Agnes Rocks!

“Hey Agnes! Where’ve you been all my life?”

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

Following on from my far-from-successful Burda top, I needed a bit of a sewing massage. A project that would give me a couple of hours of soothing sewing action with the gratification of a good result guaranteed. Plus I am in desperate need of some new tops and fast! – Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top to the rescue!

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

Ordinarily I’m not sold on making plain T’s. Life is way too short. But this fancy T was just the ticket. I adore those drapey puffy sleeves and the bust-enhancing ruching to the centre front. So ‘casually chic’ if that’s even a thing!

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

I haven’t sewn this top before but I have sewn Tilly’s Mimi blouse and the Coco top, both of which sewed up and fitted without hitches so I’d have bet big bucks on this being the same. Couldn’t have been more right if I tried!

I obeyed every instruction which if I’m really honest generally makes for a smoother exercise and in any case they are so clear and easy to follow it’s effortless really. I sewed the whole thing with a zigzag stitch on an ordinary sewing machine, as suggested. But I finished the seams on my overlocker. I only have a vintage, 3-thread kind which doesn’t stitch, just finishes, but it does the job beautifully.

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

The only bit I foresaw repeating a couple of times, was the neckband. But to my surprise it went on like a dream. Tilly has completely allowed for the right amount of stretch so that it doesn’t go all baggy. Though in fairness that could have been down to the quality of the fabric I used – a great quality cotton stretch from one of the shops down the Goldhawk Road. And it’s black and ivory too, (instead of navy and white) which I’m delighted with.

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

But I am a bit agged by the unavoidable issue of the stitching that shows down the centre of the ruching though, owing to the stripes – sleeves and centre front. I will make a solid black one at some point which will alleviate the problem. But I am left wondering whether I should have stiched with white/ivory thread instead of black. Or would it have created the same problem in reverse?

We had such fun shooting these photos. Mr O had found this area in Waterloo, London, and thought it would create a great backdrop to an otherwise monochrome outfit. He wasn’t wrong. He seldom is. But best not to let him know that!

Tilly Buttons Agnes by ooobop

I don’t often get Mr O all to myself so after a stroll around all the little vintage shops of Lower Marsh Street, we stopped off for a delicious lunch at Bar Cubana.  I could get quite used to these kind of Wednesdays!

Photography: Daniel Selway

Top: Handmade by me – Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons
Skirt: Handmade by me – self drafted half circle
Hat: Second hand – Oxfam
Belt: H&M
Boots: Irregular Choice
Bag: Gift from my daughter – Floozie
Gloves: Gift from Mr O – Alice Hannah


37 Replies to “Agnes Rocks!”

  1. A total success, hoorah! You may have just sold me on the ruched front version, it looks gorgeous on you. Fab photos, that last one of you on the stairs is absolutely beautiful love. xx

  2. Great outfit, always love your styling. Could you stitch the ruching with the light colour and then colour the thread on the dark stripes with a fabric marker? I’ve seen someone colour patches of a fabric print they didn’t like so I think it might work just on the stitching.

  3. Fantastic photos! I have the Agnes pattern but haven’t made it yet. The ruched sleeves look great on you though I’m not convinced they would look so good on me – the ruched front though – definitely! The whole outfit looks fab – who needs Burda anyway? 😉

  4. I love the Agnes pattern, just posted about it myself and I LOVE your version and your great photos! I’ve made about 10 of these now but all in the plain version as rouching doesn’t suit me, but it looks fantastic on you! I think the stitching line is just one of those things, if you switched thread colour you’d still have the same issue.

  5. No, really, you should have stopped to change thread colors and bobbins for every stripe, lol! God, what a nightmare that would have been … and I can’t see it from my house … and you should not worry one more second about it. Blouse is lovely, and you’ll wear it to shreds, and Frances’ suggestion to use colored markers to make light/dark stripes work is genius.

    1. Haha… thanks LinB. I think that’s my problem half the time. I see it close up and forget that others can’t see it from their house!! 🙂

  6. You look fabulous in this outfit! I love the black and white with the splash of color with gloves and shoes! I just love how your coordinate your outfits.

    1. Hi Mitchell,I have a general question.I’m Dutch and translated a part of the English text into the Dutch language.If there is an update what will happen?I changed some text using template design mode (click and edit) and some text on the FTP server (/language.*.ini)Lou

    2. Your posts about your workout classes are encouraging. I am on a weight loss journey and I use your blog as motivation! And you dress cute, too!. Love the shoes. I wore a pair nearly exactly like yours today. They are my current fav pumps. Cheers!Girls Day

  7. What a great make! And a fantastic photo shoot. I am so busty I usually stay right away from any kind of centre ruching detail… But this is encouraging me to give it a go…

    1. Thank you so much Tanya. The ruching is not extreme so I don’t imagine there would be too much extra emphasis but I guess you would have to try to see if you were happy with it. It would of course be more subtle in a plain fabric. The distortion of the stripes do attract more attention! 😉

  8. Great top. I’ve seen so many lovely versions of this top. I think I should get round to purchasing and making it for myself!

  9. Ok Australia is sunshine and beaches, but we don’t wear winter hats. I envy your hat, love your outfit and the Brick Road graffiti backdrop.

  10. This is fabulous, it looks so good on you! My thought on the stitching would be to do it in white then colour it in with a black marker when you’re done. Of course, this probably wouldn’t have occured to me in real life until it was too late! I love your style, it’s fantastic. You’re one of my style icons!

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