The audition dress!

V8280 audition dress

I made this dress last weekend to wear to an audition on Friday. I’m afraid I can not speak of the adventures it had or the reaction it got as I am sworn to a confidentiality agreement so I can only tell of the making of the dress itself!

V8280 Roland Mouret dress

I’m sure, for most of you lovely sewing people out there, you have already guessed it to be the Roland Mouret knock off by Vogue – pattern no V8280 – the Galaxy Dress. But perhaps it wasn’t instantly recognisable without its signature sleeves.

V8280 galaxy dress

On reading lots of reviews about how the sleeves would be best placed on a pitch against the New York Giants, I did run up a quick toile to test out their outrageousness. I wasn’t too scared by them but I wanted this dress to be right and not feel too self-conscious in it! So I went for Vew A. It looks a bit boring on the envelope but I do believe this is probably the classiest dress I’ve made to date.

v8280 sewing pattern

Might have something to do with fabric choice though. I’ve come to realise that the longer I keep up this sewing lark, the more choosy I’m getting about quality of materials. For sure I still love a charity shop find but in truth, nothing beats shopping specifically for the most appropriate fabric. I needed to impress with this dress so it had to be good stuff. I chose wool crepe and silk lining. Oh what luxury! I have really started something now! Just look at the texture in that wool…

wool crepe texture

I love the way that it pressed so beautifully yet didn’t crease too much when it was worn.The wool crepe was £15.99 and the silk lining £6.99 a metre from one of my favourite fabric shops in the Goldhawk Road. Probably my most expensive make, around £42 in total but the blow was softened after I checked the prices of similar wool and silk in Berwick Street, London…. more like £30 – £80 a metre!!!!

If I’d have had the time, I would have made a full toile to check the sizing properly. I overestimated the sizing of the bodice and ended up taking it in by 3 inches under the arms. I will definitely take it down a size next time. And oh yes, there will be a next time!

This is also my first experience working with a modern Vogue pattern. I have heeded the warning of others about their ‘vague’ instructions, but I found this one to be very simple to put together. Bearing in mind I didn’t go for the sleeves!

Once you get the hang of the ‘flanges’… lol – or once you get used to calling them ‘flanges’ – it will all make perfect sense. And they do help to create a very flattering neckline. I chose the sweetheart neckline just because I think its more feminine and reminiscent of  glamourous ’40s ladies.

sweetheart neckline

Working with this fabric was a dream and made inserting a zip and lining up darts and seams, a breeze.

v8280 back view

invisible zipper

There were no instructions to fully line the dress, only to line the bodice. But from past experience I know I will never get away with an unlined skirt. My biggest fashion blunder was to take my coat off in the entrance to a party only to find out my unlined dress had ridden all the way up to my armpits. The worst (or most life-saving moment) of that was that another guest had to tell me. Otherwise I’d have strutted my stuff onto the dance floor like a complete fool, outdoing any Bridget Jones moment! And so I cut the lining, the same as the skirt but with an additional half inch added to the side of each piece. I sewed the back seam from the zipper opening to the top of the vent and the side seams but didn’t make the darts. I pinned the waist of the lining to seam allowance of the skirt section, first pinning at the side seams, then to the back openings, with one pin at the centre front. I then folded pleats at the dart positions and pinned those in place before sewing to the seam allowance all round.

I’m not entirely sure this was the best way forward. There may be more professional ways of doing this but it worked, for me, anyhows!

I bound the hem with bias tape and machine hemmed the lining. Tricky old stuff, silk lining. Seems to carry far more static than poly lining, when ironed. But boy does it feel good! Raising one’s own standards is very amusing!!

bound hem

And all that is left to say is thank you once again to Mr Ooobop! for being amazing in every way. Not only does he dutifully take lovely photos for me, he is the most amazing support for my often waining morale and makes me so happy… gush gush!

He will insist on a leg shot though!

side detail on tights

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  1. The color and the dress style fit you AMAZINGLY!!! And I completely agree with your skirt lining technique. I was a bit puzzled that my drafting/sewing coworker just copied the dress.

    1. Thank you so much. Always a good idea to add some extra room in the lining. I made the mistake of making a replica skirt lining once and it ripped… just after one sitting!

  2. Absolutely beautiful – in the big picure and the details – well done!

    BTW I’m not sure who was saying Vogue patterns are tricky, but honestly they are very straightforward compared to Burdastyle patterns, for example…

  3. There is so much good about this, I don’t even know where to start! A: YOU look AMAZING! Your legs, your cute caboose- your entire shape looks really great in this dress! It really suits you! B: Good for you for figuring out the sleeve situation! C: I am dying to know what the audition was for? Are you an actress? I had no idea! So cool! D: You husband did a fantastic job taking those pictures, and the leg shot was a definite must! I can see why he included your gams in the pictures! WELL DONE!

    1. Oh Tracey… you know how to make a girl blush! I really cant claim much credit for the fit. It’s a brilliantly drafted pattern and I made precious little changes. Soz, cant reveal anything about the audition at all but, bless yer cottons, I am soooo not an actress!! Wish I was! And yes, I am very lucky to have an in-house photographer even if he does have a leg thing going on!:-)

  4. LOVE the audition dress – fab pics!! And the shoes and stockings – you look amazing! Hope the secret audition went well 🙂 xx

  5. Oh that dress is absolutely stunning! It looks amazing on you – I’m sure it will have helped you make a great impression at the audition – hope it went well!

  6. Wow! Another amazing creation. You seem to have the knack of choosing patterns which suit you best. This one is stunning on you! and the design is timeless. Good luck in all you do 🙂 Avis x

  7. Lovely! You look like a dream – it is just so classy (as always) but it feels that this time you really have found an even higher plane of gorgeousness (didn’t think that was possible!)
    Fingers crossed for you

    1. Ha ha… I certainly feel like I’m in a dream, lately ;-)! Thank you so much Winnie, and so lovely to have bumped into you ‘the other day’. Crossed fingers back at ya!!! x

    1. Thank you Anne. The fit is really down to the pattern itself. So I can’t claim any clever adjustments apart from taking it in a bit on the bodice and expanding the waist a little!

  8. OMG! Congrats on getting an audition (I think I know what you are talking about—I was shortlisted but didn’t get an audition–I’m sure it has to do with me being American …hehehehe) I am SO KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU! Would be so incredibly awesome!!!

    1. lol… thanks everso, Debi. I bags absolutely nothing to do with you being American, and absolutely everything to do with you being sooooo damned good, there would be no competition!!!

  9. Wow, that dress is amazing. I made up the same pattern a couple of years ago, but didn’t line the skirt – definately a mistake! Seeing your dress has inspired me tohave another go, although I’d like to try the sleeves this time. They look very distinctive on the pattern envelope. Mind you, I”ve got a few more miles on the clock (and chocolate on the waistline) so I don’t think I’d look nearly as sexy as you do in the dress!

    1. Thank you so much Every Stitch. It’s one of those dresses, isn’t it?! Believe me, I had to widen that waistline! I just think its an incredibly flattering style. I will be making it again and I do feel like I have to have a go at those sleeves. I might play it safe in black next time though. If it’s good enough for Dita VT!

  10. Squee! So many breakthroughs! Congrats on the audition, and I am sure your beautiful and beautifully made dress will have impressed any panel of selectors, be it for Gladiators, the X Factor or Songs of Praise 😉
    I am so excited that you’ve had the shift to buying with quality in mind, I think it always signals an internal awareness that one’s sewing is good, and one’s time is worth it. It’s a real seachange. moment!
    I’ve never been more disappointed by the way than with Berwick Street’s offerings. Overpriced, terrible service, everyone selling the same stuff, a lot of it tat. It’s about the only place I DIDN’T buy any fabric! How I wish I had known about Goldhawk Road then, mind you we were 17kg over the limit on the way home as it is, and most of that was fabric! hehehe

    1. I think you might be right with the breakthrough stuff, Mrs C. Though it took an event like this to push the change. Its not looking good for plans to reduce the stash. I’m already planning on some more wool crepe for another one in black! Oh how I wish I’d have met up with you when you were over. We would have had a gas down the Goldhawk Road. Thank you so much for your lovely comments as always x

      1. Oh me too! Ah well, I shall just have to be tremendously successful so we can afford to come back for an…ahem…buying trip.
        I sell off my stash regularly, and recycle the funds back into it. It’s been my way of facing up to my hoarding, and over time I have reduced the size and increased the quality of said stash. Now I barely buy new fabric at all. I wish I had started with being so disciplined, would have been cheaper, but we live and learn eh! 🙂 And best of luck with Gladiators (well, you know ;-))

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. So glad you like it. I do like a nice shoe… just not that rehearsed at tottering around in them anymore! 🙂

  11. Hot hot hot! I’ve never wanted to make this pattern before – now, yes please! I made the same move to the ‘quality’ fabrics, it’s an expensive move, but I’m addicted now and there’s no going back! I am in awe though of people who are fabulous ‘re-fashioners’ (is that a word?). Hope your secret audition went well – look forward to hearing more!

  12. oooh I love it
    i don’t even like sewing and i read your blog from cover to cover
    fascinating beautiful and wonderful
    good luck well done
    you are fab!
    jhep and larry xx

  13. Amazing, the fit is perfect ! I think the investment in really great fabric is totally worth it. As you say it presses perfectly and probably feels more comfortable.

    1. Thank you so much Sigrid. Definitely a great new experience. Great quality fabric commands a proper respect and I got so much more pleasure working with it compared to a random synthetic stash piece!

  14. WOW!!!! What a gorgeous dress, colour and fit on you. You must have nailed the audition in that!
    I’ve got a little fabric shopping trip to Goldhawk road soon, I’m so excited ‘cos haven’t been to London for years! My daughters are tagging along and we will see Wicked in the evening.

    1. Thank you Karen, for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I’m still waiting for a call but I have to say I did feel proud for having made a special dress for the day. I would allow some good shopping time for the Goldhawk Road. There are so many good fabric shops. Each of them have their specialities. Some are good for wool, some have great ranges of silk and others are great all-rounders! There are some tragic development plans which will kill off half of these fabric shops. We are protesting good and hard but its a good time to support these businesses as their future is in the hands of the powers that be! Will be great to round off the trip with a theatre trip with your daughters. Have fun…. I’ve no doubt you will! 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness, you look STUNNING!!! That is a totally killer dress. Look at that perfectly inserted zip! My mum has just bought this pattern actually to make her dress to wear to my wedding. I’m going to send her the link to your post so she can get inspires, thanks! I hope the audition went well x

    1. Why thank you lovely Zoe! It truly is a wonderful pattern. Lots of variations. If your mum is making any of the other versions I would strongly advise marking out the instructions with a highlighter or something as they tend to jump around a bit, and you could easily end up following the wrong set! It will make a lovely dress for a wedding…. and especially to yours… congratulations!!

  16. Good God girl! How did Mr Oobop even let you out the door looking as AWESOME as THAT!!!! Jeez! (Cries into sleeve with envy!!!)
    In more constructive terms – Good God girl – you can SEW!
    Nuff said!

    Tracey <3

  17. Holy MOLY! This is out of this world in the best possible way. I LOVE the sleeveless look, and the tights and the colour. You are right about the neckline….so so flattering.

  18. Hi, got to say, so envious of your fabulous sewing talents! Dress is a real killer, not surprised you did well at your audition. I want to make my own now (just bought a fab pair of green heels and I cannot find anything to go with them.) Practical question, how do you rate the pattern sizing? I am between a 14 and 16, small waist but big boobs and big hips. Do you think I should buy the 16-20 size pattern or the 10-14.
    Many thanks

  19. I am about to make this dress now, and I bought wool crepe and silk lining too. It might even be from the same people, coz the prices are the same. I haggled a bit though, and got 2 metres of wool crepe and 1.5 metres of lining for £40. It is A1 fabrics right? Can you tell me how you treated your wool before cutting? many thanks

    1. Hi Dibs. I did indeed go to A1 Fabrics. They are great! I just prewashed the wool in a cool handwash. Not sure if that is the right thing to do or not but I have no intention of forking out for dry cleaning unless hugely necessary! x

  20. So when I went searching for reviews on this pattern, I was so excited to see a familiar face! I love you postings on WeSewRetro. 🙂 Thanks for the tips on this dress. Armed with her measurements, I’m making the bodice only as a summer top for my friend. Wish me luck!

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