Vintage wrap-blouse

vintage wrap blouse

In the olden days I used to worry that I wouldn’t have enough to blog about but now it seems I’m capable of even forgetting that I’ve made stuff to blog about!

This lovely pattern was generously gifted to me by Anne of Mercury Handmade. Not only did she post me a much-wanted, missing copy of Burda Style magazine back in August but she also enclosed two surprise gorgeous vintage patterns. This being one of them. If you’ve not caught up with Anne yet, I seriously advise you to pop over to her blog for all the inspiring and perfectly made clothes she makes for herself and her two lucky daughters

Bestway D.3,109 blouse pattern

The pattern is Bestway D.3,109. One of those mail order sorts, by the looks of it. And I’m thinking early 1950s.

I love the flattering neckline and the extended sleeves. The back is just one piece which incorporates the sleeves and there are interesting yoke pieces which incorporate them on the front. The ‘collar’ lays flat, sitting on the collar bone to create that lovely opening. And its beautifully shaped to nip in at the waist.

It’s held closed with just two vintage buttons. The third is for decorational purposes but at some point I would add an internal button or snap to keep the under-wrap in position. For the time being I generally tuck it into my pants!

lighthouse blouse buttons

I used a nice crisp cotton from the goldhawk road. It’s printed with lighthouses which seemed a perfect choice for this blouse.

vintage lighthouse blouse

I love wearing vintage style blouses. There’s always something a little bit quirky about them. And they are so easily paired up with a circle or pencil skirt. I’m slowly getting away from the easy-to-wear jersey tops that I used to wear all the time. Just need to make a couple more so I can ditch the rest of my tatty go-tos!

vintage lighthouse blouseAnd in case any of you are wondering. I wouldn’t ordinarily be out in December without a coat. It is winter as I post this and it is very, very nippy out! We just ran across the road while the sun was out to take these shots and ran back in before the goosebumps set in!!

I’m now about to add about 10 more layers and head out into the wild and crazy world of Christmas shoppers! I’ve not even scratched the surface yet. Please don’t tell me you’ve all done yours!



40 Replies to “Vintage wrap-blouse”

    1. Thanks Debbie. We did get some strange looks in the street. My neighbours must think I’ve lost the plot on a chilly day like this!

  1. I really love your blouse! I would love to have several of these in my wardrobe. I’ll have to keep on the lookout for a similar styled pattern.

    I have done all of my shopping. 😉 I cheated and did all of mine on Amazon in less than an hour, and it’s already arrived. I don’t like fighting the crowds.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Trudy. I think I’ll be making another one or two! You are so impressive! I got 4 little ones today that have to go in the post tomorrow but heaps more to do. I think Ill take a leaf out of your Amazon book next time!

    1. Thank you Aida, and welcome! I have just been marvelling at your lovely Francoise! Looking forward to more of your adventures. Followed you on Bloglovin’! 🙂

  2. Really lovely, I love the neckline and it’s such a simple design, clever. I could see it in a really good silk for going out too! No I certainly haven’t done all my shopping either.

  3. I prefer a blouse to a Tshirt but only one of these needs ironing. I especially like this shade of red on you – blueish rather than orangey. And I am so looking for a vintage wrap round blouse pattern at the moment – considered Burda’s offering but this is much nicer. And as for Christmas shopping I am like you. I expect if I leave it long enough it will come and go.

  4. Hi, just wanted to drop a note saying that this is awesome and sewn so beautifully… and I’d like to ask you for a little help, since you mastered this pattern :). A few months ago I made a dress with sleeves constructed the same way as your blouse’s. I had no idea how to sew them right, though, and the inside of my dress looks like a terrible mess. It is wearable but I’d like to know the secret behind sewing the sleeves correctly :). Would it be possible for you to show me the inside of your blouse and the drawing of the parts your pattern calls for? I keep thinking maybe my pattern was misprinted and omitted a crucial part… I’d be so grateful if you could help!

    1. Hi Klara. Thank you for your lovely comment. And thank you for leading me to your lovely blog too. I’ve taken a couple of shots of the inside for you, front and back and will email. Hope it helps 🙂

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