Happy birthday Mr Ooobop!

dans pyjamas

Rocking up, fashionably late for Karen’s pyjama party but with good reason. This pair of pjs was one of Mr Ooobop’s birthday pressies and couldn’t be properly revealed until yesterday.

I sewed them in secret and so I was over the moon when they were so gratefully received! This was my first sewalong and my first pair of pjs… and my first time using a side-cutter!

ooobop pjs

Karen did a great job of providing a stress-free and leisurely sewalong. Just the ticket for someone who, like me, has taken on far too much recently… but who can’t resist an extra sewing project! And hey… it helped to solve what to buy the most-difficult-to-buy-for boyf, for his birthday.

I started the project armed with lots of tracing paper and an old pair of pjs from ‘Marks Expensives’, intending to draw round them and create my own pattern but this proved to be trickier than I thought so I headed to Jaycotts sewing patterns for an easier option. I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out the envelopes in the general nightwear section but there are some hilarious options even ones that include doggie loungewear!

Anyhows I narrowed the selection down to these two:

Simplicity S2317
simplicity s9871
Simplicity S9871

I set out to use Simplicity S9871 but when I realised how big that one pattern piece was, I changed my mind! My kitchen table just wasn’t big enough! So I decided on Simplicity S2317 instead, only real difference being, it had front and back leg, with side seams. But what I did like about S9871 was the drawstring feature. It just involved adding a couple of vertical buttonholes at the front, before making the casing. The drawstring was threaded through after the elastic. Turning a 1cm wide tube of 66 inch fabric inside out, I’m sure took longer than making the pjs themselves!

ooobop pjs

I used a lovely brushed cotton shirting fabric, cream with red and navy checks. It feels so lovely and reminds me of my bedsheets when I was little! It sewed up beautifully. I enjoyed using my side cutter foot for this project. It acts like a serger and cuts 1cm of fabric as it ‘overlocks’…genius! The only not-genius thing about it was unpicking an overlocked seam when I realised I’d sewed wrong sides together, doh! Wont be making that mistake again!

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  1. Aren’t they lovely! But I confess, I am so struck by the glory of your amazing bed and the rather scrummy bloke with the guitar, I noticed the pyjamas last of all!

  2. Nice PJs! LOve the fabric you chose. I’ve just finished making a pair for the man in my life too. And was also much-tickled by the hilarious pyjama sewing pattern photos. I saw one that included a remote control holder too, and I’ve definitely seen the dog one you were talking about.

    1. lol… its tricky I must admit, especially with one of those memory foam mattresses that suck you in. Difficult to get out with any elegance involved!

  3. Very Baroque. And nice PJ trousers, too. (I’m another late guest, for altogether different reasons, at least in terms of posting photos.)

    To sidetrack a little, I understand your comment about needing space to cut out single-piece patterns. The floor is only an option if, well, you have a daily cleaner and no carpet and no kids or pets or anybody else in the house. I have a dedicated sewing room – no, that’s a lie; we call it the sewing room but it’s really the room where I sew and everything gets thrown to keep it out of the way and off the kitchen table – and I do have a table there. But it’s really not very big. I’m still presently managing to sew a one-piece PJ trouser pattern for my 17-yo son, but the time is fast approaching when I’ll have to think of some other way. Or use another pattern.

    1. Thanks Felicity. Oh to have an allocated sewing room. You can just imagine the fights over our kitchen table. Which is mostly why I sew at night. Oh to have a cleaner as well! Cat fluff rules in our house!

  4. Well it’s so good to see you sewing and just having fun with it! And you have given me such a good idea! My hubby is really hard to buy for too but desperately needs PJ pants! He’s a big fella so the right size doesn’t always come easy so I may just give it a whirl!
    And isn’t that nifty side cutting presser foot clever! I’m very impressed!
    Loadsa Love
    Tracey x

    1. Thanks Tracey. I guess he likes them…. as he hasn’t taken them off since. So I guess they wont be the last pair I make either. That side cutter came with my machine. It looked daunting but was dead easy to use. You can buy them separately but not sure for all machine makes. x

  5. Happy BDay Mr Oobop! Love the PJ’s and the suave guitar pose – he’s rockin’ those PJ bottoms in the most manly way!

    I’m in complete, total, utter jealousy of your headboard… that is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m so not into furniture… I don’t even HAVE a bed frame because I couldn’t care less, but that is one I’d covet (and possibly do unspeakable things for) LOL.

  6. Thank you, lovely. Yes I have to say, we don’t have a very big house so furniture is quite low down on the priority list but that bed, though it takes up most of the room, was a must!

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