2 hours I tell ya! And that included pattern tracing and childminding! But a casual top with a retro vibe is completely up my street and something that was seriously lacking in my wardrobe.

Over the last few years… 3 years to be precise… I am so proud to say that I have not shopped the high street for anything but undies and cardies. My wardrobe is almost completely handmade by me. But there still resides a few too many black Primani T’s for my liking and this is where Coco could change all!

coco top

I just love the funnel neck and although this fabric doesn’t appear to have more than one single natural fibre, it is a perfect weight to hold the shape. And the cuffs are a wonderful addition to compliment the neckline.

coco funnel neck top

I think I could have gone up a size but I quite like how snug and fitted it is. This top could be serious friends with jeans or capris, with a mini or maxi, and I’m thinking a pair of plaid shorts would partner perfectly. Worn today with an old faithful pencil and a pair of flip flops to do the hockey run!

And it must be mentioned that Mr Ooobop deserves a medal for these photos today. He was in one serious hangover and suffered plenty a head rush when he got up from down low for those creative sky shots!

coco top blossom

Today is just beautiful which is why I’m keeping this short and sweet. Gotta dash to catch those last few rays and Mr O needs a ‘hairy dog’, poor deserved love!

So if you haven’t done already, do pop over to Tilly and the Buttons shop and grab yourself a copy of this pattern. It doubles as a dress pattern, Β includes a plain neckline version plus you get to see Tilly herself model the cutest versions of all!

27 Replies to “Coco”

    1. It is really so easy. Just make sure you have a ballpoint/stretch needle and then it’s pretty much a zigzag stitch on every seam. I reckon with a ready cut out pattern and no distractions I could get it down to less than an hour!

  1. I agree. Love this as a top. As a dress, it wasn’t floating my boat, but would definitely by it jut to make the top version.

    As always, lovely….

  2. Looks gorgeous on you…as usual you totally made it your own! Lovely job..will have to check this one out πŸ™‚

  3. Oooh I knew this would be the version for you! Very chic. I totally agree about pairing it with some plaid shorts. Or perhaps some tartan or gingham cropped trousers?

  4. One Coco top, sold!! Must buy this now between your version and Rachel’s mods! This looks seriously fab on you!! And totally in keeping with your sophisticated style!

  5. Aw this totally suits you, and there’s nothing nicer than wearing something both comfy AND chic – you can never have enough black tops, I say! (but you knew I’d say that LOL) Lovely job – you look fab as always! πŸ™‚

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