Bugsy’s showgirl and a lot of tears.

Bugsy Malone Bangles

Friday was my daughter’s last day as a primary school child. The final school pick up was an emotional one to say the least. There’s been 8 years of to-oing and fro-ing from that lovely little school, including those spent there by my son. And in those 8 years both Dan and I have accumulated as many good friends and memories as our children. Tears were inevitable!

The last couple of weeks have been jam-packed full of parties and celebrations. Back to back, I kid you not! And last week the year 6 children, directed and inspired by their fabulous drama teacher Arwen from Dramatic Dreams, performed an amazing version of Bugsy Malone.They turned all this around in the space of about a week. Pure magic, I can tell you. And I can also tell you how much of a relief it was when I remembered I’d already made a flapper-style dress for my neighbour’s daughter a couple of years ago. So no stressful last minute sewing for this performance… hoorah! Little Miss Ooobop was Bangles.

Bangles sitting on edge of stage

The dress was a simple design. There’s not much hip definition in a year 6 child or a requirement for such in a flapper dress for that matter, so a tube of lycra it was, with a nifty box pleat at the front and back neckline. The rows of fringing were a little more challenging. Sewn on with a zig-zag stitch to retain the stretch but careful not to stretch the fabric too much as I went along.

Waitress in Bugsy Malone

I properly squealed when I found the lovely stretchy sequin trim. It finished the neckline beautifully and was perfect for the feather headband too. Long live Shepherds Bush Market!

Bugsy Malone show girls

The photos you see are of a now-not-so-little girl who not so long ago wouldn’t have been seen dead on stage. She hated any amount of attention and the idea of people watching her on stage made her feel positively sick. I’m so glad that she took those after school drama classes and I’m so proud of her for jumping high over those hurdles. It seriously bought a tear to my eye watching her confidence soar on stage in front of parent-packed audience.

Bangles in Bugsy Malone

It’s true to say I am so very proud of ALL of the children. All singing, dancing, performing, netballing, chess-playing, footballing, maths and English prize-winning activities aside, they are a truly amazing bunch of kind, caring and gorgeous children and there is no doubt in my mind that each and every one of them is destined for an amazing future.

Bugsy Malone show girls

Oh good Lord. I’m off again!!! 🙁

Bugsy Malone show girls

This may be good bye to primary school years but I’m sure it won’t be goodbye to costume making. Besides the Dorothy dress and the Wild Thing for World Book Day, I also made a Poison Ivy cape for my eldest daughter who left school a long time ago!

All credit for these beautiful photos goes to Michelle Moradi.

14 Replies to “Bugsy’s showgirl and a lot of tears.”

  1. Oh heck, I remember posting a long comment about how you could size up a little coat pattern for her – she must have been all of 8? And now she’s so grown up! I can well imagine it was a tremendously proud evening for you both xo

    1. Awww bless you MrsC. Makes me realise just how long we’ve been in touch for. One of these days we’ll have a real life moment, I’m sure of it. Seriously there must be something in the water round here because she’s pretty much as tall as me now!

  2. Great photos and memories. I remember the happy/sad tears when my daughter played Maid Marion in the end of school show surprising everybody (including us) with her lovely singing voice. Well done to your Little Miss for overcoming her shyness – she looks beautiful.

  3. Wow, she looks so grown up already. So gorgeous! Bet you’re both very proud. Beautiful dress too. X

    1. Thank you lovely Jennifer. Crazy isn’t it. The boys are just so diddy compared to the girls. We are very proud indeed but also very knackered! x

  4. Little Miss Oobop is a beauty! I can see why you’re so proud of all the kids. It’s amazing how those friends of our children become such a big part of our families. And I know what you mean about the tears. My youngest son will be a senior next year and many of his good buddies graduated this spring. I shed many a tear as I went to their parties and even now as I write about it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life. I wish we lived closer, I think we’d have fun together. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Beth. Hopefully we won’t loose touch. Most of us live a stones throw from the school so we will do lots of bumping into each other at least! And yes, I totally get that feeling too! :-))) x

  5. What a fun dress. And well done to your daughter on stage. I think drama classes are a wonderful idea for shy kids. You’ve reminded me of how I should re-start my eldest in some classes. I could almost taste your emotions about the school leaving too. My eldest is only 7 so she has a few years to go. But we left her first school in Australia after she finished her Kindy year (having spent a few years with the same kids and parents at the preschool before that). It felt a bit like leaving forever/graduating/…it put a lump in my throat…silly…but it gave me inkling into how bittersweet it will be to see her leave school when she finally reaches the end.

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. She really wasn’t keen to do the classes at first but when she saw how much fun all the others were having she was soon persuaded. I am always so envious of the confidence of others. I am totally fine behind a screen or in a crowd of people I know, but put me in the limelight and I’ll crumble to the floor so I can totally see how she was the same! I’m seriously thinking of doing some drama or public speaking classes myself now that I’ve seen how she has overcome her shyness. 🙂

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