Wild Thing for World Book Day

Where_The_Wild_Things_Are_costumeI think I may be subject to mass mum-hate if I proclaim a love for World Book Day. But I do. (Eek!) Don’t get me wrong, I get my knickers in a knot as much as anyone else but I secretly relish the challenge. After all, it involves a must-do sewing project. And that’s always a good thing.

My daughter was very clear about what she wanted to be this year. I’ve come to realise recently, how very grateful I am for people who think for me. I constantly have head soup!Β Someone thinking on my behalf is better than doing the dishes for me or hoovering the stairs. I’d even go as far as saying that it was better than someone cleaning the bathroom for me. Not that I know what that’s like but you catch my drift?


Anyhows, youngest dort was dead set on Max from Where The Wild Things Are. Easy I thought. A white onesie and we are sorted! Not. Not when youngest dort has other plans, like a white onesie in a faux fur of the furriest kind. I kid you not, this stuff is horrid and has left serious evidence throughout the whole house!

Where The Wild Things Are costume

I’ve never attempted one of these before and certainly didn’t have a go-to pattern but this is where I can justify my 3 year collection of Burdastyle magazines.

Low and behold in January 2013’s edition…. a wookie jumpsuit! Thank you Burdastyle. Really. Thank you!!

wookie costume

The only problem I had was that the size only went up to age 8. My daughter is 9 but a good 4 inches taller than a regular 9 year old! And so I cut and spread and taped and so properly graded the jumpsuit pieces. But then I looked and shook my head in disbelief at the sheer size of the pattern and took out an inch and a half.

Well you can guess the rest. The first test garment was too small. But no biggie because it was only a tester and better still made the basis of a Thing One costume for her bestie! Bestie’s clever mum did a very fine job of sewing on the the all-important detail as well as taking care of Β the gorgeous Hermione Granger!

Thing One costume

So once I added those inches back in I just cut and sewed… and got fluff everywhere!
The good thing about this stuff is there is no necessity for neatening of seams, no hems and no need for careful catch-stitching. I actually did double interface the ears with sew in canvas to make them stand up but not be too stiff. The zip was surprisingly ok to sew in, by hand but trimming the fluff so as not to catch on the teeth was really annoying!

Where The Wild Things Are costume

I can’t take all the credit for this one. LMO made and hand painted her own fabulous crown and check out that wonderfully fluffy tail. A tail that Max himself would have been soooo proud to wear. Mr Ooobop himself took on this task while I was at work. He chose the fur and shaped it perfectly before stitching it with his own fair hands. I am so uber impressed.

Where the Wild Things are CostumeI think we can safely say that Little Miss Ooobop was suitably impressed too! And what better place to hang out after school than the local park, in the trees, being photographed by her multi-talented dad!

Where The Wild Things Are costume


Where The Wild Things Are costume

Hope your tales of World Book Day were as fun!
And wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend wherever you are.

(One can dream!)


26 Replies to “Wild Thing for World Book Day”

  1. I adored this on IG and seeing all these photos I love it more! Who knew a wookie costume could be the start of one amazing costume!
    I love world book day too and really hope that Boy’s school dresses up for it! I’ll find out around this time next year I guess!

    1. Thanks VK. It’s such an exciting day for them and it works. I went in to class to tell them about my job as a book designer and it was so cute talking to a class full of book characters! Fingers crossed you get your school x

  2. What a gorgeous Wild Thing you have there – takes after her mummy πŸ˜‰ and fantastic photography as always of course! You have mad skillz, miss – and unbounded patience. I have so much fierce respect and admiration for the dedication it takes for you (and all mums!!) to make costumes for their little ones – and not so little ones! I salute you roundly! ^__^

    1. Thanks Amanda. It’s always a lot of fun after the stress and panic of getting it done for the day. Oh and meeting the approval of a very fussy customer! x

  3. I hate sewing fur, because you are finding it everywhere, for months! Well done though, on doing it, and she looks great, and warm, too! so many costumes would be too cold!
    Lovely one!

  4. This is fabulous! I was Max for Halloween a few years back, but this puts my white sweatpants/hoodie ensemble to shame. You did an amazing job!

  5. Great job by the whole family! Is this a relatively recent thing? When we were still living in the U.K. (up until 2005) we had Book Day but it generally involved getting a voucher to spend on a book and that was it – I don’t remember any dressing up shenanigans.

  6. BRILLIANT! World book day is just the best isn’t it! Makes me happy thinking about all the books that have made people happy over the decades. I love your use of the wookie pattern. Your daughter looks seriously cool in my eyes

  7. Fab costume, I loved that book. I wimped out on world book day this year and made them choose form the dress up clothes. I’ve already made two costumes this year for my eldests dress up days and this was the straw that broke the camels back!

  8. My daughter (now 18) was a ‘wild thing’ who dressed herself in plastic garbage bags and wild wild hair! Book themed fancy dress is so cute.

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