My ooobop labels have arrived!

I grumble a lot about my job as a freelance graphic designer. Mostly because it interferes with my sewing time. But I must learn to be more grateful. The perks, for me, still outweigh an employed status. Freelanceness alone means I can juggle jobs and children and blogging and sewing, all at the same time. In fact, my circus skills know no bounds. My great aunt ran away with the circus so it’s in the blood, you know. For real!

And once in a while skill sets cross over too . . .

Look what was waiting for me when I arrived home from the office last night.

A pillowy parcel oozing 500 folded self-designed, ooobop labels! Thank you Woven Labels UK! I couldn’t be more delighted if I tried!

ooobop labels package

It would be smug of me to say I designed and submitted the artwork in a blink of an eye. Which ordinarily I’ve been known to do. But I think I would be sussed by the likes of Symon Sez who knows just how hard it is to fulfil one’s own brief!

And I must add that I am also doing things back to front. I have a little blog rebrand in progress (or rather in mind) but I just couldn’t wait to see what these looked like in the mean time!

And what a pleasure to sew the first one into an almost finished skirt for my lovely and deserved friend. I can’t wait to present it to her at the end of this week. So proud 🙂

ooobop label sewn in skirt

I must also add that this is not a sponsored post. I could not big up Woven Labels any more if they paid me. Tom’s patience and understanding was untold as he had to deal with a fusspot designer. The worst kind of client for him, I’m sure. I have ordered children’s school name labels from him before but they also do craft labels and custom made designer labels. If you are looking for a real personal service and excellent quality at a great price then this is most definitely the place to go!

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  1. These really look amazing. Labels make an item look so much more professional although, in this case, it will also personalise a gorgeous (from what I can see) gift for your friend. I must have a look at the site as my previous labels supplier has disappeared off somewhere and I need some.

  2. I love the colour and “brand” you’ve designed. It does indeed look cool. Going to check out their website now. I want to do something with my blog, I just have one of the blogger templates for my background which is rather dull. I started the blog last year and I didn’t know if I stick with it. Nowadays I can’t imagine life without the blog! I need to do something with it so I shall watch your rebrand with interest.

  3. Lovely! I’ve been meaning to design my own labels too, so thanks for the link to the ordering site. I agree, being freelance is handy for flexibility but it’s hard to not get distracted and sew all the time… especially as my sewing room is also my work studio.

  4. Haha you’re SOOOOOO right…. I have definitely admitted that my absolute worst client was me, when I had to design my own branding. Your labels look fantastic – they did a bang-up job!! Isn’t it just so fun putting your own logo on a handmade garment? I still get a kick out of it! 😀

  5. Well, you are inspiring in many ways, you know. Seeing your labels might just be the extra nudge I need to get mine underway (a wish that has been nagging me…). Your labels are very, very perfect – and look so wonderful sewn in place! Your sewing has always looked professional, but never more so than now!

  6. they look great! i kind of make my own labels, and they look homemade and ugly, and now you get me to ask myself why the hell i do not order a professionaly made ones, like a normal people do!? also, i totally want to run away with the circus!

  7. They are just sooooo classy!! I’d been thinking about getting my own too, so to have someone recommended so highly is a great start. Enjoy sewing them into all your lovingly made handmades 🙂

  8. Oh how fantastic! Love the design, and the colour. 🙂 (Does that mean we’ll be a seeing a bit of green on this ‘ere blog, hmmm?)

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