Drawstring party bags

ethical drawstring party bag

This weekend my youngest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday with a stand-up paddle boarding session down at Brentford Lock. And oh my did they have fun! The weather was perfect… 25 degrees C for all ye of little faith!

For those of you who haven’t heard of this newish craze, one stands on a board, much like a surf board, and paddles down the river!

paddle boarders on pontoon

They started on their knees and were up on their feet in seconds. Took to it like ducks to water, they did!

So what has this got to do with sewing, or the price of fish, I hear you ask. Well. Let me tell you. This week has been so stupidly busy. More stupidly busy than ever with Mr O working away in Monte Carlo; my work as manic as ever and children with stuff going on! So busy that I forgot to get the party bags. And I’d scare you silly if I described the look I got when I picked up LMO from netball last Friday and admitted that I hadn’t managed to get hold of any.

Don’t panic I said. I have a plan I said.
Which is? she growled.
We’ll make them I said… with a furrowย of an eyebrow.
What? All 15 of them?
Why the devil not I said with amazing confidence given my state of pure exhaustion!

So after dinner was done and the plates cleared. Out came the machine and the pinking shears. And a little cottage industry was born. I measured, cut and sewed. LMO pinked and pressed and took charge of threading the cord.

2 hours later, 15 cute little drawstring party bags, fashioned from a second hand John Lewis duvet cover, with cool aeroplane print to boot, stood at ease for a photoshoot!


Instant gratification.

ethical party bags

Now it could be argued that this task was well over the call of duty. That costed out they would have commanded a stupid price. And that a cheap bunch of paper party bags would have totally saved me the bother (Had I remembered to get them). But what I got in exchange for this tiny sewing project was 2 hours of precious one-on-one time with my daughter. Not to mention a cool stash-bust. That cover has been in my fabric box for eons. Oh, and not forgettingย the Brownie points for the ethical factor!

I loved teaching her and she loved learning how. We laughed and we sewed and we made ‘the best eco-friendly party bags ever’. That in itself is priceless!

Full party bags



16 Replies to “Drawstring party bags”

  1. And don’t forget the reuse factor.. Each little person has a bag that can be reused over and over.

    Great stuff and hope LMO had a fab day.

  2. That’s some serious Brownie points earned and at least 3 gold stars in my opinion! Seriously well done – we all know how stressful it gets trying to squeeze party planning into an already jam packed schedule ๐Ÿ™‚ I confess every year, I think “oh let’s make party bags!” and every year I run out of time/energy and head to the shops instead!

  3. Those little party bags are great!And keepworthy for the recipients, so an extra brownie point there in the ecp stakes!
    I was the evil mother who decided not to do party bags. At all!
    Kids came to my children’s parties, and left with a slice of cake for each child in their family who had not been able to attend/ weren’t invited, and one for themselves, and any prizes they had won in games, and that was it! And other mothers said’ thank goodness, not tacky sweets to throw away, and no bits to get lost in the car on the way home’ I do not suppose they meant it though, but it saved me some grief! I never had a complaint though…

    1. Thanks MF! I agree with the tacky issue. Was lucky to glean some lovely things from work when they were doing a clear out! x

    1. I suffered all my life with birthday at the cold end of the year! Maybe he should have an unofficial birthday party like the Queen does!

  4. Supermum!!! What a fabulous outcome on all levels, well done you! I’m really intrigued by the Brentford paddle boarding. Would you mind emailing me the details please love? Brentford is ridiculously close to us and I’m trying to stock up on ideas for summer activities – this would be PERFECT! THanks. xx

    1. Haha! Hardly but I did get hi fives from all the kids and they told me it was the best party ever…ever!! Have Emailed deets xxx

  5. I think that’s a win on every front: time spent together that provides unique party bag, which all the party-goers will never have another one like and can use again and again. Plus serious stash-busting? I’d call that a pure gold outcome. And they look fantastic!

  6. Those are gorgeous; I love the little planes!! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s the kind of thing they will treasure and hold onto because it’s too special to throw away ๐Ÿ™‚

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