A festive full circle

Tartan full circle skirt

Here’s a little something that wasn’t on my mahoosive Christmas to do list! So it’s a small miracle that it’s being blogged here and now. Each and every year at around about this time, I say out loud, over and over that next year I will start earlier with Christmas prep: do my accounts in September, the Christmas presents in October, get the cards sent in November and not take on quite so much work so I can ease in gently and revel in the lead up! Perhaps next year I might take note.

So with all this month’s stressy stuff going on, how on earth did I get it together to make anything new? I stole sleep. Robbed it, right from under my own nose. Three whole precious hours. Doesn’t sound like much in the grand scheme of things but when you are only averaging about five to six as it is, the motive would have to have been significantly necessary. Well I did need an outfit for the office lunch!

tartan circle skirt

I’d like to say it was an impulse make but to be honest I spend a lot of time dreaming about what I want to make so when I eventually get round to making it, it feels like I’ve made it before, at least 4 or 5 times in my head!

I love the Westwood/punk/vintage/rockabilly vibe of tartan. I know that it has deeper, traditional roots and I even have some distant Scottish blood so it feels highly appropriate and very festive!

tartan circle skirt

The skirt is self-drafted full circle with a waistband and lapped zipper. I didn’t line it and chose, instead to finish the insides with Hong Kong seams and a bias finished hem. I feel slightly guilty for machining the hem but I think that’s a small price to exchange for some shut-eye! I’m wearing a tiered organza petticoat underneath. Just one layer. Just to give it a bit of poof!

twirling in tartan circle skirtAnd I went for a shorter length this time. I’ve recently been hooked on below the knee pencil skirts so this 17 incher feels much more party like. Just had to be ready for any embarrassing fashion blunders in this blustery weather.

Tartan was most definitely the right fabric for the job.
The drape is perfect.
It doesn’t need lining.
Its a dream to sew.
Bit fraying but with quick work and seam binding , that’s not really an issue.
It doesn’t crease
Its totally machine washable.
It only took a metre . . .
. . . and only cost a fiver!

tartan circle skirtI didn’t have too much trouble lining up the horizontal patterns but if I allowed a bit more time I could have evened up the design at the sides a bit more. I did however leave it to hang for the statutory 24 hours before trimming and hemming. I know how worth it that bit is now!

I can’t see me getting anything else sewn this side of Christmas, unfortunately. I simply have no idea how I thought I might have chance to finish my coat. The muslin is made and I know what adjustments I need to make but the fabric is going to be looking longingly at me for a few weeks more, I think.

So in the meantime I will just have to resign to the wardrobe what is and twirl in my new tartan . . . while I’m running around like a headless chicken!

tartan circle skirtThanks as always to the fabulous Daniel Selway for his tireless photography favours.
And also to the wonderful Jayne Hepsibah-Sullivan whose Hepsibah Gallery window makes a perfect backdrop!

55 Replies to “A festive full circle”

  1. Fabulous! And I am a firm believer in taking time to make something for YOU in the midst of gift-sewing, so you don’t feel like a slave to you gifting! And how did you make that snow across your pictures? Love it! Now off to look up Hong Kong seams….

  2. So much fun! I am a firm believer in taking the time to make something for YOU midst your gift-sewing, so that you don’t feel a slave to your gifting and have the joy sucked out of it. And how did you get snow to fall across your pics? Love it! Now off to look up Hong Kong seams…

  3. Ahh Janene I loved reading this post so much. The skirt is so lovely and perfect for Christmas, love the twirling pic and those boots. Swoon! More great photos too. I have hung up my sewing boots now until the new year too. Have a lovely Christmas doll xxxx

    1. Oh how I would swap snow for sun! Grass is always greener on the other side, hey?! You could always appliquΓ© a christmas tree with baubles on your Tee! πŸ˜‰

  4. Fantastic skirt, very viviennesque … and holy shit I am in lust with your shoes. It is an insane time of year so kudos for squeezing in any personal sewing time. Anyhow, rumour has it sleep is for cissies! πŸ™‚ p.s. thanks for the blog reminder about accounts (eek, something else now on my list).

  5. Fantastic skirt. You obviously don’t need it but I was just looking at ByHand’s useful app they’ve made available which does the maths for you when making a quarter, half or full circle skirt.
    Fabulous photos as usual and I love those boots.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thank you Tialys. Those BHL girls are so good at everything! I’ve mastered the art of pie from making a few of these but had I not, that app would have been perfect! Happy Christmas to you too πŸ™‚

  6. Ooh I like this one. Very flippy and swishy. Hope you had a good party! I fully support your decision to sew the hem by the way. Can’t be hand sewing a circle skirt at this time of year!

  7. Ahh these photos make me feel very festive indeed! That skirt is a WIN!!! It’s so adorable on you, and look at your teensy little waist in it! πŸ™‚ I really like the photo where you’re mirroring the pose of the wooden mannequin on the other side of the window. I’ve often thought that you and your photographer there need to be published – your photos are truly works of art, as are your lovely makes πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you sweets. Though I really am not convinced that my waist is that tiny. I think it’s a clever lens! I will defo pass on your comments. He seriously needs to do something with his photos next year. I’d love to share the other stuff he’s been photographing πŸ™‚

  8. That first photo is so great! Love a tartan circle skirt, you styled it so wonderfully. Those shoes! The little umbrella! Great job!

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  10. I’m very behind on my blogroll, but I saved this post in order to make sure I left you a comment to know how wonderful I think this skirt is! It’s perfection. I’m extra pleased that I came back to read up on it, because I didn’t know that tip about letting a circle skirt hang for 24 hours- I learned something new today! Happy New Year!

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