Burda Shorts

Burda Shorts

It’s amazing what just one metre of fabric can turn into. Give me a morning off work and a pile of Burda back issues and who knows what will fly off the sewing machine! This is a great little pattern from February 2013 Burda Style magazine. They work so beautifully in linen but I think they are a bit more rebellious in wool tartan! The fabric was bought for another pencil skirt but – yawn – I fancied something a bit more casual.

Burda Tartan shorts

It’s still parky enough for 60 derniers and boots but the nip’s not enough to deter a rising hemline. And shorts are a safer option over a short skirt. Far less stressful when it’s still a bit blowy!

Hip pockets

The pockets are a great added extra. They help to define the shape and add a point of interest. Plus they are deep enough for keys, purse and phone… hands free! I took time to understitch the lining and of course the wool pressed beautifully flat.

Of course, there is a pattern-matching issue when one has limitage yardage. But I did manage to match across the front and back seam, which I decided was most important.

burda tartan shorts front

burda tartan shorts back view

I need to tinker with the fit a bit, if I’m to make these again. The waist is a bit big in proportion to the hips for me. And the back needs shortening a bit. I’m still faffing with getting a perfect self-drafted bodice so trouser/short drafts are on the far back-burner. But one day, all knowledge WILL be mine and then there’ll be no stopping me, bwhahahahaha!

burda tartan shorts


burda tartan shorts

The photos were of course taken by my wonderful Mister. And these beautiful pastel-coloured London houses are just a few streets down from us. I love how everyone keeps their front gardens ship shape and the colours so fresh. Helps to my pics look great too!

Coloured houses in Wingate Road



43 Replies to “Burda Shorts”

  1. I love them. They look like the Burda pleated trousers I’ve just made- same massive pockets but mine’s got 3 pleats not one. I have the pics, they’ll be a post soon. Love the red tartan πŸ™‚

  2. So wickedly cute! Very nice job on the pattern matching…will put this in the ‘awesome projects to make with 1m’ folder! You look amazing as usual πŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous as always… and the photos stunning as always (budding photographer here, so twice the appreciation).

    1. Haha! Thank you Gail. You are too kind. I don’t think I could carry off cute but I’m happy with a ‘wicked’ edge! πŸ™‚

  4. People living on that street must be so nice, how they agreed and coordinated to paint their houses in lovely pastel colors!
    Your short are great, I have a few favorite shorts patterns from Burda and I must get around making a pair or two. I love to wear shorts, they are a nice alternative to skirts, especially when you have a toddler who likes to be carried around and always lifts up the skirt with his tiny little feet πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Geo! It is indeed a very lovely area and the people are great. And oh yes, the era of toddlers and skirts… I remember it well!

  5. These are lovely! I actually remember that pattern, I considered getting that issue from the library just for this pattern! Now that I see it on a real person, I want it even more! (If only I didn’t have about ten unfinished projects lying around already…)

  6. These shorts are super cute – I love red and black tartan, and your pattern matching here is perfect. Love the styling too.

    I also love reading your blog and seeing your pictures as I used to live by Ravenscourt Park. I used to walk back from work along this road and it always make me happy, especially in the summer, as all the houses seemed to have either lavender or roses in the front gardens and it smelt wonderful.

  7. I’ve been looking back at some of your older posts((seems like they’re not showing up in my reader) but I’ve longed to wear shorts with tights in fall/winter. Yours look smashing.

    1. Hi Jilly. Thank you for your lovely comment. I went self-hosted in March sometime. That’s annoying that the previous posts aren’t displaying. What reader are you using? I think those that use Bloglovin haven’t had too many problems but WordPress Reader will probably be an issue for sure. Hope you can get them back somehow x

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