14 Replies to “Mixing business with pleasure… and celebs”

  1. Gorgeous apron! That book cover ain’t bad either. Did you know a very good friend of mine is involved in that Ellie Simmonds series?! Where did you get the cover printed onto the cotton, out of interest?

    1. Lol. Thanks Karen! Such a teeny tiny world! Snappy Snaps did the printing. Very quick and good but probably not the most cost effective!

  2. My very first job out of college was in an advertising agency in London. Our office was over a pub and my boss used to take me down there at 11 in the morning and he would have a whisky and I can’t remember what I had but he probably wouldn’t have let me have anything as innocuous as an orange juice. I still bear the scars – probably also on my liver!
    My daughter is studying advertising at university but I don’t think the culture is the same these days!! At least I hope not.
    How wonderful is it that you can earn a living and have fun and meet fabulous, interesting people at the same time? What more can you ask from your working life?

    1. Sounds all too very familiar, Tialys! Hair of the Dog was essential to get off to any sort of start in the 80s! Thank heavens publishing is more tea and cake than Gin and Tonic! 🙂

  3. What a lovely post ! You talented lady, I love your business with pleasure makes – how eternally satisfying to be able to combine the two. And again, you’ve such skills in sewing, it’s inspiring to catch sight if some of your design skills too. X

      1. Would you mind letting us know your design work site?
        Have looked around, but can’t seem to find it.
        Love your being able to combine work & pleasure, and enjoy reading your blog tremendously!
        Many thanks ~

  4. I love your designs – it must be so nice to be able to think so visually – to see a website, or book, or whatever and to know not just what would look great and capture the essence of something, but also to be able to execute it. Lovely work. Well done.

  5. Thank you so much! I love my ‘blog cards’ & they are much admired!
    I call them my blog cards… and they have certainly save me scribbling my details onto the back of receipts & shopping lists when I meet people or friends ask me about my blog!
    Mwah! You are a clever beautiful lady & it’s a pleasure to call you a friend. May we drink again one day soon!

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