Faux Zhivago: handmade retro-style fur hat

handmade fur hat

I watched the film, Doctor Zhivago lots of years ago, snuggled up on the sofa with my mum. Can’t say I remember much about the plot but the music and the coats and the hats stayed with me for sure!

So when I found a crazy retro-style furry black hat in Oxfam, I knew I could and should shamelessly copy and create one of my own even if I didn’t have the lips to pull of a sultry pout, Julie Christie style.

So here is the Ooobop faux fur, Zhivagoesque, vintage-style hat that will laugh in the face of any Russian-style snowfall that threatens over the next few days.

handmade vintage style fur hat

I care not if my children walk ten paces behind me.

I care not if Mr O likens me to Rab C Nesbitt’s Wife.

And I care even less for all those sideways glances in the high street. They are just jealous eyes!

My ears are warm. My bad hair day is irrelevant. And Lara’s Theme tune is on loop!

handmade fur hat Doctor Zhivago style

The faux fox fur – I keep having to state faux because it actually feels too real to be faux! – was a bit pricey but it was a justified birthday spend up gifted by my lovely mum. I got it in A-One Fabrics in the Goldhawk Road and it is such good silky quality. Only needed half a metre and that was enough for a trial one that went wrong, this one which didn’t, and perhaps a matching fur muff to come! Do people even wear those nowadays?

I probably don’t need to declare that it was Mr O that took these fab photos – late last night, with next to no light but one of those god-awful energy saving bulbs and a few fairy twinkles. I certainly wouldn’t have had the patience. Very happy to sit with a glass of bubbly under the Christmas tree while he worked it though!

I was hoping to have a little tute prepared for you to accompany this post but that was serious wishful thinking on my behalf! Working on it nonetheless. And for anyone who fancies a furry head warmer like mine I’ll be posting a pattern and a tute next post, post-haste!

Till then lovely followers, I wish you all the loveliest of wishes; Wrap up warm, keep safe and beware the nutters on the road!  x

handmade fur hat

35 Replies to “Faux Zhivago: handmade retro-style fur hat”

  1. You so rock that hat, jealous indeed! Others definitely will be. Thanks for the reminder of the film it us the epic love story and I love it, also Omar sharifs liquid eyes!

    1. The world of faux fur is incredible. If you are lucky enough to find the good stuff you’ll be amazed at how real it feels!

  2. Gorgeous hat. Cutest blog pic ever. Great movie.
    Whatever your kids say, they will want to inherit that hat. It’s so very you! Mwah.
    Happy New Year.
    I’m tempted to come back to the UK in 2015. You make me feel homesick for your town.

    1. Thank you Lizzie. And let me tempt you some more by saying we, (the entire sbc) would all dearly love more than anything for you to come back xxx

  3. I love it! I have a similar one that is black and silver. I wear it all the time and yes, you get some looks, but you’re right, they’re jealous stares. It’s fabulous, wear it with pride!

  4. Absolutely FAB hat, I love it! If your offspring are walking behind you, I am sure it’s because they feel unworthy and overshadowed by your glamour!
    I don’t usually ‘do’ hats, but maybe I’m tempted to try this …..
    Happy New Year x

    1. Thank you so much, Vintagerockchick. But the faces say it all!! I really don’t care though. Makes me want to wear even more crazy stuff! Happy New Year to you too x

  5. Wow! You are looking very pretty in this styles fur hat. I have the black one too and it is equally lovely. Black and white colours fur hat was highly fashionable at that time. I ordered from amifur.com on my travel to Italy before. The service was great. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Love to make and wear hats and I’ve been sewing faux fur hats since 2014 but always on the lookout of a better tutorial and fit. So glad I got to see your fabulous take on your fur hat. I think your pattern pointed out my ever elusive fitting mistake. Your lining length is smaller than the fur’s. When I make a new hat with that alteration it will hopefully be my best fitted hat yet. You certainly look fav.

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