Maudella 1223, button wrap skirt

maudella 1223 pattern

This pattern is one of Audrey’s collection which I singled out immediately as a great skirt to dress up or down. I’m assuming it’s 1960s but certainly a classic and timeless style in my book! It has been waiting patiently in line to be made and completely jumped the project queue when I remembered the amazing buttons that Mr Ooobop! found for me in Portobello Market.

maudella 1223 skirt

I didn’t want anything more complicated than black for the skirt and so I set out for a metre of cotton sateen. It has a little bit of stretch in it which makes for a comfy fit. But it is a bit of a collector of cat fluff I’ve since discovered!

The instructions didn’t call for a lining and so I didn’t make one. But that was clearly a bad move. It sticks horribly to my tights and rides up when I’m walking so I am either going to have to go back and line it at a later date or get me a slip! My mum would think this highly amusing as I did my very best to avoid wearing one when I was younger… tantrums and all!

I shortened it by 5 inches which seems to be usual for me when it comes to a vintage patterns. That said, it is still below my knee, a conscious decision, to keep it a vintage length but I’m more used to shorter length skirts and this length takes a bit of getting used to. I will have to wear it with heels so it doesn’t look to ‘grannyish’!

maudella 1223 skirt front

I wasn’t too sure how to measure off the pattern to check for any adjustments needed but given the button wrap around detail, the position of the buttons can be moved to add or take away an inch or two. I must learn to sew buttons on with my machine. This was the only tedious part but other than that I managed to whip it up in a couple of hours. I do regret not binding the hem or the seams. I think it would look much nicer. But I did sew the hem by hand. It would have been sacrilegious to machine hem in any case!

maudella 1223 button detail

I have worn the skirt to work already and got some lovely comments. But I really must decide on lining/slip before I wear it again. Just don’t tell my mum!

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  1. Get a slip, poppet. One lining, many skirts ;-)! We are all sworn to secrecy! 🙂 And also, it’s little wonder you have to lop 5 inches off the bottom, your version is riding lower at the waist than the pattern would have called for. I think it looks fabulous on you, the way you have made it, mind you! And v sassy photos too!

    1. I think you are so right MrsC. I should really have lined it but for quick emergency makes, a slip would defo save the day. I hadn’t clocked I was wearing it so much lower than in the illustration. Glad you pointed that out too. Was beginning to get height issues!

  2. Really awesome skirt. I love vintage patterns as well and have a bunch I’ve found in thrift stores. Since fashion always comes around again I see it as a worthwhile investment. A skirt like yours is totally timeless!

  3. Gorgeous! Loving the buttons, and the gloves. Phwoar!

    (I learnt last year to always line skirts if I want to wear them with tights. *sigh*)

  4. I will seriously kill for your shoes. And the. Buttons are so cute. Mr. Ooobop side knows how to spoil you. I think it will be easier to make slip. That way you always have one should you need it.

    1. He he… thanks Miss Dibs. I do like a nice shoe! I was thinking of just buying one but funnily enough I can’t bring myself to do that. So Im off to research some silky lingerie fabric!

  5. WOW! I ADORE this skirt!!!! Gorgeous pattern, lovely silhouette and those buttons…. oh so graphic and awesome!! Beautiful job! You are sooooo rockin that outfit, girl!! 🙂

  6. Totally gorgeous skirt – and you’re right, you are spoilt 😉 Fabulous photo too!

    I wear a slip – just don’t tell anyone 🙂

  7. quick question…. does this only use buttons or is there a zipper somewhere? i love this!!! you look fabulous too 🙂 im trying to make a skirt like this and was just wondering about the zipper…

    1. Hi Sarahbelle. Thank you for your lovely comment. No zipper involved, just buttons!The fabric on both sides of opening has a facing to give the button area more support. 🙂

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