On winning my most favourite pattern yet

Butterick_547I do worry myself sometimes. It’s not as if I don’t have enough patterns. It’s not even as if I don’t own any lovely vintage coat patterns. They just weren’t the right ones. And I just didn’t know it until I saw this one. And I wanted it.

The trouble is, someone else clearly had the same line of thinking, and that person wanted it badly too. We went head to head on Ebay. I even warned my prospective opponent up front, via Twitter, that I really really wanted it. But when the bidding reached ÂŖ40, still with 3 days to go, I decided to back out.

But I dreamt about the finished coat in the meantime. I had a vivid dream of twirling in a garden. Heaven knows where I was. That was beside the point. It was enough of a sign that I had to get back on that bidding horse. After all, how much in real money would a ready made coat like that cost me in real life? I bags I couldn’t even find one to fit so perfectly for any money.

But I wasn’t that hasty, oh no. I did a frantic 2-hour search online just to check that there wasn’t the self same pattern in hyperspace ready to pop in my shopping cart for a fiver. Of course there wasn’t. In fact there wasn’t a single solitary fitted coat pattern remotely similar, anywhere on the web. I guess that’s why I had such a fiesty opponent to deal with.

Anyhows. To cut a long story of a 7-day bid a little bit shorter. I won this gorgeous pattern for a princessly sum of ÂŖ50. It made a giant hole in my monthly budget and It’s true to say I would have happily survived without it. But I don’t regret it one tiny little bit.

I’m casually stroking wool in all my local fabric shops. Doing the sums and still constantly dreaming of twirling around in the finished article. But I have to say, it’s doing nothing to help me keep cool at night, I can tell ya!

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  1. “Ouch!” for the ÂŖ50, but it *is* a glorious pattern! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with it, because it’s bound to be glamorous and elegant.

  2. Think of it this way. You have a gorgeous coat pattern that could easily be reworked into blouse or a dress. And when you are done tracing it off, you can resell it to another punter for a princely sum.

  3. I was on a hunt for a coat pattern for months. It was really hard to find the right coat (fitted, (30s/40s), in the right size for a reasonable price. But a week ago I found mine! So, I totally know how you feel, when you find your perfect coat pattern! And I understand that you spend more on it then on an other vintage pattern.

  4. You can always sell it again for at least that when you have finished with it, so it’s effectively cost you nothing!

  5. That coat is going to look outstanding on you! You will get such enjoyment out of all stages of making & wearing you would never get from a rtw version!! Look forward to seeing it on the blog eventually.

  6. Even with a totally awesome fabric this will still end up being a coat that costs considerably less than a coat of similar quality would cost to buy. And it’s a forever coat. Great purchase.

  7. I have patterns that I paid deeply for. They are worth it to me. That’s what matters- at least that’s what I tell myself. 😀 This coat is particularly lovely. I can’t get the image of Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins out of my mind while I’m looking at it.

  8. That’s a hefty one, for sure! LOL. But now you will treasure it all the more! 🙂 Whenever I feel a twinge about spending money on patterns or fabric, I think about how much a perfectly fitting, custom designed garment would cost if I didn’t sew, and then I don’t feel so bad ^__^

    That, or the alternative… cheap, badly fitting, RTW in yucky fabrics… ugh 😛

  9. Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. That is gorgeous!!!! I can totally see why it absolutely HAD to go and live with you. 🙂

    What colour do you think you’ll make it up in first? (And yes, first. Because if I were you, I’d be making that up more than once!)

    1. Thanks Kat. First thoughts are with red of course. But I saw some gorgeous real the other day. Can’t bear shopping for wool just yet though. It’s 31 degrees today believe it or not! X

  10. What a great pattern! I’m really into vintage dress patterns, and had a similar situation a year or so ago. I had a mild obsession with Butterick 8038. I had spotted it on Etsy originally, and when I was ready to buy, it had already been sold. Couldn’t find it anywhere on the interwebs for less than $50. I saved a search for it on Ebay, and even though it took a few months for it to show up, I was able to nab it for under $15. Because I never nixed the Saved Search, it came up again almost a year later for $5, and as I’m sure you can guess….. I now have two copies! I just couldn’t pass it up.

  11. Ha, I was watching that pattern! I always wonder about who spends so much on a single pattern. It’s a mix of disbelief and envy lol. I can’t wait to see what you make with it. It’s a beautiful pattern.

    1. Thanks Ginny. I’ve been waiting nervously for my ‘opponent’ to comment. Thought it was you for a minute! Hope I can do it the justice it deserves 🙂

  12. Hi, I was your ebay opponent for this pattern; what a coincidence that I saw your blog! Congrats for winning a great pattern – glad it went to a good home. I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic coat from it. The teal wool sounds like a good choice. Best wishes and happy sewing!

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