Lacroix blinds… sweetie!


This has to have been my best charity shop find ever. 2 x 3m pieces of Christian Lacroix Souvenir fabric. A little Googling confirmed I had sealed a very special deal at 拢6 a piece!

Interestingly enough. My first thoughts were not Roman blinds at all. Moreso a tea dress, Dolly Clackett stylee of course. Though, don’t hold your breath. I still have three metres of the stuff left!

The detail on the fabric is amazing. I especially love the Spanish postcard, the button badges and the random Lacroix labels.

For anyone who has has squeezed in my quirky kitchen for a gin coffee, they will know it rates far from the well-appointed kitchens of West London. It is after all about 5 foot square and doubles up as a kitchen-diner come sewing room! But that is no reason to forgo an opportunity to dress up a window. A window so deserved, I might add. It has worn the same shabby polka dot curtain for far too long.

kitchen shelf

And so when I bought the yards of loveliness home and put it on the kitchen table, it screamed Roman blinds. I’ve made a few before. The first ones were a bit daunting but they have got easier each time. If you fancy making yourself some, I posted a tute here.

I’ve yet to add a cleat and an acorn and take down the old curtain rail (and clean the window), but just had to post while I had daylight to shoot!

christian Lacroix blinds open

I’m so not a ‘designer’ girl, though little things sure do please little minds. And in the inimitable words of Jennifer Saunders: “It is Lacroix, sweetie!”


20 Replies to “Lacroix blinds… sweetie!”

  1. Oh I love them so much I want a tight fitting jumpsuit made from them!!!! That’s a compliment really! LOL! I adore fabric with postcards on it, always seems so joyful, and the way the pattern frames the blind, its amazing. You are SOOOO clever!!! xxx

  2. That is just too good to be true! And you have enough of the fabric to make a Lacroix jumpsuit too? You can camouflage yourself in your own kitchen. Whatever next, ey??!

  3. If you make that Lacroix dress, me and you need to go out on the town as some sort of Patsy and Eddie combination. I can’t get Patsy’s hair actually so maybe we need Miss Demeanour to bring the hair, I can bring the champagne and be Bubbles. FUCK YES.

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