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wing collar blouse posting letter

I know, I know… I am meant to be making a jacket! But I have made an amazing discovery! If I embark on a complicated project (like my jacket) and I allow myself to be interrupted by other smaller projects (like a quilt block, a Dorothy dress and this blouse) the smaller projects all get done in really speedy record time due to the over-riding pressure of guilt waves, shooting out from underneath a pile of cut out jacket pieces! Its magic!

wing collar blouse at pub

Its difficult enough for me to stay on track but it’s harder still when one is snared by such inspiration

as this . . .

clash blouse
Clash Blouse by Lady Danbury

This fantastic Clash Blouse was created by Lady Danbury over at Thinking In Shapes and it was a struggle not to rip it off (copy it) completely I can tell you. Red and black is one of my favourite colour combos and that shirt is soooo cool.

So the nearest I could get to it was this…

B556 Butterick pattern

I bought the pattern, Butterick 556, on Etsy. Mainly because I am not as clever and talented enough (yet) to draft a pattern like LD! But also because, believe it or not, considering the hundreds of patterns that insulate my bedroom walls, I didn’t posses a patten anywhere near similar to a wing collar blouse! I’m assuming it’s 1950s. I never can find a date on these vintage ones. Can anyone shed any light?

That ‘over-riding pressure’ convinced me I shouldn’t bother with a toile as the fabric was cheap enough if it didn’t work out. And hey, I only had to add an inch round the waist, (admittedly, after I had put it all together), but I am quite pleased with the end result. Pleased enough to have lined up some more fabric for another! I’m a bit gutted I didn’t incorporate some red piping around the collar and sleeve cuffs to highlight the detail but rest assured I will be doing that with the next one!

sleeve detail

I decided against a machined hem in favour of red binding for a proper vintage finish.

red hem binding

And those lovely heart buttons were part of a birthday gift from my eldest daughter.

Cath kidston heart buttons

That Cath Kidston doesn’t miss a trick, does she?!

wing collar button detail

Initially I mocked the idea of padded shoulders – as much as I love Joanie – but then relented as they do indeed give a more authentic and sharper look. Im sure too that the pattern has accounted for the extra space for a bit of wadding. It certainly looks more structured with them in.

wing collar blouse shoulder

This really is a great pattern. Very simple to follow and a really comfortable and flattering fit. The eight darts… 4 in the front, 4 in the back might have something to do with that!

wing collar blouse profile

I feel a high-waisted pencil skirt coming on now…. ooops I just did… ok just that one, then I promise I’ll carry on with the jacket!!

Photo credits of course to the very lovely Mr Ooobop!

36 Replies to “Vintage post: The Wing Collar Blouse”

  1. A fabulous blouse that looks fabulous on you (great outfit!). I love the added interest of the heart buttons, and it’s extra sweet that they were a present from your daughter. So lovely!

  2. You are just too cute!!! This blouse is adorable on you. Love all the special details you added like the buttons and the red binding. You are inspiring me to do some more pattern sewing soon. I’m heading for Seattle for the week so there will be no sewing going on around here for awhile 🙁 But perhaps I’ll get to some new fabric shops while I’m there 🙂 Have a good week!

  3. Mmmm I agree, this blouse is perfect – I love everything about it. One, yes it’s totally 50’s, two its polka dots, three its red and black, four it has heart shaped buttons. Can you do me one in a size 16 please?

    1. Thank you Trish! Ha ha… I can’t wait for the day when I reply, ‘oh ok then’! I would love the confidence to be able to sew for other grown ups. I shall just have to keep experimenting on guinea pig family members 🙂

  4. Oh my, it’s absolutely perfect! Am currently riflng through my vintage patterns like a lunatic because I need to make one exactly the same. NOW! Love it. xx

  5. Oh my, I love this blouse so much! It’s so flattering, the fabric is gorgeous and the buttons are adorable! One of the sweetest blouses I’ve seen in a while!!!

    1. I have to admit after discovering your blog a few days ago, I’m ptetry much addicted. Not gonna mention how many of your back entries or interviews I’ve read… hahaLOVE your style. It’s very similar to the style here in Japan!

  6. Oh my!! Such a stunner- you and the blouse that is!!!!! I love all the extra detailing!!! The heart shaped buttons are like the frosting on a cake!!! well done!!!

  7. OMG you look gorgeous!! 🙂 Love the blouse, the buttons are perfect and so glad you did a hem binding; it’s lovely!! Did you make the skirt too? I love it… I love it all… I’m gushing, I’ll stop now LOL

  8. Just as soon as I have tea cosies and bags under my belt and can sew in a straight line without a glass of wine I will attempt a full-blown wardrobe! Love the red binding on the hem and the buttons but I’m captivated by your Tiffany locket 🙂

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