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Burda September 2013 Good afternoon lovely ooobop followers. Today I bring you news of September’s Burdastyle mag all the way from sunny Malta. Well actually not so sunny. More stormy right now, which Is why I am insanely posting from my phone. Impressed that I am able to do so but RSi of the thumb and index finger setting in already! Plus forthcoming punctuation and spelling blunders abound! 80s fans are in for a treat this month with batwing sleeves, baggy pants and pirate shirts aplenty! Some loves some hates but no borings! Batwings all of a sudden look great in open work knit lace. Fine example of the power of fabric! (Top right) and slinky floral dresses appear to make schoolboy socks acceptable! (Top left). I love the vintage style double breasted coat (top centre) but I already have the most divine coat pattern in the world! Just got to make it, that’s all  but I do love and have a need for that fabulous tweed jacket. (Bottom centre)

Great outdoors burdastyle september

Ok. Bananarama eat your heart out. The blouson and the chiffon is back! Add a cheeky little hat, raise that waistband, ladder those stonewashed jeans and you are as good as a walking time machine! All a bit too fresh in my mind, I fear and I’d certainly give Bobby Ball a run for his money in those strides… Rock on Tommy! But I can forgive that lovely dress (top left), socks and all! Fashion stars Asia style is up next featuring kimono sleeves, wraparounds and asymmetric necklines with a dose of almond blossom applique in jacquards, silks and linen lawn. I quite like the dress (centre left) with its wide over cut shoulders and would equally give time to the geisha style dress (centre right) but I’m not entirely sold on the sleeves. Irritated even by the thought of them flapping round my elbows! Asia style I keep promising myself a white shirt and the next section serves to remind me that it is a must have timeless wardrobe essential to dress up or down. That said, I’m not really drawn to any of these. I’ve got one in mind that goes by the name of Edith! A fabulous 50s style blouse pattern designed by Maria Denmark. The following shirts have their place but create just a bit too much white space for me. The ‘masterpiece’ a la John Richmond (bottom left) is 80s blouson typique in an extravagant mix of organza satin and linen. Totally time machine worthy! And even though its not included, I so totally want a black leather circle skirt. White shirts Plus fashions go Patagonia stylee this month. It’s all about patterns, layers and colours. That cape is so earmarked for my next UK camping trip. I will be the envy of all fellow campers. Though I imagine a few pleading orders will arise out of it too! The blue rouched jumper is described as a shirt if Angora jersey. I like it a lot. And I love the dress too with its high waist and softly frayed ruffle neckline. Plus fashion Baby Bliss rounds up this months collection with some really cute makes. Apart from the diddy clothes, patterns are also included for that cute little case and the doll and the moccasins. I don’t have a baby anymore but I so want to make all of these especially the dress and the blouse and the coat… Baby bliss

So there we have it! Mission September Burdastyle i-phone blog post complete. Squiffy eyes and permanent pointy finger but so happily delivered from the comfort if the poolside! Wishing you all summer loveliness and looking forward to reading about your new creations. Laters x

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  1. I agree with your comment – not boring. I am always intrigued by Burda. Don’t often want to make the patterns but am inspired by their choices and styling. 80’s was fun, Autumn Magic I mostly loved, Asia Style was a little odd but I do like the two dresses middle and left, Great Freedom showcased beautiful layers, colours and jewelry. From Toronto, Canada, hoping for rain.

  2. I have a faux leather skater skirt, but its sort of a mid thigh length which is quite short for me now! But was thinking of wearing it to the bowling for a ‘Bad-Girl’ vibe…. I quite like that short jacket too!

  3. Always enjoy reading your Burda review. The cape IS awesome! And there are a few pretties I see in Septembers issue. I do not have Burda magazine YET- But it is at the top of my birthday wish list and if the friends and family don’t come through…. I am finding new family and friends! 😉 ~Laurie

    PS. Can you believe one of them asked me if I wanted a pair of tennis shoes for my bday?? Ummm- NO- you have my list! 😀

  4. You are spot on as to the strange sleeves on the Japanese kimono style dress! I made it up as intended but never got to finish the dress because I could not decide whether to leave the strange sleeves and regard them as a design feature or to change them. There are a couple of pictures (in case you are interested) on my blog:
    I seem to be going through a strange phase of liking the 80s again – and I, too, do remember them rather too well. Not sure what is happening there 😉

  5. Love love love the geisha dress, but I totally agree- the sleeves are odd looking. I’m already thinking about how to convert it to simple, close fitting sleeves.

  6. Quite intriguing indeed…
    Didn’t Vogue just come out with a split skirt just like that?
    Not sad that my subscription just lapsed, I can download as I feel the need (relevance)

  7. Loving the cute double breasted coat, lace batwing and tweed jacket. But oh my goodness the September issue is out already? I haven’t even gone round to getting the August issue! Burda is churning these patterns out faster than I can buy them! Let’s not mention the fact that I have not sewed a single Burda pattern yet! Thanks for this fantastic review, I am in awe of your skills in posting this from your phone 🙂

  8. Kudos for typing this up on your phone! :O
    Baby stuff is so tempting right? I want to make it all, too, but there’s no baby left or right; I need to tell friends & family to get on with the baby making so I can sew and knit for new little ones! (Also: Agreed on the leather skirt. Although I’m a bit intimidated by working with leather.

    Enjoy your stay in Malta!

    1. Thank you so much. Pretty chuffed with myself too! Perhaps we need to practice with faux leather first. Certainly would be a cheaper way of making mistakes!

  9. Hi

    As usual I love your updating us on the next Burda issue. I am from Malta. Hope you’re enjoying our somewhat humid weather..just a tip if you are still on the island. If you would like to stash up on your materials, there is a good shop JB at Lija near Mosta (famous for it’s Dome)

    1. Thankyou so much for your wonderful comment Maria. We are loving every minute here. We are staying in a gorgeous villa in mellieha. Visiting Gozo tomorrow and will most definitely visit the miracle dome. We passed it on the way from the airport and our lovely lady taxi driver told us all about it. I wouldn’t have a clue where to seek out fabrics here so I am most grateful for that info. I love the pace of life here. Dreaming of how I could juggle work/sewing life on this gorgeous island once the baby birds have left the nest !

  10. Always enjoy reading your Burda reviews and this one especially because firstly, you did this on your PHONE – wow! and secondly, I loved the clothes of the ’80s I didn’t have a bat wing blouse back then but now with this edition of Burda I get my second chance 🙂

  11. Have to confess there wasn’t anything that was a must-sew for me this month. Some nice things in the Asian inspired story though. I didn’t go a bundle on the geisha dress but I liked the coat.

    1. I know what you mean. I can usually spot a ‘Catherine-worthy’ garment and it always brings a smile to my face when you are already on the case! Didn’t see any obvious ones this month but, yes, the coat is lovely. x

  12. Hey, thanks so much for this post. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this month’s issue, but after reading this, it seems I MUST!

    You mentioned you have a divine coat pattern, would you be so kind to divulge which one? Would love to have a nosey.

    Thanks again.

  13. Heaven help us, that’s a lot of ’80’s in there LOL. Too close for comfort, for me too! Also, I find it distracting when a lot of these styles look very chic and fabulous on very skinny models, but somewhere in the back of my mind I know they’d look a fright on me LOL. The Asia style section gives me hope, but I’m with you on the flappy huge sleeves being too annoying LOL.

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