53-minute skirt for Red Nose Day

red skirt for red nose day

I’m just going to sneak in with a quick post about a speedy skirt I made last night.

Youngest dort announced on Wednesday evening that she needed a red skirt or some red leggings for Red Nose day on Friday.

“No problemo sweetipops,” I said. I happened to be working next to Westfield shopping centre on Thursday and I would have many a ladies clothes shop to bag an emergency red garment.

Famous last words. Would you believe that between five top ladies-wear shops, and one very large sports shop, there was not a red skirt or pair of leggings to be found. Has red gone out of fashion? There was pink, orange, coral and burgundy but not a glimpse of red in sight, save a few t-shirts!

I had already planned a night in with good chums and the Great British Sewing Bee final on Thursday after work. No way was I going to cancel that. There were ‘skanklets’ and everything!

Watching #GBSB final. #skanklette

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So I planned a speedy skirt on the way to Tilly’s and – fuelled by Prosecco and pizza and mini eggs – I raced back to my sewing table before the clock struck midnight. Proper little Cinders, me!

53 minutes later, in true Sewing Bee stylee, I’d made the pattern and stitched up a full circle skirt with an elasticated waist from some leftover red jersey. It scores nothing for couture but fulfilled the brief… and diverted a tantrum.

It’s going to take me a little longer to write and illustrate the tute but I’ll be back with one later, because I quite fancy one of these myself! Till then, have a wonderful weekend, all. Hope you get some quality sewing time in.

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  1. Yay for Superhero sewing Mums saving the day yet again. I watched the final last night – I was sorry to see his skanklet, too costume but all the contestants were pretty good. What struck me, because I’m watching the previous season here in Aus too, is that the finalists were so nice to each other. Not a vibe I got with the previous season. Of course it can easily be the editing – all those sideways glances!

    1. Thanks Lesley. I really enjoyed this series. A bit deflated now that it’s finished but hopefully there’ll be more. And yes, I agree that editing has the power to twist!

    1. I knew it was to obvious for Neil to win. He is amazing. But I was surprised by his creation. Almost like he’d been told to do it for telly! Lorna’s dress was the biz. I’d like to think I would! x

  2. I finally caught up with it. It was a fun series and I got a few ideas from it. But I can’t bear the speed they work at. So well done to you to make a wearable skirt that fits in less than an hour.

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