Last of the summer shorts

gingham shorts

When I was a child, I remember that the end of the summer holidays was always marked with a change in the weather. Going back to school, following countless sunny days in the park, sporting a coat for the first time and being bemused by the blustery weather. Well something has gone awry this year but I am certainly not complaining. 29 degrees in September? That’ll do nicely!

I did have plans for something a little more exciting than a pair of shorts this weekend but who wants to be in when its so glorious outside? Not me! So a quick pair of shorts it was.

I have made these shorts before in a more wintry plaid, so I knew how quickly this pattern was to piece together. Just under 2 hours no less.

simplicity 2659

I have given myself a ban on fabric buying for a while. I have been so lucky to have inherited so much over the last year or so and I must start using it, or Mr. Ooobop! is going to have a meltdown! It is a little bit out of control to be honest. And to be fair, I haven’t scratched the surface with these shorts as a stash-busting project but hey, it all helps!

gingham shorts back view

On the subject of stash busting, I honestly think it’s the part of sewing that hurts my head the most. I keep the fabric because I like it (obvs) and I know that one day it will be perfect for a project. But that project might take years to materialise. And in that time the stash just gets taller! I don’t want to pick any old fabric for one of my makes. It has to be right!

I really think that this fabric is right for these shorts. It is a poly cotton mix (I think) but of the sturdy kind. So those interfaced cuffs on the legs are sturdy indeed! Pretty design too. Gingham, which is always good, with little embroidered daisies. Not so good to iron though. I tried with a hot-ish iron and it turned one of the daisies pink! I guess that’s the ‘poly’ bit in the mix!

I made a lapped zipper… a bit more confidently and certainly more neatly this time round. Can you see it?!

lapped zipper on side of shorts

Well I don’t think I will get many more days of shorts this year, though stranger things have happened, but I got a great deal of satisfaction in making and wearing these today. Plans for autumnal garments are starting to emerge. But I’ll wait ’til it cools down before I can start handling wool!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. x

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  1. Oh Janene, stash building is a terrible addiction, speaking as one who is trying to dry out. I think there is a slight disconnect between love of a fabric and love of an imagined garment. Or quilt. Hence it gets hard to make up what is there. I’ve even been known to replace a fabric I used out of my stash!! Without attending Fabricabrac twice yearly for some time, I would probably be buried in ti by now! And now I have a lot of embroidered silk which I utterly adore for its own sake but have no real idea what to make out of it. Perhaps we should think of bits of fabric as cats. Everyone knows only truly crazy old ladies would have that many cats? hehehe
    Shorts are ADORABLE btw!! And your weather pattern is more like ours now. Our summer holidays are a week or so before Christmas through to end of Jan, and Feb/March is generally the best weather so going back to school and being stuck inside was a drag!

    1. Thanks Mrs C. lol…I don’t have the urge to ‘dry out’ any time soon! Ooo embroidered silk sounds like gorgeous blouses to me. Off to work for the first time in 3 weeks today so I am sure to have many a daydream about my stash!

  2. Nice shorts…and zipper! My sentiments precisely re purchasing and keeping fabric for “just the right” thing…storage ’round here is nearing maximum capacity….

  3. Hi Janene,
    I love these shorts and particularly the fabric. I laughed at your fabric addiction as it seems very much like mine. I have suffered from it since I was 5, when I collected scraps from Mum and my Grandmas and aunties. There is NO HELP I believe!!! Well, I haven’t found it, in fact I can’t remember trying to get help. I love fabric too much and one day when I am gone, someone will have a wonderful time, going through it all and hopefully using it for something special.

  4. The shorts are adorable! But oh, the stash problem. I have way too much yarn and fabric for my own good, and for some I just don’t find the right project. But it would be a shame to just use it for any old project, right? πŸ™‚

  5. I have that same fabric in red and white and have used it in a couple of patchwork projects but it does make a cute pair of shorts. Glad you’re getting some good weather over there at last. We’ve lived in the S. of France for over 7 years now and I am trying to break the news about the British weather gently to my daughter who is going back to the U.K. for university. She was 11 when we left and I don’t think she remembers all the rain and mud that sometimes passed for summer. That said, when the sun does come out, I love the way everybody is so grateful for it and makes the most of it – like you, with your September shorts!

    1. Ooo I bet a red version is so pretty. I found my fabric in a charity shop so I haven’t seen different versions of it. If my daughters uni days were anything to go by, they didn’t see much light of day in any case! Heads in books by day and partying by night at the weekends!

  6. I’m with you – I want to start fall sewing but summer won’t bugger off already! LOL. It’s been so hot here… thankfully this week looks to be a bit cooler so maybe I can get something done ^__^

    I love your shorts, and I think the fabric is perfect for them – but I know what you mean about the stash building up while you wait for that perfect project to come along… why do we do this? Do we forget there will always be more fabric around the corner? ^__^

    1. I think we have found a point to disagree on! I would NEVER wish summer to bugger off… ever!! I am deprived of sunshine and need every ounce to keep this smile on my face. There is still a bit of it hanging around but I know we are heading into the gloom!

      I save my stash to snuggle under when its bloomin’ freezing in the winter!

      1. lol!! I guess I’m a true Vancouverite – rain and overcast skies are my brand of sunshine! ^_^ BE the sunshine! lol

        I can totally envision a sewist rolling around on her stash like it’s a pile of money lol – which I guess it kinda is πŸ˜›

  7. Gorgeous shorts… I’m digging both the fabric and the style. And they’re yet another bit of inspiration to try my hand at a lapped zipper…. I love the look of these! Enjoy wearing them whilst you still can πŸ™‚

  8. OMG! Those are simply the cutest shorts I’ve ever seen! And they fit so well. Really nice job with the fabric too and making your graphic…but you are a graphic designer after all (and a good one at that!)

  9. These shorts are so cute – it does look like the perfect fabric for them, and I too seem have that stash building problem and an inability to use the fabric quickly if it doesn’t seem just right for the project I’m planning. It is a problem though… it’s very hard to store a massive stash, and as it grows it gets very hard to remember everything in it. I seem to be spending more and more evenings just reviewing the stash instead of sewing – very enjoyable but also kind of frustrating.

  10. Thank you Gabrielle. I think its hugely necessary to sit and rifle through your stash once in a while. It helps you to realise what you’ve got and conjure up new ideas!

  11. Sob. I love these shorts too….they look the perfect fit and cute cuffed length. I’m sobbing because I’m seeing them whilst it rains outside and I’m contemplating packing away my summer clothes….they are the perfect summer shorts though, it has to be said.

  12. Ooh, I love these shorts! Summer is approaching for me and a pair of shorts is on the cards. I have some gingham sitting in my stash waiting, but I really love yours with the daisies on it as it makes it a bit less gingham-y. If that makes any sense. Your lapped zip looks great too, I can barely see it πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. Gingham is one of my faves and I think it lends itself perfectly to shorts. Such a great little project too. I just put mine in the top of the wardrobe. Autumn/Winter is most definitely here in London…brrrr!

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