ooobop! review: Burda Style January 2014

Burda Style Mag January 2014

I had secretly planned to make the December 2013 issue of Burda, my last review. It takes an age to put together. And if I’m ever to make a new years resolution, it must be to claim back more time for more sewing. But it proved to be a rubbish plan. And it appears that I am indeed a love-struck addict of Β all that is Burda Style magazine!

So here I duly kick off with some snuggly 2014 fashions of the faux furry kind…

faux fur burda Jan 2014

As much as I want to, I can’t possibly Β dive into one of these projects. My pattern is traced, my fabric ordered and delivered and my instructions await for a vintage 50s masterpiece. I just need some time… and space! Boy will the pinned pattern pieces take up a whole of the living room floor!

Have well and proper earmarked that little furry cropped jacket, though (above, bottom, left) . I can totally see myself in it! (innit!)

Happy New Year is the next section. Reporting a bit late for a New Years Eve number but really some goodies here for any party any time… or just any time really!

party clothes burda January 2014

Loving the batwing waterfall top (1st row, 2nd col) which comes with an ‘easy to sew’ verification. I’ve just got a few tension issues to sort on my newly inherited overlocker and I am well on my way to knocking a few of these beauties out, I tell ya!

The o-so-cute bustier (bottom row, col 1) is a fabulous party separate. In a quality shiny black, it would rescue any old skirt or trouser in a jiffy. But it would be exceedingly traitorous of me to detract from the Georgia dress before I’d even started!

Another ‘easy’ option is the cerise one-shoulder dress (row 2, col 2). Big attention seeking effect incorporating scant sewing time equals massive win!

Now I’m forever trying to stray from all that is monochrome. It doesn’t make for a very colourful blog, for one. But how can I ever move on when such striking temptation is blatently bowled in my general direction?

black and white burda january 2014

I love the neat mod look, I love the fat stripes of that jacket in the first pic and I love how the skinny stripes behave in the long sleeved jersey shirt. Some interesting points of gathering to achieve all that psychedelia! Thinking this may well be a job for my overlocker too!

Now even if I hated each and every one of this issues patterns (which I don’t, obvs), I would pay double the cover price. Double I tell ya! Just to get this Master piece pattern of ultimate gorgeousness….

aquilano rimondi dress

Such a flatering shape. I love the neck. I love the colour. I love the contrasting leather. I will make this dress. At some point!

Now I’m not really one for fancy dress. But Burda certainly does us proud each and every time there’s an excuse for dress-up. No exception with this months selection of saloon characters, superheroes and exotic animals from the jungle, the sea and even the circus! Take your pick. Creative costuming for the whole fam!

role play burda jan 2014

And if mermaids and snakes don’t do it for you then feast your eyes on all that is classy and plus size.

plus fashion burda jan 2014Burda love a bit of Asiatic influence and I’m personally loving the black and the red (obvs) but I’ll leave the rest of the commentary to you, my lovelies.

Here’s hoping that 2014 buys us all some more precious time to sew some more wonderful creations. Love and luck and the very best of health to you all. Now go party your lil sock off!! xxx

27 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style January 2014”

    1. Happy New Year to you too Anne. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. Tracing is half the job done, usually, but the thing that holds everything up for me!

  1. Thanks for yet another great review! That masterpiece dress is truly a masterpiece and I can’t wait to see your rendition. All the best to you in 2014 as well, it’ll be a great year πŸ™‚

    1. You are very welcome Kat. And thank you for all your lovely comments. I’ve a way to go before I can crack on with that one but I’ll be dreaming about it all the while!

  2. I adore that black/blue dress… I’ve got some gold/black evening fabric that might just work. Gold on the outside and the black/gold reverse for the hem… will all depend on how much fabric it needs!!

  3. That black and white psychodelic stripey top actually makes up really easily, so it’s well worth a try. On me it doesn’t really end up looking half as stylish as in the magazine, but it’s worth a try!
    And I agree on that designer dress – gorgeous!

      1. Ohh, thank you very much πŸ™‚ ! I’m not that quick though, here in Germany we got the issue the first week in December! February’s issue is out next week, so all excited there .

  4. I love the style of Burda patterns. They have a very modern, classy feel. I’m just now teaching my daughter and niece how to sew and they are loving it. I may have a couple future seamstresses on my hands.

  5. I’m glad you have continued with your reviews – I love reading them, although I no longer subscribe to Burda I do enjoy seeing the magazine layout and reading your thoughts on what they have this season.

  6. I’m learning not to make resolutions any more. Plans, schemes maybe the same thing. But, I do love what’s going on in Burda January. Still have so many things from last year to do!

  7. I love your makes! I have several vintage patterns and can’t seem to get my head around how to add to their rather tiny sizes. Your summer dress with the shoe fabric is my favourite!

    1. Thank you so much. I tend to buy vintage patterns that fit my upper bust measurement and then all I have to do is add to the waist, usually just at the side seams. But there are all sorts of resources out there on how to properly grade up/down sizes.

  8. Hey-Ho, Amanda here, reporting in for my obligatory enabling of monochrome!!! πŸ˜€ ALL HAIL THE BLACK, BABY!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LOL πŸ˜€

    Seriously that dress with the white cross in front is killer. I have one like that actually, only it’s solid black with a cream cross and is massive on me now, as I had it made for me before i lost a bunch of weight. Think I could refashion it? Maybe that should be my new year’s resolution! HA!

    Also, I’m pretty sure you NEED that faux-fur cropped jacket in your life… at some point πŸ˜‰ No pressure LOL.

      1. Glad I could amuse you! LOL I know how important a laugh is when you’re jammed in front of a screen all day ^__^ Thanks for the link to the blog – I am always in awe of people who can refashion stuff; it seems like magic to me, and she does amazing work!! πŸ™‚

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