The Diamond Square block

Diamond square quilt block

The Diamond Square block is number 8. That makes me a tenth of the way there… woohoo!! I wasn’t joking when I said this was going to take me over a year to make! The ‘pile’ (if you can call it that) of completed blocks is slowly growing. and issue 11 of the Art of Quilting has supplied the first batch of sashing (the white fabric that will join them altogether). I have yet to complete blocks 9 and 10 before I begin that task, when I shall then present them as one – a far more interesting post I’m sure!

I am happy to report that this particular block was a breeze. It is based on 2 sets of triangles around a central square. The central square allows for the use of bigger print and with the contrasting outer levels gives a great illusion of a square in a square in a square. All points matched up this time and I particularly like how it worked on the reverse!

diamond square quilt block reverse

Block Facts:

Name: Diamond Square block
History: This block design appears on quilts dating back to the 1870s. It is also known as ‘Pride of Holland’ or ‘Night and Day’
Level: beginner
No. of pieces: 9

Progress report:

Block 1: The Double Four Patch
Block 2: The Whirlwind
Block 3: The Sailboat
Block 4: The Shoo-fly
Block 5: The Trafalgar
Block 6: The Windmill
Block 7: The Chequer Square
Block 8: The Diamond Square

22 Replies to “The Diamond Square block”

  1. You are a machine! hehehe. We call that block the “square within a square” in my quilting circles and I Love It – an excellent filler for a quilt with fancier blocks (applique etc). Your work is so beautiful 🙂

      1. I got to pick the brains of an experienced quilter friend today. As she pointed out, there is still the seam allowance where the outer triangles are to be sewn. I was so busy looking at your neat perfect block, I forgot about that. The are of Quilting only shows the pinning in the stages of each block, not how it should look at each stage. If I had carried on it would have been fine.
        Many thanks, Jenni

        1. Oh I’m so glad you got it sorted. I love being on my own to get on with my sewing but sometimes you really could do with an expert to point you in the right direction! I’m so behind with my blocks. Hoping to get on with some more over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for popping by to comment 🙂

  2. Hi, how did you get the red flower material to reach the edges of the central block? My dark blue material overlaps the corners. I have sewn and unpicked this four times now and it looks nothing like the picture or the block you made. Please help, Jenni

    1. Hi Jenni. I’m not entirely sure what you mean but I feel your pain. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like its working out just because of the way it’s pressed. Silly, question, did you trace off the templates for that particular block? I know they all look like they are the same but I’ve come to realize they are actually different per each block. Do you have your block posted anywhere so I can have a look?

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