ooobop review: Burda Style August 2015

Burda Style August 2015 cover

Grab yourself a cuppa, some delicious snacks and pull up a chair. This may take some time. The little gasp of joy I inhaled when I picked up the latest issue of Burdastyle is about to manifest itself as an exhalation of excitable word spray!

That said, the cover is probably the least inspiring of images. I don’t know, something to do with a grubby looking pink jumper teamed with a skirt that doesn’t make much sense but don’t diss that skirt till you see it later on…

The first section is titled ‘Call of the Wild’. It’s mostly about animal print but get behind that if it scares you, to see some of the sophisticated lines that are very camouflaged by it.

Burda Style August 2015 magazine
For instance this sheath dress (A). The print totally hides it’s streamlined seamlines but what a shape. Further on you’ll see some colour blocking to illustrate them. I love the neckline. Not too dissimilar to the BHL Flora dress which we all know and love. Skirt (B) is a classic pencil with gold buttons along the front two dart lines as far as I can make out. They are kind of hidden in that print too but it’s a nice detail all the same.

The choice of contrasting blue pleated panel with the print on dress (C) is a little mind boggling to say the least. I don’t hate it, I don’t think. Just not really sure about it. It’s an add-on rather than an inset. I much prefer the version that comes later.

Animal print parka (D) I can deal with though. This one’s made from polyester poplin so it’s very lightweight and it’s got lots of pockets too!

I’m loving the contrast of ribbing against animal print chiffon in this shirt (E). I’m loving that it’s described as easy to put together too!

So here is that skirt from the cover (F), teamed with a top that also has ‘an enhanced added panel’. It makes much more sense altogether, if you like that sort of thing. Definitely better balanced. But perhaps still a little odd!

Not so keen on this flared jacket (G) though. I think I’d prefer a more cropped look like the Vogue jacket I made (and have since lost… I’m so gutted!!). It kind of looks a bit maternity at this length.

Next section is Western. Fringe, kilim, wool and leather. Not generally my style but there are still some lovely things going on here.

Burda August 2015 Western

I can just picture the envy of all my camping buddies if I were to turn up in that blanket coat (H) Its made of Jacquard and leather. A most special kind of parka!

The dress (I) is all a bit too much for me. The kilim design and the long bodice. I’m sure if the accented rib knit sat on the actual waistline it might appeal more. In a different fabric though.

This funny little garment (J) is classed as a waistcoat. It’s not for me, I’m afraid. But the urban western leather suit (K) totally is! I’ve only ever done an alteration on a leather skirt, never sewn one from scratch so all the topstitching on those panels scares me but excites me in the same breath! There’s a sewing class included for the jacket too.

And could this tailored blazer (L) be any more stylish if it tried? I properly love this jacket!! And I don’t even mind the ruffles that poke out on the little top (M) Though I foresee a nightmare and an expensive tantrum if 100% silk chiffon were indeed to be used! The ruffles on top (N) only decorate the front.  but looking at the back view, I quite like the way that only the sleeves are ruffled.

Loving the dropped hem on this midi skirt (O) and especially how the centre front seam is embraced with diagonal stripes. A cotton/wool mix – I bet this skirt feels amazing.

The Timeless Beauty section brings forth polished cuts, sophisticated fabrics and delicate colours…

Burda August 2015 Timeless Beauty

Here’s that funny little waistcoat again (P). A little more classically acceptable in leather, wouldn’t you agree? But I don’t like ruffles enough to deal with a full length dress worth of them! This dress  (Q) just says ‘pain in the backside from beginning to end’ or ‘patience of a saint’ however you look at it!

Here’s another version of that top and skirt (R). A touch more casual but still very elegant. The sweater/slacks combo (S) is not really my thing though.

And just look how much more elegant that kilim dress gets to be in grey poly crepe (T)!

Shirt with accent and skirt with buttons (U) are a good office combo and I even like the variation on that blazer in velvet with details (V). Or do I?! Maybe it is a bit odd. But the classic sheath dress (W) is not only good as a classic staple, it’s designed for tall sizes too. This issue is definitely teaching me that there is sophistication to be found in plain colour dresses. Step away from the print!

There’s some cute little Cowgirl tunics and dresses in this issue. Some lovely details going on and I adore the fox purse. Surely that’s not for children alone?!

Burda August 2015 Cowgirls

The next section is called The Art of Colour. Lots of colour blocking with high tech fabrics.

Burda Style August 2015 Colour

For instance you can now see some of those seamlines in that first sheath dress that were previously hidden by animal print, in this colour blocked version (1). It’s made from a high-tech reversable jersey, though you’d have to have darned neat seamwork to reverse this I would have thought! I find the blocking of this top (3) is quite jarring and unnecessary. It’s like one of those optical illusion vase pictures where you’re not sure whether to look at the black or the white bits. But, strange as it still is, because of the different colours employed, I’m quite diggin’ the weird pleated panel on this dress (4) now.

Whilst dress with no pleats is refreshingly, classically simple (5).

The giant pleat of fabric in the teal top (7) quite appeals now. Just with that contrasting neckline. Turns a very ordinary T shirt into something far more interesting.

There’s a lovely choice in the Plus Fashion section this month.

Burda Style August 2015 plus fashion

Who doesn’t love a shirt-waist dress (9) ? I’m currently working on a second version of the 60s shirt dress I made but I’ve already got sleeve and pocket envy, looking at this one.

The pretty cape collar dress (10) is so pretty but this fabulous bohemian knitted coat (11) is a total winner. Just imagine how cosy that would be in Astrakhan (71% new wool, 19% mohair).

I love the lace cuffs on that blouse too (13). Guipure lace in case you can’t see. Totally poshes up a peasant blouse! That neckline is repeated on the tunic dress (15) and the short sleeved version (16) too which incidentally works beautifully with leather strides. I think I want some.

And that just about wraps it up as far as this months gorgeous garments are concerned.

Did you get your issue yet? Any thoughts? Any faves?

17 Replies to “ooobop review: Burda Style August 2015”

  1. I’m quite disappointed with the plus size in this issue. No 10 is a nice dress but I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times already. I like the Neckline detail on 13-16 – though probably not enough to buy the magazine.

    1. I know what you mean, Rachel. There was once a run of mags where the plus sizes out-hotted the others. A bit inconsistent for sure.

      1. I have been continually disappointed with the Plus offerings from Burda over the last few years. Luckily I have most books from 2000-2012 given as a gift when a friend moved countries but would love to see some up dated styling and more than sacks!

  2. I love the folded fronted tee shirt top thing (similar to one I tried to copy from Zara), and the A line slightly high- low skirt looks very useful so I’ll make those two. I love Burdastyle even when it’s totally bonkers because it’s never dull and so many patterns (even indie ones) are terminally bland. I think the plus size stuff always looks much more mundane though, why don’t they just have a larger range of styles for the regular patterns?

  3. ooh thanks for this review. I don’t buy Burda often as I find, with all my patterns, that I don’t get around to making from it, but I’m definitely getting this issue now as I love that tailored blazer!

    1. You’re very welcome, Charlotte. I’m a Burda mag addict in case you hadn’t noticed! I buy them all but never get enough time to make as much as I’d like. But oh yes that blazer!!

  4. I agree with Sam that at least Burda isn’t boring. I like several of the patterns. Probably the high/low skirt is the most interesting and the parka (B) with a full set of instructions is extremely tempting. It is a style I have loved in the shops. I love your reviews. The blueberry scone is finished but I still have lots of English Breakfast tea left. 🙂

  5. I am with you; that sheath dress and the tailored blazer are enough to make this issue worth it on their own! 🙂 Maybe someday they’ll start carrying it here (not that I need another vice! lol) 😛

  6. I love that tailored jacket! I’ve never bought Burda magazine before as I’ve never had much joy with their normal patterns but I might pick up a copy this weekend just for that pattern!

  7. Thanks so much for this. My favourite is the tailored jacket and the suit but I’m also thinking I’d like an astrakhan coat for my 60th birthday in December! I’ve only tried one pattern from the burda mag because of trying to find the pieces you want!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the review of Burda Style of this month with us!! I buy it very often and, besides I do not do exactly the same clothes that they have on the magazine, the patterns are very usefull to recreate the clothes as I want!! I love that hybrid dress with two different colours! (1)
    Thank you so much, once again, for sharing it with us!
    Obviously I will buy this magazine this time!!

    A lot of kisses and congratulations for your work!


  9. Did you see Project Runway last night?
    One of the young designers won with a Burda Designer dress from a couple of years ago. In the Burda mag it was the yellow dress with the big petals? on the front. PR was a small B&W plaid with the big petals on front. I was so surprised noone called him out on it. Does anyone else remember that dress from a summer issue? I will have to look it up in my stack of mags.

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