How my Elisalex ‘test garment’ happened!

So much has happened over this last week. Starting with last Saturday when Rachel hosted her massive meet up! There have been plenty of fine reports of that wonderful day so I am going to cheat big time and point you in the direction of here and here oh and here!

I will however post a few of the pics. Just because I think they are great and our photographer for the day, Digpal Singh deserves bigging up because he was amaaaazing!

Rachels meet up

Miss Demeanour and Me
Miss Demeanour and Me

Anyhoos. One of the meet-up missions was to shop till we dropped in the Goldhawk Road. By this time I’d been so excited to meet everyone, I clean forgot my fabric shopping list and got completely distracted by the presence of Elisalex dresses modelled so beautifully in real life by these lovely ladies:

Amy, Roisin (wearing Elisalex) and Nicole
Amy, Roisin (wearing Elisalex) and Nicole
Lovely ladies inc Tara (wearing Elisalex) on right
Lovely ladies inc Tara (wearing Elisalex) on right

So I bought this fabric with the Elixalex in mind. Got a great deal by tempting Roisin into sharing 5 metres of hefty, stretch-cotton floral with me. £12.50… bargain!

floral fabric for actual Elisalex dress

For those who have yet to discover this fabulous dress pattern (I’ve a feeling I might be one of the few!) It is so brilliantly and readily available from By Hand London. I loved meeting the brains behind this fabulous site on Saturday. Meet Charlotte and Elisalex herself.

Elisalex and Charlotte
Elisalex (left) Charlotte (right) also modelling the Elisalex skirt.

I ordered my pattern as soon as I got home that Saturday evening. A miracle given no of G&Ts that were consumed beforehand! And it arrived PDQ. I’m still so busy with work and there was little hope of me achieving anything else this week but I tell no lies when I say how quick it was to put together. The instructions are very clear and it really is such an adaptable pattern that will tranfsorm with any style skirt or sleeve option. And so here is my first ‘test garment’.

Elisalex test full length

I repeat ‘test garment’ because I had no intention of actually wearing this one out of the house. But Mr O insisted, if I wanted him to take the photos.

Elisalex test pleat

Why you ask? Because it’s made out of a Duvet cover! It’s a pretty 100% cotton, Ikea, duvet cover but bedding all the same! LMO insisted on an ice-cream so there was only one thing for it!  Elisalex test buying ice cream A trip to the local cafe, that sells what transpires to be the most delicious ice-cream ever!

Elisalex test licking ice cream

Elisalex test eating ice cream

I’m actually glad I wore it out. It was a good test drive. Whilst I’m completely smitten with this skirt style on everyone else, Mr O’s rendition of You Can’t Touch This, did nothing for my indecision! It does take a lot of getting used to. I kept the length… and it is quite long. But it does mean I have to take ladylike steps with a wiggly walk which I quite like. I also like very much, that despite the blustery weather, the wind could not blow this skirt up if it tried! Unlike my first summer dress of this year! Proper Marylin behaviour in that one! I Love the princess seams.

Elisalex test princess seam

And I adore the shape of the back… just pretend you didn’t see the bra strap!

Elisalex test back

And I just can’t wait to make the real one in the fabulous floral! I would now like to remove this song from my head. So please take it and enjoy! [youtube]

31 Replies to “How my Elisalex ‘test garment’ happened!”

  1. Hoochy Mama, that is a winner! I am already so envious of your red rose fabric I may just have to get on a plane and come nick it from you. That fabric in that dress – you may find another Marilyn moment – men falling at your feet! 😉

  2. I really like the bodice shaping. I like everything about this, actually. I love it in your bed sheets. I have a long list of things to sew, but at some point I really want to make this dress.

  3. Lovly meeting! This dress looks great on you. I love the bodies … I am not so sure about the sikirt on me… I am testing on courtains fabrics as well, I think IKEA cotton is better, so I would not worry visiting ice-creams wearing dreass like this 😉

  4. Great Dress! And, what lovely ladies and outfits at your sewing bloggers meetup! Personally, I think it looks great in the Ikea duvet cover. I just finished making and blogging about a skirt made out of Ikea fabric. True, it wasn’t a duvet cover, but who would know such a thing? I think it’s a keeper.

  5. I see no reason not to wear it in public! (unless it has a big IKEA duvet price sticker on the back, or something)

    The skirt style looks great on you – I think it’s very shapely and flattering. Never mind what husbands say 😉

  6. Haha, so this is more than just a ‘test garment’, you’ve proved it! It’s fab, and I. Can’t wait to see your red rosé version….( I’m deliberately leaving the auto correct’s assumption that I was writing about wine as that’s funny!) how come I’ve had this pattern a few months now and desperately want to make its, yet yours arrived this week and you’re already one test up? I clearly need to prioritise. I’ve bought tulip fabric ( for a tulip skirt, lol)!

    1. Sorry to go on, I meant to congratulate you on your photos…..yet again! You are a star! And mr ooobop does right to encourage you!!

  7. That floral Lions beautiful! Ur seeds will be amazing! 🙂 mmm ice cream! Havent had any. This year yet! 🙂

  8. Looks great! I just made a ‘muslin’ for a skirt using some Ikea fabric which I had originally used to cover my kitchen stools and, because I know that, I don’t feel right wearing it out so I know just how you feel. I might just keep it for hanging around the house and garden in the summer.

  9. I love this shape on you – gorgeous! And fabulous photos as well. I wish I could persuade my husband to take more of an interest in taking photos for me, unfortunately he is more interested in scenery 🙁 Can’t wait to see it in the rose fabric.

  10. Waste not want not I say. And the bonus is you have got a perfectly wearable frock. I use old sheets for most of my muslins, especially if it is just a bodice. I can’t justify buying new fabric for something that really is just a practice run. On the other hand I do use “proper” fabric when I am doing a wearable muslin, generally it is rather hideous stuff I have been gifted but can’t bear the waste of throwing it out (waste not!). The muslin then becomes a house-dress/skirt/whatever, i.e. doesn’t go out the front door!

  11. One of the most wearable test run’s I’ve seen!! Love it! But can’t WAIT to see it in the floral – now that will be something…. It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you at the meetup, and what a small world!! Hope to be seeing you again soon xxx

  12. Mr O is quite right, this looks really fantastic, far too good to just be relegated to ‘test garment’ status! Love that you kept the long length wiggly skirt, very chic indeed. Can’t wait to see the red roses version! Thanks so much for sharing and it was great to meet you at the meet up too!

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