Vintage Vogue 2934 jacket revisited

Vogue 2934 jacket

I first made this Vintage Vogue jacket and blogged it back in 2013 (see here) but somehow, sometime soon after, I managed to loose it! It’s still a total mystery.  Quite possibly a drunken misplacement and if that was the case I’m so annoyed at myself. I hope sincerely that someone found it and loved it as much as I did.

But hey, the advantage of being a crazy sewing lady is that one can whip up another at will, right?

The pattern is a reprint of Vintage Vogue 1950s cape-like jacket.

Vogue 2934 sewing pattern

It’s a great pattern and comes together really swiftly. Two backs (for a centre back seam) and two fronts with cut-on dolman sleeves and clever neckline darts that create a superbly structured stand up ‘collar’. There’s quite a lot of hand stitching inside but I actually enjoyed that bit. Not just because I took it to the park one sunny afternoon to finish off!

vogue 2934 collar detail

It helped of course that the fabric I chose – a remarkably cheap flocked, brocade-type of furnishing weight fabric from Dave the Drapers in Shepherds Bush Market – had the right amount of structure to hold that shape, but I was a bit worried throughout the process that there wasn’t quite enough drape for the swing back.

Vogue 2934 jacket by ooobop

And there wasn’t really. It stuck out like a comedy shark fin! I should have taken a side view photo to prove that I wasn’t being a drama queen but I was so fixated on solving the problem and not throwing in the towel and instead of grabbing the camera, I grabbed my purse and dashed to the nearest charity shop in search of a weighty chain.

After all, that’s what Chanel did, right?

chain weight in hem of jacket

To be fair I’m sure House of Chanel has a special kind of chain and rules on how to sew it in – anybody know? I just stitched every other link with a couple of stitches for security and hey presto, it worked a treat!

Incidentally that picture above also shows the detail of the lining I bought from Oxfam. It was totally biding its stay in my stash for this immensely appropriate pairing!

As with anything you make twice, it’s always good to change things up a little. I felt the black frog fastenings I chose last time sunk shamefully into the fabric so I went for a contrasting gold set and matching metallic braid to edge the cuffs, second time round.

gold frog fastenings

It was the best choice! This jacket is so much fun. I love the textures, the overall shape and the slightly bonkers nod to a Christmas drummer boy! I’m not saving it for best and I’m definitely not letting it out of my sight!

vintage vogue jacket by ooobop

11 Replies to “Vintage Vogue 2934 jacket revisited”

  1. Such a beautiful jacket! I love the way you’ve kept the gorgeous 1950s lines, but with a more modern feel. I love 50s clothing, but it’s hard sometimes to pull off in the day-to-day. This is perfect.

    1. Thank you Nina. I totally agree. I used to feel an obligation to style vintage ‘correctly’. You’ll be amazed how many people will passively pull you up on it! But I’ve learned to relax and in any case its much more fun to mix it up!

  2. Love this, and another example of my not caring for the ‘vintage’ look on the pattern front but really liking your rendition!! Do you have “made by” labels to stitch into your garment? That might help it stay in your possession.

    1. Thank you Meg. And yes, that’s a very good point. I can’t remember if I had a label in the previous jacket or not. But I must remember to sew one into this version asap!

  3. I agree with the comment from ‘Meg’…I often look at vintage patterns and can’t visualise them in a more modern rendition and seeing this fantastic jacket makes me realise I should examine the styles that bit more. Your make is just stunning and I love how you styled it.

    1. Thanks so much Diane. Hat’s off to all those who invest all that time in staying true to vintage – its a great look. But I sadly don’t have the lifestyle or time to accommodate so a mix and match approach is my best bet!

  4. Lovely jacket and fun styling in the pics ;o) I have a swing jacket in micro houndstooth half done – outer sewn together and lining sewn together – they need to be joined, but now it’s hot here!!

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