ooobop! review: Burda Style December 2013

Burda magazine december 2013

Good grief! How did it get to be nearly Christmas? How do I get to be so not ready every single year?

Well thank you Burda Style magazine for the memory jog but I’m not sure I have enough disposable hours for many more makes before the big day.

I am sorely tempted by your cover dress though. More on that further down.

Merry Christmas is the opening section. Of course!

Burda magazine december 2013On first sight all looked a little uninspiring to be honest but on closer inspection there are some nice surprises. The long-sleeve top (top left) is made of lamé jersey. A very simple make, made all the classier with some glitz. The polka dot dress next door is a chiffon overlay dress, gathered at the waist, over a slinky satin bustier dress with spaghetti straps. I rather like the surprise of that one. And the pink crepe dress (bottom row next to the terrible peplum skirt) makes a beautiful shape (or would do if the hem was trimmed even!) It has a wonderful pointed yoke at the waist and a deep inverted pleat in the skirt. Lovely sleeves and a cute row of black buttons on the right shoulder. I approve!

Now back to that terrible peplum skirt. I don’t know what to say about it really. I just don’t think it works. No integration. No added flare. Just makes the body look cut in half! Just sayin’!

The next section is called Cruise Collection. For those already looking forward to summer! If anything, the garments here are more Christmassy than in the Christmassy section!

Burda magazine december 2013

This is my favourite bunch this month. Buttery washed silk, organza, satin and chiffon. Yes to private stash of all those fabrics and colours please! The cover dress looks even better here (bottom row, 2nd column) It’s a short sleeve version of the polka dot dress in the first section. I’m guessing you could make one underdress and have different overdresses for different occasions! (says me with ardent fear of sewing with chiffon!)

Free Spirit is the next section. Lots of paisley and fine fabric:

Burda magazine december 2013

This amount of opulence isn’t normally my bag but I keep coming back to the gold metallic jersey evening dress. Not sure where I’d wear it. Might have to invent a night out! Either that or strike a pose down at the Southbank with a hat at my feet!

The check bouclé trench coat (bottom right) looks right cosy though. A little bit of Vivienne Westwoodesque styling never goes amis!

Passion for Detail is the next chapter. And I so wish I didn’t have a headache.

Burda magazine december 2013All a bit much for me, sorry! Except for the wrap skirt with exposed zip (top row, 3rd col). I like that! In fact I might like more of this section if the crazy wallpaper didn’t do my head in so much!

Just take a looksy at this cute crocheted bag. Isn’t it sweet? It’s ages since I crocheted and I don’t even think I did it right the first time, but this is thick yarn and big hook with only 16 rows to contend with. I can feel a little Christmas holiday train journey project coming on.

crochet bagAnd hooray! A man project! Well, just a little token one :-/

mans tieLoving the couture-style silhouett of the designer style outfit, below.

talbot runhof dressAnd finally we reach the plus fashions. Businessy and feminine this month. The flounce dress in a wine coloured duchesse is my favourite here. After saying that opulence wasn’t really my thing! I’m not sure I would personally be so bold but I do think it is very striking.

Burda December 2013

In other news. I have bitten the bullet and ordered my coat fabric. I think I will be giving Joseph a run for his money. It truly is a fabric of many colours! I will keep you posted as and when it arrives. I’m a little bit excited and a little bit nervous. But most of all very freezing and so totally in need of a coat!

Keep warm folks and see you real soon! x

10 Replies to “ooobop! review: Burda Style December 2013”

  1. It always takes me a few days to really see the potential of Burda ’cause sometimes their layouts -like the wallpaper detract from the visual. Always enjoy your review 🙂

  2. Thanks again for another great review! I LOVE the drape on those gorgeous cowls…can’t wait for those to come on the website. Also, love the cruise collection…this issues seems like a goodie – might have to pick it up although they DO cost a fortune in Oz!

  3. Firstly, I love the snow!! You are so clever Janene with your posts and the special effects you add. Thank-you once again for giving me a little look in the December Burda which will arrive in Australia in time for January!!! I always look forward to this edition even though the Northern Hemishere is in mid winter and we are sweltering in mid summer. Hopefully there are some nice gift ideas. Like you, I really like the dress with the overlay and I think one under dress with several overlays is a great idea,
    I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2014 and also, thank-you for your great posts here on your blog and your inspiration to keep us all loving sewing. xxxxxx

  4. I mean that we now have a US version of the European Burda. It felt like is was like a Lucky or Glamour magazine, just wasn’t the same. Anyhoo, really like your synopsis of the latest issue!

  5. You know I have never bought one of these and I probably should. I am what would be termed pear shaped to the extreme – I call it bootylicious lol – and often find it very difficult to buy clothing that fits on the bottom and doesn’t hang like a sack on top. As a result, even though I sew for my daughter all the time I live in jeans and tee’s. Looking at some of these very wearable and adapatable styles I could definitely see myself wearing some of them. Where tho does a person find such lovely fabrics? I will have to take more note of this mag in the future.

  6. It’s snowing on your blog!! How freaking coooooool!!! Love it!

    It’s issues like this one that make me wish I could get this magazine here… that cover dress is pretty drop-dead gorgeous, isn’t it?? And the designer dress is lovely too. Also a fan of the pink crepe dress and the mustard dress with the inverted pleat and the satiny purple trousers in the ‘passion for detail’ section (although that may just be good modelling; not sure shiny pants is a good look for non-model figures like mine haha)

    Lots and lots of winners in this issue!:)

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